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English-to-Pashto Translation Services
Deadline for the submission of quotations: 15 February 2009, 16:00 hours Tendering procedure: negotiated procedure Type of contract: Service contract Budget line: 19 11 02 (Press & Information)

Introduction: The Delegation of the European Commission (EC) to Afghanistan is an accredited diplomatic mission that opened in early 2002 and has an annual development programme between €150 and €200 million. The Delegation has already committed 1 billion Euros of financial assistance to Afghanistan. The European Commission pledged another 600 million Euros to continue supporting Afghanistan reconstruction during the years 2007-2010, concentrating on the priority areas of Rural Development, Governance, and Health. In order to expand its communication and public diplomacy activities the European Commission Delegation to Afghanistan needs to outsource the English-to-Pashto translation of various written materials. Translations companies are therefore invited to submit their tenders according to the following specifications. Tender specifications: 1. The EC Delegation will provide the original text in English to be translated into Pashto to the contractor via e-mail in MS Word ® format. 2. The EC Delegation will appoint one or more focal persons authorized to send texts for translation to the contractor and will communicate in writing (via E-mail) their name to the contractor. 3. The Contactor commits to provide the translated text to the EC Delegation via e-mail in MS Word ® format. 4. The quality of translation should match the Standard of the Afghan Pashto Grammar recognised by the Afghan Education Ministry. 5. Duration of contract will be one year. 6. During the period of the contract the contractor must provide the translation of each and every document submitted by the EC Delegation respecting the deadlines set at the following point. Deadlines for the delivery of final translated text: a. For documents up to 1000 (one thousand) words in length (e.g. news release): - If the original document is sent before 13.00 to contractor, the contractor should submit the translated copy by end of the same business day. - If the original document is sent after 13.00, the contractor should submit the translated copy by end of the next business day by 12.00. b. For documents longer than 1000 (one thousand) words (e.g.: reports): - 24 hours for each 1000 words. For example, a document containing 3800 words would require 4 business days for translation. 7. Every translated document will not be considered completed until approved in writing by the EC Delegation focal persons. The contractor will be available to amend the translated text and improve its quality if requested by the EC Delegation focal person.


8. The Contractor will calculate its translation fee for every text submitted by the EC Delegation applying the translation rate (USD/word) specified in the contract to the actual word-count of the translated text. 9. The same translation rate will remain valid and apply for the whole duration of the contract. 10. The contractor will quarterly invoice the EC Delegation based on the actual translations carried out during the previous three months. 11. The Contactor commit to keep all information and texts received from the EC Delegation strictly confidential and will not disclose such information to anyone but the EC Delegation contact persons. Failure to do so will signify a major breach of the contract.

How to apply and the procedures to follow
Quotations: The quotations shall include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The contractor declaration of having read and approved all the tender specifications. The base translation rate in USD per word for all translation from English into Pashto Company profile Portfolio of clients Example of past or current works Detailed curriculum vitae of the chief Pashto translator and/or editor

Where and how to send the quotations: Quotations may be submitted either by e-mail and courier or hand delivery. Address for Email submission: delegation-afghanistan-press@ec.europa.eu * The Delegation may request the tenderer to send also the original quotation in hard copy at a second stage. Address for hand delivery or delivery by private courier service: European Commission Delegation to Afghanistan Press and Information Officer Charahi Sedarat, Opposite the Ministry of Interior Shahr-e-naw – Kabul Contact person for further information about this tender: nazer.nazir@ec.europa.eu Tel: +93 (0) 799 15 59 74


Deadline for receipt of the quotations: The deadline for the receipt of quotations is Sunday, 15 February 2009 at 16.00 hours, Kabul time. Evaluation and selection of applications Quotations will be evaluated by the Press and Information Officer of the Delegation of the European Commission to Afghanistan.


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