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					FALKIRK COUNCIL – INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION SERVICES Introduction In our contact with customers the Council recognises that different means of communication are appropriate to particular individuals and groups. The Council has a Communications Policy in place which aims to assist Services and employees in finding effective ways to communicate with sensory disabled customers and minority ethnic customers whose first language is not English. A copy of the Communication Policy can be found under the Equality Link on the Council’s web site (www.falkirk.gov.uk). Interpretation/Translation Services available The following services can be made available on request and should be discussed with the appropriate Service in advance. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and allow the Service to make arrangements to suit your needs. Translations - publications can be made available in other languages or alternative formats such as audio tape, large print or in Braille. Community Language Interpreting - for customers whose first language is not English written translations can be arranged. A telephone interpreting service is available to allow customer’s immediate needs to be addressed and interpreters can be arranged to accompany you to an appointment. Flash/Point cards are available at most Council offices and receptions that allow customers to identify their preferred language for communicating. Sign Language Interpreting - a Sign Language interpretation service is available and this can be obtained via the Sensory Resource Centre. Print Enlarger - A CCTV print enlarger is available for use by the public in the reference section, 2nd floor, Falkirk Library, Hope Street, Falkirk. The following Services are also available from the Sensory Resource Centre: Lipspeaking/Deafblind Communicator - provided through Forth Valley Sensory Centre free of charge. Speech-To-Text Transcription Services - particularly useful at meetings, conferences and lectures where it is difficult to lip-read. Note takers - Note takers can sit in on meetings, lectures or conferences and take notes on behalf of the deaf or hard of hearing person. A note taker can often be used in conjunction with other communication support, such as a sign language interpreter. If you require access to any of these services, contact the Sensory Resource Centre at 01324 590888).

Communication Methods Telephone Communication - A number of Council offices are equipped with a minicom (see below): Callendar Square One Stop Shop Grangemouth One Stop Shop Grahamston Social Work Office Bo’ness Social Work Office Stenhousemuir Social Work Office Meadowbank Social Work Office Camelon Social Work Office Environmental and Consumer Protection Services Forth Valley Sensory Centre 01324 506920 01324 504534 01324 501799 01506 778652 01324 503535 01324 718055 01324 501202 01324 504455 01324 590888

Note: Any Council office which does not have a minicom can still communicate with a minicom user by using the BT/RNID relay system Typetalk. The operator will relay what you say by typing it out so that it appears as text on the users minicom. To access Typetalk dial 0800 515152. The Council’s account number is 790926 and you will be asked to quote this at the start of your call. Induction Loop Systems - have been fitted in Council reception areas and in some meeting rooms and entertainment venues. Infra-Red Sound and Amplification System - as well as being fitted with an induction loop, Falkirk Town Hall has an infra-red system for people who are hard of hearing but do not wear a hearing aid. Headsets are available from Town Hall staff. For further information contact the Venue Manager, Tel: 01324 506174.

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