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					Enabling young people to build together a more tolerant and peaceful future.
UK Charity Reg. No. 1096213

Newsletter - Spring 2004

Dear Well Wisher
Welcome to the spring edition of the ENCOMPASS Trust newsletter. It’s hard to believe that a year and a half has passed since the devastating and senseless terrorist attacks which killed Daniel Braden and 201 other innocents on the gentle island of Bali on 12th October, 2002. The shock reverberated around the world – the horrific deaths of so many bright young lives, simply living life. It was also a cruel reminder that terrorism can affect anyone, anywhere at anytime. We are all aware from the bombings in Istanbul and Madrid, and the recent arrests in the UK - foiling an alleged chemical bomb plot - that terror attacks are escalating and approaching closer to home. For those of you who are reading about ENCOMPASS for the first time, the charity was established in memory of Dan who believed in a free and united world and would not have wanted the fear of terrorism to prevent people from travelling, finding out about other cultures or simply living life to the max as he loved to do. ENCOMPASS aims to “fight terrorism peacefully” by promoting tolerance and understanding amongst people of different cultures, faiths and backgrounds. Diverse groups of young people from the UK and overseas are brought together and placed in new, exciting and challenging environments. They have to live, work and socialise as a team out of their comfort zone – and there is no escape! The objective is to broaden the minds of the participants. They will discover through their own experiences and specifically designed cultural activities how important it is to respect and understand that diversity enriches our world and we can indeed co-exist peacefully. It is hoped that the participants will return home and influence their family, friends, colleagues and community by sharing with them their unusual and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Since ENCOMPASS was established a year and a half ago, we have collaborated with Tall Ships Youth Trust to form multi-cultural “Voyages of Understanding”. We have successfully completed three Voyages of Understanding. Our most recent voyage took place in March 2004 and brought together British, Indonesians, Israelis and Palestinians. This newsletter is packed with information about what ENCOMPASS achieved in 2003 and what is being developed for 2004 and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to read about ENCOMPASS and please pass the newsletter on to family, friends and colleagues as we need your help to increase the public’s awareness of the Trust and its work and to raise more funds. Thank you. Yours sincerely

What’s in the newsletter?
March 2004

3rd Voyage of Understanding

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Jun Hirst ENCOMPASS Director

3rd Voyage of Understanding, The Canaries, 1

st to14th

March 2004

The most encompassing and ambitious voyage yet!
For the first time, ENCOMPASS sponsored 13 Israelis and Palestinians – together with 12 from Indonesia, and team of Brits, to sail the tall ship PRINCE WILLIAM. Unlike the first two voyages where the participants braved the chilly and rough North and Irish Seas, the 48 strong crew were able to work the ship in the hot sun and gentler winds of the Canary Islands. The Indonesian group encountered a rocky start when their flight from Jakarta en route to London was grounded in Singapore for 30 hours causing mayhem in terms securing last minute accommodation in the UK and organizing a different set of onward flight connections to the Canaries. But with the ENCOMPASS team working like mad to re-route the group – plus searching for all their lost baggage somewhere between Singapore and London – was there a happy ending?

Find out straight from the Voyage Crew Diaries…
Wednesday 3rd March 2004

Everyone has finally arrived! After
some delays with luggage and flights, everyone is now on the ship. We have a wide range of people from various cultures and religions – Indonesians, Israelis, Palestinians, British, Irish and Scottish people of various religions including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh.

The ENCOMPASS Gang in London – March 2004 Voyagers

We have done lots of training today! Everyone has been very busy learning how to climb the rigging,
what to do in an Emergency and how to clean the ship. So far everyone has been really enjoying themselves and the atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation. There are several crewmembers with guitars, and the Israeli and Palestinian crewmembers are very good at impromptu dances and singing, so they have been entertaining everyone else. Hearing all the different languages is fascinating, but we are also finding out that there are some words in several languages, which are similar. Everyone is trying to learn a few words in another language, which has caused much hilarity when some of us get it wrong!

Saturday 6th March

There was some impromptu Limbo dancing with the aid of a broom handle
and some very fit and supple people of varying nationalities. This was followed by a very exciting boat race…which was neck and neck and very hard to make a decision on the winner. Red watch surged into the lead at last.

We had a lovely invitation from all the Jewish people on board to join
them in the Mess for the bread and wine ceremony that marks the start of their Holy day. When the sun sets on Friday, until it sets again on Saturday and three stars shine in the sky, they are on holiday. We all shared bread and ‘wine’ – non alcoholic of course- and gave each other the greeting ‘Shabat Shalom’ – have a good Sabbath. Amitai did the ceremony and Hadar gave us a little talk on the Jewish Sabbath. It was all very interesting and great to see everyone joining in.

