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					COURSES 2010

Module I

International Oil and Gas Contracts
15-19 March 2010, Moscow, Russia

The course is composed of 2 parts – you can choose the topics that are only relevant for your business and maximize your return on investment.

International oil and gas contracts in upstream

The aim of this module is to explore the contracts that shape the dynamics of the upstream sector of the petroleum industry by examining various contracts from bidding for an authorisation to explore for, find and extract petroleum, to physical exploration, appraisal, development and production. The aim of this module is to explore the relationship and contract matrix in the sale of oil and gas and how the various agreements affect the relationships.

Module II International oil and gas contracts in downstream

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Oil trader Course
20-23 April 2010, Istanbul, turkey
trading, Logistics and price Risk Management

This course organised by International Business House and London’s ICE Futures and provides with complete principles of crude oil and petroleum trading on the international markets and with in-depth study of price risk management instruments.

Oil Export Logistics from Kazakhstan Rail, pipeline and Sea transportation and Supply Chain Management
26-28 May 2010, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Oil industry provides a major development input in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Production volumes rise every year calling for an adequate and timely expansion of infrastructure in transportation sector. The course focuses on the transportation market servicing oil export operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The agenda of the event features an in-depth analysis of practical application of integrated logistics solutions for delivery of produced hydrocarbons and their derivatives to global markets.


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Introduction to ICE Futures & ICE Clear Europe

28 June-2 July 2010, ICE Futures, London, UK

Module 1: ICE Clear Europe & ICE Clear Delivery Module 2: Oil and Gas Market Analysis
The course covers the operations, structure, products, services and trading procedures of ICE Futures Europe. The WebICE Electronic trading platform is used to demonstrate execution of futures trades, both flat price and speards. There are explanations of the key operations areas of Membership, compliance, Market Supervision and Futures Clearing.

Oil trader Course – Advanced
15-17 September 2010, Moscow, Russia
trading oil products, and the necessary use of derivatives

A highly interactive course where participants learn how derivatives are used as hedging tools specifically in physical oil trading .Using the refining sector as a back drop teams will consider choices in quality optimization on cargoes of gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. Then teams will have physical positions to manage, and through consideration of risk, will comprehend how price exposure begins and how it evolves in time. The use of futures and swaps is examined as each tool is proposed as a means of hedging risk. Teams have quizzes which allow them to apply the theory and demonstrate understanding.

Finance in Oil & Gas

21-24 September 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

Amid the world economic development from the global financial crisis trade financing has evolved from just a supplementary instrument for effective and lucrative conducting of trading operations into an absolutely indispensable one. The International Business House together with the leading banks offer to the market players this training programme.

the main topics:

• General types of finance: trade finance, structured finance, corporate finance, project finance • Specific of Trade Finance in Oil and Gas. Direct bank involvement • Documentary credits - specifics of working with LCs in oil and gas trading. • Legal aspects of trade and structured finance. • Structured finance for producers - solutions, requirements, costs. • Risks in oil trading - price risks, non-payment risks, performance risks, quality risks.


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Refining, Blending and products Quality

14-16 October 2010, Rotterdam, Netherlands

This course provides delegates with understanding of constraints of the main refining process and petroleum product blending.

International Oil trading – Operations Manager Course

26-29 October 2010, ICE Futures, London, UK

International Business House and education department of ICE Futures are pleased to introduce for operations managers and for junior traders the complete course which will cover the all aspects of crude oil and petroleum products trading and the markets. The programme focuses on the operational processes in oil trading such as negotiations, procedural aspects associated to the contract, inspection and inspector agreement, pricing, trade finance, risk management, logistics, legal aspects of the charter party, disputes resolution, etc.

tanker Chartering and Operations the Life of a Voyage. Advanced Operations Course
15-19 November 2010, Dubai, UAE

This new and unique course will take delegates through each aspect of the tanker voyage, from pre-fixing of the contract until file closure post-discharge. Along the way, it will examine the common and not so common elements of tanker voyage operations in intricate detail, indentifying clearly the processes and activities operators need to follow and undertake. It will evaluate why things go wrong, look at ways to remedy and avoid such situations and, overall, equip operators to maximise their effectiveness. Open discussion among delegates will be encouraged and will be a key feature of this course.

the course is composed of 2 parts – you can choose the topics that are only relevant for your business and maximize your return on investment


Module I


tanker Chartering and Operations the Life of a Voyage

This is a two-day programme designed for chartering and operations staff who need to understand the fundamentals of the tanker market. It will also suit those who feel that they would benefit from a more structured knowledge of the elements of chartering and post-fixture tanker operations. This is a three days course which aimed at delegates who will have been working in a position as an operator or broker or will have a good knowledge of the terminology used, know how to calculate Worldscale and know how to calculate a voyage estimate. The course will follow the voyage of a vessel that is fixed on the first day, and explore its operation over the 3 ensuing days from various viewpoints and aspects (owners view, charterers view, legal implications of actions (comparing CPs), practical and common-sense considerations. We will also look at the role of IT in managing the voyage and operational activities.

Module II Advanced Operations Course


Oil and Gas Market Analysis Course
15-17 December 2010, ICE Futures, London, UK

The course provides an overview of the factors underlying the pricing of the energy markets. Delegates will gain a strong understanding of the fundamental drivers affecting the valuation of energy sources. Economic, Geographical, political, strategic and comparative factors are considered.

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