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					RRSP l oan pr ogram c atalogue

Making contributing easier Maxi mizing client registered r etirement s avings pl an (RRSP) contri butions is easier than ever with the RRSP l oan program. T his program c an provi de your eligible clients wi th RRSP c ontribution l oans from the Nati onal Bank of C anada to use for tax-deducti ble deposi ts i nto their Canada Life r egister ed ac counts. The RRSP l oan program offers two types of loans :

• Catch-up lo an: a long-ter m l oan to help you catch- up on your retirement s avings by taki ng advantage of acc umulated c ontributi on r oom.

• Top-up lo an: a s hort- ter m l oan you c an use to top- up your annual contri bution to your maxi mum annual all owable contri bution li mit.

Loan s prog ram m ar keting mat erial su mm ar y Form #: 46- 4310

This c atalog ue pr ovides summaries and form numbers for all mar keting materi als availabl e for the i nvestment loan program.

RRSP lo an prog ram Form #: 46- 3900 - cli ent br oc hur e Form #: 46- 3840 - fi nanci al advis or poi nt of s ale versi on These R RSP loan c oncept supports the pr actic e of borrowing money to either top up annual RR SP contributi ons or to c atc h up on unus ed c ontributi on r oom. Use thes e c onc epts to illustr ate how borrowi ng money and tax sheltering may possibl y gener ate hig her r etirement funds than usi ng regul ar monthl y RR SP deposi ts.

2009-2010 C an ada Life RRSP loan progr am su mm ar y Form #: 46- 3901 Program s ummar y c ard to descri be the C anada Life RRSP l oan program.

Canad a Life RRSP lo an progr am monthly p aym ent tab les Use thes e tabl es to deter mine your clients' l oan r epayment sc hedule on

Canada Life RR SP loans for monthl y, bi- weekl y and weekl y payments. Form #: 46- 3903 - C anada Life RR SP loan pr ogram payment tabl es - monthl y

2009-2010 C an ada Life RRSP loan progr am advisor guid e Form #: 46- 3902 Canada Life RR SP loan pr ogram features , opti ons and applic ati on pr oces s.

RRSP lo an prog ram application for m Form #: 18785- 012 Compl ete and s ubmit befor e s endi ng in cli ent applic ations.

RRSP lo an prog ram pro sp ect ing letter Form: RR SP loan pr ogram pros pecting l etter

Lump sum prepaym ent or full payout of an RR SP lo an Form: Lump s um prepayment or full payout of an RRSP loan Use this for m to help your cli ents appl y for a l ump s um prepayment or full payout of a C anada Life RRSP l oan.

Canad a Life bro ker enrolment fo rm Form: Broker enr olment for m Financi al advis ors s ubmi tting RR SP loans through Canada Life must c omplete this agreement to be contr acted directl y with National Bank of C anada.

RRSP lo an p ayment calculator Tool : RRSP l oan payment calc ul ator This eas y- to- us e tool calc ul ates the projected payment and number of payments, dependi ng on ass umptions made. (Pos ted N ovember 2005)

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