3rd Voyage of Understanding, The Canaries, 1
Tuesday 9th March

st to14th

March 2004

Much fun was had by all yesterday as it was very hot.
Many crew members took the opportunity of shore leave, whilst others were happy to sunbathe on board and jump in the sea for a swim. The Rib was busy with the Captain at the helm running people ashore and back. Everyone enjoyed the speed and spray, and some crew members suggested we get jet-skis on board instead of the longliners!! There was a jet ski competition in the morning just off Puerto Rico, and we had to move the ship as we were in their way. Cultural exchanges are increasing with everyone asking each other questions. It is very interesting to hear all sides of situations, and to hear comments and observations from people who live in those countries rather than to see it on television.
Writing ENCOMPASS post-voyage feedback

The crew speak out...


...I think one of the biggest problems in relationships between different nations is that we don’t have the opportunity to talk. Creating a frame for dialogue is the beginning of solving problems. This voyage is a great model of solving cross-cultural conflict in the world... Gregori Asander, Israel


…I learnt that the religion is not important but the character – this is very important… Gazala Abu Gazala, Palestine

“…Before I came I believed that I wouldn’t get on with everyone. How wrong I was. I have made friends all over the world due to this unbelievable chance of a life time…” Micheal Fagan, UK


“…Although I have been on several voyages, The Voyage of Understanding with a multicultural watch has tested my ability to communicate, teach, team build, deal with problems. This I have enjoyed very much...” Keith Smith, UK


…Pretty interesting because you can definitely see that people from different places deal with different issues in their life – Israelis and Palestine’s deal with terror and severe conflict, when people from Britain deal with personal problems like drugs and alcohol…

Lior Levin, Israel


“…I will work hard and make the world become peace. If I can’t I will make my own world – in my home – very peaceful…” Firdan, Indonesia


…It sounded like an amazing experience. I wanted to meet and talk with Paestininans face to face and not just though TV or newspapers…

Hadar, Israeli

ENCOMPASS A new member of the ENCOMPASS Team!
ENCOMPASS is excited to announce that Amy Vincent recently joined the team, as Business Development Manager. The success of the charity means we now need professional help to develop and guide the organization to the next level. Amy has extensive experience with the Tall Ships and charity world having previously worked for the Jubilee Sailing Trust. Amy now splits her week between ENCOMPASS Trust and her own personal business venture.
To contact Amy please email:


We are very pleased to have the Right Honourable Chris Patten, a member of the European Commission, External Affairs associated with

“Life entails risk. We can never hope to eradicate all threats to our Security. But we can attempt to make the world a safer and a happier place. In Bali, let us honour the memory of those whose lives were lost to terrorism last year by taking practical steps to that end. Together, Asia and Europe can make a difference.” CHRIS PATTEN, Singapore’s Straits Times The weekend before the 1997 handover, Dan spent an evening with Chris Patten the last governor of Hong Kong and his daughters (Dan made sure we heard all about that!) sailing onboard the yacht LIBERTY in Hong Kong. So with that bit of history and his views matching the aims of ENCOMPASS, we felt Chris Patten was a good choice for the role of Patron. “…what a marvelous initiative this is and I’m honoured you want me to be associated with it…”
Chris Patten

A new office…
L’OCCITANE, the purveyor of natural health and beauty products embracing the spirit of Provence has generously donated much needed office space in central London. ENCOMPASS is incredibly lucky to be able to work from such a sought after location. We hope our productivity and effectiveness will increase immensely!

Please mail correspondence to our new office:
ENCOMPASS TRUST 7 Gees Court, Off Oxford Street London, W1U 1JG United Kingdom T&F. +44 (0)20 7493 9739

FOURTH Voyage of Understanding
2nd to 13th OCTOBER 2004
This is an important voyage for ENCOMPASS as it will coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the Bali bombings – 12th October 2004. The voyage will end with the Tall Ship PRINCE WILLIAM and her international crew, made up by 48 British, Indonesians, Israelis, Palestinians and Americans, sailing up the Thames river, through Tower Bridge before berthing by HMS Belfast. A reception will be held on Tuesday 12th October for all our supporters onboard the PRINCE WILLIAM. It will be a fantastic chance for you to meet the voyagers and for the ENCOMPASS team to meet all its Well Wishers. We’ll keep you updated!

