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									Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools

Reading List July 2009
KEY Bold – Scholarship book (difficult) * - advanced read (not easy) + - easy reader REL – particularly suitable for ‘relationships’ question in Form 1

Form 1 & 2
Adams D Adams R Adamson J Aldiss B Asimov I Asimov I Ballard JG Bates HE Bawden N Becker T Bertagna J Blackman M Bowler T Boyne J Bradman, T Breslin T Brittney L Burgess M Buchan J Canning V Chesterton GK Christie A Clarke AC Coburn A Colfer E Collins W Cooper S Cornwell B

Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Watership Down (REL) The Plague Dogs Born Free Living Free Harm * The Helliconia Trilogy I, Robot Foundation series Space Ranger * Empire of the Sun The Darling Buds of May Carrie’s War (REL) Darkside Exodus Noughts and Crosses River Boy (REL) The Boy in Striped Pyjamas Like Father Like Son (short stories) (REL) Whispers in the Graveyard Nathan Fox Bloodsong The Thirty-Nine Steps The Runaways Father Brown series Murder on the Orient Express 2001 series * Of Time and Space * Glint Artemis Fowl The Moonstone King of the Shadows Sharpe series

Courtenay B Crichton M Defoe D Dickens C Dickens C Doyle AC Doyle AC Du Maurier D Dumas A Faulkner JM Fine A Fleming I Forsyth F Frank A Golding W Haggard R Herbert F Herriot J Hiaasen H Hill S Hobson L Holm A Hope A Horowitz A Hosseini K Hughes T Kerr J Lancelyn Green R Lancelyn Green R Le Carré J Le Guin U Lee H Lee L Lewis C Day McGann O

The Power of One Jurassic Park Robinson Crusoe Great Expectations (REL) A Christmas Carol (REL) Oliver Twist (REL) Sherlock Holmes series The Lost World Jamaica Inn * Rebecca (REL) The Three Musketeers Moonfleet (REL) Flour Babies Mrs Doubtfire Casino Royale (original) For Your Eyes Only The Day of the Jackal The Dogs of War * The Odessa Fie * The Diary of a Young Girl Lord of the Flies (REL) King Solomon’s Mines Dune All Creatures Great and Small It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet Hoot Blade of Fire Gentleman’s Agreement * I Am David (REL) The Prisoner of Zenda * Nightrise (Power of Five) The Kite Runner * Tom Brown’s Schooldays When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (REL) The Tale of Troy Tales of the Greek Heroes Tales of the Greek Heroes A Tale of Troy The Spy Who Came in from the Cold * Smiley’s People * A Wizard of Earthsea To Kill a Mockingbird * (REL) Cider with Rosie (REL) The Otterbury Incident Small-Minded Giants

Maclean A Magorian M Marryat Capt Meyer S Morgan N Morpurgo M Muchamore R Nicholson W Nix G Orwell G Paolini C Pearson M Philbrick WR Pratchett T Preston M Reid P Reeve P Remarque EM Salinger JD Shan D Shelley M Stapledon O Steinbeck J Stevenson RL Stevenson RL Stoker B Swindells R Swindells R Tolkien JRR Tolkien JRR Townsend S Twain M Twain M Vance J Verne J

The Guns of Navarone Goodnight Mister Tom (REL) Children of the New Forest Eclipse Fleshmarket Private Peaceful Cherub series The Wind Singer (REL) Jango (Noble Warriors) Keys to the Kingdom series Sabriel series 1984 Animal Farm (REL) Eragon Eldest Shadow of the Beast The Fire Pony Pyramids Discworld The Butterfly House The Colditz Story A Darkling Plain All Quiet on the Western Front Catcher in the Rye Cirque du Freak Demon Thief Frankenstein Star Maker Of Mice and Men * Doctor Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Treasure Island Dracula Room 13 Brother in the Land Lord of the Rings * Histories of Middle Earth series The Hobbit The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Huckleberry Finn (REL) Adventures of Tom Sawyer (REL) The Prince and the Pauper Walkabout 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (REL) Around the World in 80 Days Journey to the Centre of the Earth


