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									Dental and Vision Plan FAQ (2007-08)

What benefits do GEO plans offer?

We are continuing to offer one dental plan and one vision plan for 2007-08. Please see
attachments for plan descriptions. You can find our plan descriptions in the “downloadable
documents” section of our website. The 07-08 plan documents will not be posted until the end of
August. Any detailed questions about benefits should be referred to our Benefits Administrator
at 534-7618 or, or you can contact Delta Dental at 1-800-872-
0500 or EyeMed at 1-866-723-0596. We recommend getting your dentist to request a pre-
treatment estimate from Delta before you have any procedures other than cleanings to verify how
much will be covered. Dentists and those who work in dental offices mean well, but often do not
know what our plans cover and have given out misleading information in the past.

How can I get all my questions answered and enroll most efficiently?

Come to the GEO Benefits Fair: Tuesday, October 2, 2007—Campus Center Concourse. You’ll
be able to ask questions, enroll on the spot, print and sign your form and be done with enrollment!
There will be a raffle for a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and there will be representatives from
Delta Dental, University Health Services and GEO.

When is the deadline for enrollment?

The initial enrollment deadline (and the deadline for to pay for the family plan via payroll
deduction) is Wednesday, October 10, 2007.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Eligibility rules are similar to those for health waivers, only the dates are different. In a nutshell,
if you earn at least $3467.50 (a 10-hr position for one semester at the minimum), you are eligible
for six months of coverage; if you earn at least $6935 (a 20-hr position for one semester at the
minimum), you are eligible for twelve months of coverage. Remember that teaching one three-
credit Con Ed course is equivalent to earning at least $3467.50. These earnings levels are subject
to change whenever minimum pay rates increase.

I have a ten hour position in the fall and one in the spring. Can I enroll for the whole year

Yes, but you need to bring in a copy of your spring contract with your signed waiver form;
otherwise we can only enroll you for the fall period of the plan for now, until your spring
contract is processed by the University.

I have no assistantship in the fall, but a signed contract for a twenty-hour position in the
spring. Can I enroll?

Yes, if you bring us a copy of your signed contract with your signed waiver form. However, if
you don’t end up working and being eligible in the spring, your coverage will be terminated
retroactively back to 11/1/07.
Who isn’t eligible?

Non-working fellows and postdocs, those not in the bargaining unit or not earning the minimums.
Sorry; you have to be working in a GEO position to access these benefits. Also, those who
graduate from grad school lose eligibility at the end of the six-month period they are enrolled in,
and those who withdraw as students, fail to enroll as students or terminate employment prior to
earning enough lose eligibility within 30 days from one of these events.

Can I still enroll in the 06-07 plan?

Only if you were a graduate student during 2006-07 AND earned at least $3467.75 in a GEO
eligible position prior to June 1, 2007. Sorry, we cannot enroll anyone in last year’s plan if they
don’t meet these criteria, even if they have an emergency.

When can I enroll in the 07-08 plan?

Enrollment starts online at as of October 1, 2007. Those grad employees
eligible for the plans will receive a hard copy enrollment packet of information in their
departmental mailboxes as of the last week of September, 2007.

How do I enroll?

First, you go to and fill out the online application. Next, you print your
waiver form, sign it and bring it to the GEO office.

How will I know when I’m enrolled?

After we receive the waiver form, we ask the Graduate Assistantship Office to verify the
eligibility of those who have applied. Once we have verification, we enroll members and send
them an email confirming they are enrolled. This process usually takes two weeks to complete.
We cannot promise you that we can get you enrolled any faster because much of the process is
not directly controlled by us. Members who are enrolled will receive insurance cards within a
month of enrolling or can request them at the Delta and EyeMed websites below.

When does coverage start?

If you fill out the online enrollment form and bring your signed waiver to GEO by noon on
October 10, 2007, your coverage is guaranteed to begin on November 1. It is preferable to be
enrolled by the initial deadline for many reasons; however, if you miss the deadline please get in
touch with us to enroll. The 2007-08 plan year runs from November 1, 2007-October 31, 2008.

How much are the premiums for GEO’s plans?

The individual dental and vision plans are free to enroll in; the family vision plan is also free.
The family dental plan costs $90 per six-month period, or $180 for the year. There are also co-
payments and deductibles associated with certain procedures. The yearly premium cannot be

prorated if you apply late in the year for the family plan. Proof of payment for the family dental
plan must accompany the application for coverage for dependents to be enrolled this year.

If I enrolled in a single plan, but then want to add a spouse/partner and/or dependent later,
can I?

Yes. To do so, contact the Benefits Administrator and let them know you want to do this. They
will add fields into your electronic account and then you will need to go to
and use the user name and password you initially created to enter your account and add the
personal information for your spouse/partner and/or dependent. Then you will need to pay the
family plan premium (see above).

What are the payment options?

Check, credit card, or University payroll deduction (can only be used in fall and only if you turn
in your deduction authorization form by October 10, 2007) only.

Can I use coverage without an insurance card?

Yes, as long as you’re enrolled, you can provide the dental or vision provider with your
subscriber identification number and our group plan numbers and they can access your insurance
information. If you do not have these numbers, please contact our Benefits Administrator at
413-534-7618 or

I don’t have a social security number. Can I still enroll?

Yes, but please contact the Benefits Administrator first (see contact info below). You will need
to eventually report your social security number to the plan as soon as you receive one.

Why should I enroll by October 10th?

Because inevitably those who wait experience a dental emergency or find out they need glasses
right away and we cannot make miracles happen in terms of enrolling you immediately. And it’s
free after all, so why not! Also, it helps our insurance rates for you to be enrolled for the whole
plan year, and not just when you have an emergency.

When and if I lose eligibility, can I extend coverage by paying for it myself?

Yes, those who lose eligibility can buy their coverage for an additional 18 months under the
COBRA law. The monthly premiums are pretty affordable. You can find more information
about COBRA at

Where can I find more information?

Our website, has a wealth of info, including a downloadable forms section.
Delta and EyeMed have informative websites: see addresses above. Looking at our enrollment
packet also helps with answering questions. You can contact the Benefits Administrator, Leslie
Edwards, with questions at (413) 534-7618 or

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