...and office equipment
For our fantastic new office, DEALOGIC Ltd which provides global coverage of corporate finance activity and global deal management systems has donated two PCs and a donation of £180 to purchase a printer. Work can now begin… The ENCOMPASS London office is looking for an Administrator and International Coordinatior. Please turn to the Appointments section for further details.

It’s official! We have received news from the IRS that ENCOMPASS Trust is now officially a 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization in the United States. If you would like further information on our tax exempt status for donation purposes please email ENCOMPASS US Trustee Nick Braden:

Coming soon to

Images of the maiden Voyage of Understanding have been captured and edited into a 5 minute film. If you are interested in promoting the awareness of ENCOMPASS for fundraising efforts and think an inspirational film will help please email us for a copy:


How it started – and where we are now.
October 2002
Dan was one of the 202 people killed in the Bali bombings on 12th October 2002. Directly after, Dan’s family - Alex, Mandy and Claire and his girlfriend, Jun Hirst, decided to create a Trust which would tackle the grassroots of terrorism and enable young people to build together a more tolerant and peaceful future.

November 2002
ENCOMPASS – The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust was formally announced at Dan’s memorial.

December 2002
ENCOMPASS met with the Tall Ships Youth Trust (TSYT) and the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) who encouraged our view on the suitability of sail training as a catalyst to bring disparate groups together, to change entrenched attitudes and to open minds. As a result, our collaboration with TSYT formed the “Voyage of Understanding”.

January 2003
Generously sponsored by the JST, Claire and Jun took part in a Tall Ship sailing program in order to gain first hand experience of a voyage. Thumbs up!

February 2003
Derek Marsh, British Consular in Taiwan introduced us to Richard Gozney, the British Ambassador of Indonesia who in turn introduced us to Heroe Soeprapto, the founder and chairman of AGADIPHA foundation, an environmental adventure organization. He was able to introduce us to the people who could help ENCOMPASS source and select Indonesian candidates for the Voyages of Understanding.

March 2003

Ambassador Richard Gozney, Jakarta

Alex and Jun flew to Jakarta in order to meet Heroe and the team he had formed for ENCOMPASS. In four days, Alex and Jun met Ambassador Richard Gozney and his consul, the director of the British Council – Richard Phillips, and secured meetings with the Minister of Security and Politics, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Minister of Communications and the Minister of Education – who all gave the ENCOMPASS program their full support, blessings and useful advise. It was even possible to visit Al Kausar Islamic boarding school in Java to meet and interview the students that Heroe had shorlisted so we could select the 9 who would participate in the first Voyage of Understanding. In the remaining hours before the flight back to London, Alex and Jun held a nerve wrecking but successful press conference which the Indonesian national newspaper Sinar Harapan and the hotel LeMeridien Jakarta generously sponsored. It was well attended by the likes of the BBC, CNN, The Financial Times – and even by Tatler!

Students of Al Kausar Islamic Boarding School Bina & Heroe, Jakarta

Minister of Security & Politics Jakarta

July 2003 Maiden Voyage of Understanding Waterford, Ireland to Portsmouth, England

On 20th July, nine Indonesian muslim youths and their Youth Leader Heroe arrived in Waterford. It was an emotional moment as 10 months of work was now reality for the ENCOMPASS team. Claire and Jun took part as 2nd Cook and Cook’s Assistant and were able to witness the fantastic change in spirit of the crew as they overcame their terrible seasickness to form friendship bonds with each other. The crew of 48 consisted of Indonesians and a broad cross-section of British society, including Muslims of Pakistani origin from Derby whose community had lost two young men as suicide bombers in Israel. The press coverage was phenomenal. Reporters, cameramen, photographers, journalists and radio-journalists interviewed the ENCOMPASS team and the crew waved the voyage off in a press boat and welcomed the crew back in the Solent – again on a press boat! The conclusion? SUCCESS!

September 2003

Second Voyage of Understanding Ipswich to Hull, England

Hot on the heels of the maiden voyage, a second voyage to coincide with the 1st anniversary of the Bali bombings was organised. This time, the crew sponsored by ENCOMPASS included Balinese Hindus and Muslims as well as Muslims from Java. In addition we had Irish Catholics and Protestants and our first Israeli voyager, Itay Lachman, who through an introduction expressed his interest in bringing the ENCOMPASS programme to Israelis and Palestinians.