Voight C Wells HG

Westall R Williamson H Wodehouse PG Wooding C Wyndham J

The Homecoming The Invisible Man The Island of Dr Moreau The Time Machine War of the Worlds The Scarecrows Tarka the Otter Jeeves series Storm Thief Day of the Triffids The Kraken Wakes The Midwich Cuckoos

Form 3
Aitken J Alexander L Besson Luc Blackman M Briggs A Browne NM Buckeridge A Burnett FH Burnford S Byars B Coleman M Cooper S Crompton R Cross G Dahl R Danziger P Delaney J Durrell G Fine A Forrester CS Funke C Gallico P Garfield L Garner A The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Prydain series Arthur and the Invisibles Hacker Thief The Spellgrinder’s Apprentice Jennings series The Secret Garden The Incredible Journey The Cybil War The Fighting Pit The Dark is Rising William series The Demon Headmaster Boy Going Solo Remember Me to Harold The Spook’s Secret My Family and other Animals Bill’s New Frock Hornblower Goes to Sea Dragon Ride The Small Miracle Smith Elidor The Owl Service The Weirdstone of Brisingamen The Wind in the Willows Football series I am David

Grahame K Hardcastle M Holm A

Horowitz A

Jacques B Jarvis C Johns Capt W Lake A J Lawrence C Lively P Lynch C London J DJ MacHale Mahy M Masefield J Morpurgo M Nesbit E Nimmo J Pearce P Pearson M Ransome A Rowling JK Ryan C Ryan C Said SF Serraillier I Sewell A Steinbeck J Sutcliffe R Westall R White TH

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider series) Granny Just Ask for Diamond Raven’s Gate Redwall series * The Deptford Mice Trilogy Biggles series The Coming of the Dragons Roman Mystery series The Ghost of Thomas Kempe Who the Man Call of the Wild Pendragon The Changeover The Box of Delights The Midnight Folk The War of Jenkins’ Ear The Railway Children The Snow Spider Tom’s Midnight Garden A Slip in Time Swallows and Amazons Harry Potter series Alpha Force Flash Flood Varjak Paw The Silver Sword Black Beauty The Red Pony * Eagle of the Ninth Dragon Slayer Blitzcat The Kingdom by the Sea The Once and Future King The Sword in the Stone


Form 4
Baum FL Boston LM Byars B Carroll L Dahl R Dann C Gervais R Higson C Hoban R Hughes T Hunter N Jansson T Kastner E Kemp G King C Lewis CS Lively P Mark J Morpurgo M Naughton B Norton M O’Brien E Paver M Pearson M Price W Smith D Trease G Treece H Westall R Wilder LI The Wizard of Oz Children of Green Knowe The Cartoonist Alice in Wonderland Danny, Champion of the World The Animals of Farthing Wood Flanimals of the Deep Hurricane Gold The Mouse and his Child The Iron Man Professor Branestawm Finn Family Moomintroll series Emil and the Dectectives The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler Stig of the Dump Chronicles of Narnia The Whispering Knights Thunder and Lightnings Billy the Kid Little Foxes The Goalkeeper’s Revenge The Borrowers Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Spirit Walker Wolf Brother Owl Light Adventure series (Arctic Adventure etc) 101 Dalmatians Cue for Treason The Viking Saga The Machine Gunners The Little House on the Prairie


Form 5
Ahlberg A The Bear Nobody Wanted The Vanishment of Thomas Tull Woof The Railway Cat Seeing Off Uncle Jack Peter Pan The Outside Child Mightier Than the Sword The Famous Five series The Secret Seven series Mallory Towers series An Angel for Mary Moondial The Great Elephant Chase Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Matilda Marmalade Hits the Big Time The Spiderwick Chronicles Bill’s New Frock Goggle Eyes Grimble The Bangers and Chips Explosion The Reluctant Dragon The Finders Nicobinus The Queen’s Nose The Sheep Pig Tumbleweed The Jungle Books Just So Stories The File on Fraulein Berg The Stowaways Doomspell Triology Why the Whales Came The Worst Witch A Dog So Small Ballet Shoes Mary Poppins The Little Red Fox Bottersnikes and Gumbles Charlotte’s Web Mother Christmas

