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The Story of Aqueduct by paulj


									The Story of Aqueduct

The why and how of writing in-house
Stuart Schellenberg & Orion Ifland,
Trinity Western University
Why we started Aqueduct
   Previous Commercial Software
       Locked up data
       Minimal process flexibility
       Wide-scale inefficiency
   Previous In-house Software
       Customized UI to match how TWU works
       Too popular...lots of apps to manage
   Efficiency
       Cost of Commercial software
       Cost on productivity
Technical Foundation
   Understandable DB model
       Easier to access with almost anything
       Better reporting
       Less hacking, better data
   Easy to Improve
       Tools for Keeping DB and Code in sync
       Framework for entities, etc.
       App configuration, deployment, etc
   Scalable for Users and Programmers
       Database-wide Searching
       Group and resource-based permissions
       Adaptive, central UI
Running a Software Team
   History of SST
       CMPT Program
       Grassroots start
       Horizontal collaboration
   SST and Aqueduct
       Prototyping: Spring 2006
       Initial rollout: July 2006
   Scrum
       Incremental, high-value improvements
       No more Gantt charts
       Change-friendly
Demo Time

   Website Author, Aqueduct's Content
    Management System

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