October 2003


The last day of the second voyage was filmed as a special report on BBC 6 o’clock primetime news – which by sheer coincidence was the same day Amrozi, one of the Bali bombers, was found guilty. Directly after the second voyage ended the Bradens and Jun flew to Bali in order to cheer on Dan’s rugby team, the Taipei Baboons who had trained hard all year and bravely returned to compete at the annual Bali 10s rugby tournament. Dan was one of five Boons killed in the Sari Club on the night of the bombings. The Boons blazed their way through the tournament and just lost in the last few moments of the finals – but won the hearts of all at the tournament.

The Taipei Baboons, Bali10s 2003

A trip was organised to visit Gontor Islamic boarding school in East Java where previous voyagers had come from. It quickly became apparent from the hair raising 6 hour car journey to the school that there are no rules on the roads! The scale of Gontor school was amazing – 3000 students streaming down the stairs out of the mosque at sunset with the sound of the prayers wafting in the balmy Indonesian evening.

March 2004 October 2004

Third Voyage of Understanding, The Canaries Fourth Voyage of Understanding
Gontor Islamic Boarding School

For the first time the programme reached out to Israelis and Palestinians.

Currently being planned…watch this space!

More Voyages of Understanding are planned with the Tall Ships Youth Trust as well as starting the first outward bounds reconciliation program in the UK. If you would like to be involved please contact us:

ENCOMPASS Fundraising

2004 fundraising news…

The 15th Annual Pinmar Yachtsman's Golf Tournament was held at Golf Poniente in Mallorca on 23rd and 24th October 2003. ENCOMPASS was chosen as one of the three charities – and news just came in that they raised a fantastic € 9100 for the Trust.
Lizzie Noble raised over £5000 for ENCOMPASS and another charity by running in the London Flora Marathon 2004. 4 hrs 45 mins…way to go!

Shoreham & Southwick Rotary Club
A grand total of £650 was raised at the annual Shoreham and Southwick Rotary Club dinner on Friday 12th March. Mandy and Claire Braden gave a talk about ENCOMPASS, followed by the film – and even better, first hand accounts from two ENCOMPASS voyagers, Lior (Israel) and Firdan (Indonesia) who had just completed the March 2004 Voyage of Understanding. Lior and Firdan gave moving and inspirational speeches about what they had learned and experienced during the program. If only we had filmed it!

CSSA Chartered Surveyor Sailing Association
On 12th February Claire and Jun attended the annual CSSA awards dinner which had chosen ENCOMPASS as its charity of the evening which raising £450.

Party in the Dales
Thanks to Joan and Ken Blakey who held a cheese and wine evening in the Yorkshire Dales during the Bank holiday weekend which raised over £500. Special thanks to Joyce Liggins who organised the tombola and treasure hunt!

We need your help…
ENCOMPASS is looking for individuals or teams of people who would like to work on fundraising events big or small for ENCOMPASS. If you would like to get involved please get in touch with Amy Vincent:

Need an idea…? Need inspiration…? Need to get off your bum?

Dan would have turned 30 this April.
With his trademark enthusiasm and energy Dan packed more into his life than most during his 28 years. And there was so much more he planned to do…

Do you have something you want to achieve before you’re 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70?? Or 80? Do it for charity! Do it for ENCOMPASS! Do it for yourself!

ENCOMPASS Get Involved

ENCOMPASS Appointments

Closing date 14th May 2004

We are looking for volunteers who can help reduce administration costs and expenditure on the reconciliation programmes by contacting companies and negotiating deals for free or discounted services.

Examples of areas where ENCOMPASS needs your persuasive charms to be put into effect:
Stationery (paper, ink cartridges, professional printers etc) Transportation for voyagers (coach, train) Logo-ed gear (T-shirts, caps, embroidery and printing services) Sailing gear (Fleeces - excess stock from sailing teams) Increasing Awareness (Promotional pages in magazines, newspapers, newsletters etc.) It’s a golden opportunity for a confident and articulate individual. A self starter, highly motivated with a desire to achieve as a team or independently. You will have excellent written and oral communication skills. Charm, gravitas and the presence to make people stop, listen and respect what you have to say will be essential to succeed in this role. Plus you must have no shame.
Benefits include: No Salary No Company Car No Private Health Care No Pension Scheme No Bonus That warm fuzzy feeling of doing good (Tax Free)

If you are interested and feel that you can help ENCOMPASS please contact us!

ENCOMPASS Membership

ENCOMPASS Membership
Make a regular gift
We invite you to become a member of ENCOMPASS and get more involved in our fundraising efforts.