Arkle P Ashley B Barrie JM Bawden N Bevan C Blyton E

Burgess M Cresswell H Cross G Dahl R Davies A DiTerlizzi T and Black H Fine A Freud C Girling B Grahame K Hinton N Jones T King-Smith D

Kipling R Lingard J McGough R Cliff McNish Morpurgo M Murphy J Pearce P Streatfield N Travers PL Uttley A Wakefield S White EB Willis T

Form 6
Blyton E Amelia Jane series Famous Five series Faraway Tree series Secret Seven series Paddington Bear series The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll The Mermaid at No. 13 The Slippers that Talked Mr Majeika series Fat Puss and Friends Finders Keepers Dragon Ride Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Fantastic Mr Fox George’s Marvellous Medicine The Magic Finger The Twits Bill’s New Frock Only a Show The Reluctant Dragon Littlenose series The Smell that Got Away Albert series Addy the Baddy The Hodgeheg Worst Witch series Burnt Sausages and Custard Alien Dawn The House that Moved Rosa’s Singing Grandfather Dragon Air Dragon Water The Emperor’s Pony

Bond M Brandreth G

Carpenter H Castor H Crebbin J Cresswell H Dahl R

Fine A Grahame K Grant J Hayes R Jezard A Joy M King-Smith D Murphy J Newman M Pearson M Rees D Rosselson L Ruffell A Sheldon A


Form 7
Ahlberg A Ahlberg J & A Aitken J Aston C Ball B Baudet S Burningham J Byars B Carpenter H Cooper S The Vanishment of Thomas Tull Burglar Bill Ten in a Bed A Necklace of Raindrops The Giant’s Boots Bella at the Ballet The Incredible Shrinking Horse + Mr Grumpy’s Outing The Midnight Fox * Mr Majeika and the Haunted Hotel * The Boggart Dawn of Fear Greenwitch Dragon Ride The Little Seahorse Posy Bates and the Bag Lady Esio Trot Fantastic Mr Fox * George’s Marvellous Medicine The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me The Magic finger The Twits The Dogger George Speaks Mog the Forgetful Dog The Guard Dog Horse Pie The Jenins Noah’s Brother Winnie the Pooh Five Minutes Peace The Worst Witch Yo-Ho-Ho + Lion at School Peter Rabbit Where the Wild Things Are The Otter Who Wanted to Know The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch + Vicky Angel

Cresswell H

Dahl R

Hughes S Kemp G Kerr J King-Smith D

Milne AA Murphy J Newman M Pearce P Potter B Sendak M Thomlinson J Wilson J


Reportedly the most popular books in schools currently: 1. I know you got soul by Jeremy Clarkson 2. Boys' Book by Dominique Enright 3. Saving the world & other extreme sports by James Patterson 4. Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz 5. It was a dark and silly night ... Ed. Art Spiegelman 6. Why don't penguins' feet freeze? and 114 ... by Mick O'Hare 7. 101 things to do before you're old by Richard Horne 8. Like father, like son? Ed. Tony Bradman 9. Flanimals of the deep by Ricky Gervais 10. Darkside by Tom Becker 11. Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven 12. One Beastly Beast by Garth Nix 13. Bloodsong by Melvin Burgess 14. Blood beast by Darren Shan 15. Day I swapped my dad for two goldfish by Neil Gaiman 16. Strange powers of the human mind by Herbie Brennan 17. Bloodline by Kevin Brooks 18. Chew on this by Eric Schlosser 19. Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy 20. Devil for sale by E E Richardson


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