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									                                      Briefing on
 Strengthening legal frameworks for international disaster response and the new
guidelines for the domestic facilitation and regulation of international disaster relief
                          and initial recovery assistance
                                      7 December 2007

                                   List of participants

David Fisher, International Federation of the RC/RC Societies
Luc Henskens, RC/EU Office

Sara Sini, Permanent Representation of Sweden
Ruben Brunsveld, Permanent Representation of the Netherlands
Arwel Yahova, Permanent Representation of Bulgaria
Christoph Rauh, Permanent Representation of Germany
Danica Babic, Permanent Representation of Slovenia
Willy Kempel, Austrian Permanent Representation
Pascale Reypens, Belgian government
Christian Berger, DG Relex, EC
Kristin Hedstrom, DG ECHO, EC
Francesca Bonino, DG ECHO, EC
Esme Dobson, DG ENV, EC
Lieven Vermote, General Secretariat, Council of EU
Christian Froik, General Secretariat, Council of EU
Johnny Engell-Hansen, General Secretariat, Council of EU
Stefano Santamato, NATO HQ
Paula Hokkanen, VOICE
Stephane Kolanowski, ICRC, Brussels delegation
Kristin Heinrich, Norwegian Red Cross
Lisa Cassina, Danish Red Cross
Flaminia Gallo, RC/EU Office
Suzanne Pinder, RC/EU Office

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