General Information on ePerolehan Access Medium (ePXS MyeP Card

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					                General Information on ePerolehan Access Medium
                          (ePXS, MyeP Card, MyKad eP)

ePerolehan Supplier has the option to apply for either ePXS USB Crypto Token, MyeP
Card or MyKad eP Enabled (MyKad IC) to access ePerolehan transactional system to
transact online with the Government agencies via ePerolehan. When applying, supplier
needs to appoint a staff as the medium holder to perform the authorized transactions
online. By having a medium access, user is able to view any potential Purchase Order or
Purchase Inquiry issued by the Government agency.

Application for any of the ePerolehan Access Medium can be made online at where user needs to enter their
personal details required for the application.

For verification purpose, you must submit a copy of your online application form
together with a copy of IC. You application will only be processed once your Ministry of
Finance registration is approved, payment has been made and verification document has
been received by Commerce Dot Com Sdn. Bhd. (CDC).

You need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) once you received your ePerolehan
Access Medium.

Requirements for ePerolehan Access Medium:

You must start prepare your computer infrastructure and components to suit the system
requirement guidelines below:

   •   Internet account connection
   •   Pentium III PC 400Mhz or higher
   •   4.3 GB Hard Disk (at least 1 GB available)
   •   Memory 64 megabytes (MB)
   •   At least 33.6 KBPS modem
   •   Super VGA (800 x 600) display
   •   TLP 224/PCSC compliant smart card reader with driver
   •   Microsoft Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XT
   •   Internet Explorer 5.5 or above 128 encryption
   Additional requirement for MyeP Card and MyKad eP

   •   TLP 224/PCSC compliant smart card reader with driver

Guidelines on ePerolehan Access Medium (ePXS, MyeP Card, MyKad eP)
Please follow the following guidelines in the event something happens to any of your
ePerolehan Access Medium.

   1. Faulty Access Medium
      In the event any of the ePerolehan Access Medium you hold is defective or faulty
      when you received it, please immediately notify our Customer Service within 5
      working days from the date of receipt.

       If the medium is faulty due to reason not caused by the user, CDC will revoke the
       digital certificate associated with the faulty medium and replace with a new one.

       In the event the medium is defective due to the holder’s carelessness, the user is
       required to pay in full for the replacement.

   2. Lost or Stolen Access Medium
      In the event your medium is lost or stolen, please immediately report to our
      Customer Service:
          a. Via phone at 03-7985 7777 or E-mail to
          b. Followed by a report signed by the medium holder via Fax to 03-7985

   3. Tampered PIN
      If your PIN is tempered, please notify our Customer Service immediately. On a
      case-to-case basis, user is usually advised to reapply for a new card and the
      original card and certificate will be revoked.

   4. Staff Resignation
      In the event of User resigns from the Company, Company key authorized
      personnel needs to inform CDC via writing attention to Customer Service Unit
      stating the details of the resigned staff. For security reason, CDC will block the
      access of the medium.
Summary of ePerolehan Access Medium Care

   1. Report lost or stolen access medium immediately to our Customer Service at 7985
      7777 or e-mail to
   2. Protect your access medium as if they were cash or valuables. Do not leave them
      unattended at anytime.
   3. Never disclose your PIN to anyone as they may access it and perform
      unauthorized transaction.
   4. When changing your PIN, always avoid the obvious - your name, telephone
      number, date of birth, or any combination.
   5. Never write down your PIN - memorized it.
   6. Never give your access medium serial number or PIN over the phone, unless you
      are dealing with an authorized ePerolehan body, such as the Ministry of Finance,
      or Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd. Ask for information in writing from the
      company that is making the request.
   7. Always ensure that you remove your access medium from the device after access.
   8. Make a record of your access medium serial number and ePerolehan Customer
      Service telephone number for reporting lost or stolen cards. Keep that list in a safe
   9. Know who has access to your access medium. If someone has borrowed your
      access medium, with or without your knowledge, you may be responsible for his
      or her wrongdoing in the ePerolehan system.

ePXS (USB Crypto Token)

The new innovation from Commerce Dot Com brings you the latest technology, which
provides a cost effective, stylish and highly secured device. The highly secured ePXS
provides a powerful challenge/response mechanism for authentication services. ePXS
provides secure container for user to keep their security credentials. The specialized
onboard crypto microprocessors in ePXS enable for stronger security than software-only
Currently, there are 2 types of USB Crypto token:

   1) ePXS – comes with installation CD and manual and memory flash.
   2) ePXS Plus – comes with 256M flash memory and driverless.

MyeP Card

MyeP smart card provides a high level of security for transactions done electronically
with the Government of Malaysia. Each smart card comes with an embedded digital
certificate used by ePerolehan system to identify and verify your identity.
MyKad eP Enabled (MyKad IC)

With MyKad eP Enabled, user can use their MyKad IC as a medium to access ePerolehan
system to perform online procurement transactions with the Government agencies.
MyKad holders are able to download the digital certificate onto their MyKad via the
ePerolehan website anywhere and anytime.

For further details on each medium and a complete user guide, please go to