A gift of £3 a month is a great way of supporting our cause.
Reconciliation programmes
Your regular gift will enable young people to build together a more tolerant and peaceful future together as they become Ambassadors of Peace through ENCOMPASS’ reconciliation programmes. By teaming together with disparate groups in challenging and exciting environments, lessons of tolerance, understanding and respect are learned – messages which they will share with their family, friends and communities back home. To leave a regular gift, please fill out a Standing Order Form and post it to the address stated on the form (next page):

Keeping in Touch
We respect the value of our Well Wishers. Once you become a member of ENCOMPASS we will not bombard you with appeals – but will keep in touch with bi-annual newsletters, up-coming events and future developments of the Trust’s work.

Registered Charity Number 1096213

ENCOMPASS membership entitles you to:
A bi-annual newsletter, packed with news and information about the charity Advance notice of and priority booking at all events A certificate acknowledging your support An Encompass T-shirt and enamel badge

I wish to join ENCOMPASS
Please complete in block capitals: Name Address

ENCOMPASS Standing Order Mandate
Please arrange a Standing Order payable to: ENCOMPASS TRUST 7 Gee’s Court, Off Oxford Street, London W1U 1JG, Please pay: Barclays Bank plc, Corporate Banking, PO Box 165, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1YX Account No.: 10554170 Branch Sort Code: 20-12-75

Postcode Telephone Email

£36 a year £3 a month

(minimum) (minimum payable by standing order)

OR my chosen amount of:
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To be paid on my chosen date each month/year of:
Monthly date (dd) Annual date (dd/mm) From my account: Bank name:

Gift Aid it! Increase the value of your gift at no cost to you - just read and sign below: I want ENCOMPASS to reclaim tax on all my contributions, made from 6 April 2000 onwards. I am a UK taxpayer and will have paid sufficient tax (income or capital gains tax) to cover the amount that will be reclaimed (28p for every £1 that I give)

Bank address: Post code: Account name: Account number: Bank sort code: Signature Date

Signature I enclose the following:
A postal order or cheque made out to ENCOMPASS TRUST
Please print off, complete and return to:


ENCOMPASS TRUST, 7 Gee’s Court, Off Oxford Street, London, W1U 1JG, United Kingdom

ENCOMPASS Thank yous

to make ENCOMPASS happen since Bali 2002 is something we have had no shortage of.

IDEA,Passion, Aim& Energy

But, to actually make the program shift from the planning and networking stage to reality we have relied on your generosity. We owe so many thanks to our supporters who have stepped forward to help with not only donations, but their time, skill, space and energy.

We would like to thank…
Robert Hirst whose London residence was converted into the ENCOMPASS headquarters for the last year and a half! Overrun with files, papers, boxes and general ENCOMPASS stuff (lots of it) it will be a huge relief to see the last of it moved over to the new ENCOMPASS headquarters at 7 Gee’s Court off Oxford Street! Thanks must also be given for his time spent editing and proof reading ENCOMPASS written material that I have passed his way. Thank you! David Podd of C.S.Podds who have generously printed the ENCOMPASS folders. Tim Braden for designing the ENCOMPASS folder and video/DVD cover. Jessica Samuels for designing the ENCOMPASS logo and publication material. Matt Beecroft of Shoreland Films for putting together the ENCOMPASS voyage film. Robert Duncan a cartoonist who has created a series of drawings for the ENCOMPASS voyagers’ welcome pack. Gus MacKirdy for being the WebMaster. Dealogic for providing computers and printing equipment. L’Occitane for providing an office in London. OneWorldChallenge Yachting Team for donating sailing gear to the ENCOMPASS voyagers. Alexander Aber and Philip Burling of the Boston based law firm Foley Hoag LLP for offering their pro bono services to set up ENCOMPASS Trust USA. Diageo for their generous support and their unwavering assistance and care far beyond the work of the Trust.



United Kingdom
Chairman Alex Braden

United States
Trustees Edward Acker Kevin Merrigan Nicholas Braden

Trustees Mandy Braden

Claire Braden

Alex Braden

Director Jun Hirst

Claire Braden

Jun Hirst

Business Development Manager Amy Vincent

ENCOMPASS TRUST UK 7 Gee’s Court Off Oxford Street London, W1U 1JG United Kingdom T & F +44 (0)20 7493 9739 General Enquiries:
UK Charity Reg. No. 1096213

ENCOMPASS TRUST US 50 West 96th Street Apartment C/D New York, NY 10025 USA

ENCOMPASS Trust US is now officially a non-profit and 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization. For more information please contact Nick Braden.

WebMaster Gus MacKirdy

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