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Voice Care
Tips to help Throat/Voice Discomfort Dryness – do you suffer from hay fever, asthma, have central heating, work in a dry/dusty atmosphere, talk a lot? • • • • • • Sip water, especially first thing in the morning, or soft drinks if your throat is dry – swallowing regularly helps to relieve the symptoms Suck sweets – not menthol or acid drops as these may cause coughing (harsh on the throat) Steam inhalations Carry a small thermos flask of hot water – cup hands around top and inhale steam very gently otherwise it may cause coughing Turkish bath/steam room/hot shower – inhale steam gently as above Avoid too much tea, coffee or wine – these have a ‘drying’ effect

Excessive phlegm, post nasal drip from rhinitis, hayfever, other allergies, colds/flu can cause croaky voice, intermittent ‘breaks’ in pitch or voice ‘disappears’ for a few seconds • • • Clear throat quietly and gently – it is better to take longer to clear the throat by doing it gently rather than ’smacking’ the vocal cords together with one loud throat clear Swallow mucus/phlegm if possible if it drips down the back of the throat rather than trying to bring it up to spit it out Avoid milky products – these can increase phlegm production (goats milk and skimmed milk are good alternatives to whole milk)

Excessive loud coughing can traumatise (damage) the delicate surface of the vocal cords as the cords strike together too firmly and sharply. Also, excessive coughing may cause your throat to constrict a little, thereby affecting the sound of the voice. • • Cough as quietly as possible To stop a coughing fit – swallow saliva and keep swallowing until you inhibit the cough. Drink water to soothe the throat only at the end of the coughing fit otherwise the water may go down the wrong way and make you cough more.

Gastric reflux (this can sometimes occur when you are not aware of it). Acid regurgitation (gastric reflux) actually burns the mucosal lining of the throat. Acid can also find its way down onto the vocal cords. This usually causes coughing and burns the lining of the cords, making them feel sore and dry. • • • • • The best solution is to seek medical advice from your doctor or ENT consultant, but in the meantime, dissolving an indigestion tablet on the tongue may help to relieve the symptoms Sip water to relieve the dryness in the mouth and throat Sucking a mild cough drop may help to relieve symptoms in the throat If the voice feels uncomfortable or sounds hoarse, reduce talking until you can control the reflux through medication. Avoid spicy, indigestible foods

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