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Extra Credit Assignments for EC201_Macro__


									Extra Credit Assignments for EC201(Macro):
In order to get credit all assignments must be completed at the Social Science Computer Center (RC205)
Students in EC 201 with Dr. Satarupa Das can obtain a maximum of 20 points as extra credit by doing the following activities at the Social Science Computer Center : Watch 5 videos ( 5 X 2=10 points) and 5 quizzes ( 2 points for each quiz when you get at least 70% of answers correct, 5 X 2= 10 points ). Please obey the following rules: 1. Quizzes have to be from the Premium Content. Students can take either Pre or Post-test from the chapters.

2. After completing each assignment students need to get signature of the director or assistants working at the lab. At the end of the year, students will get credit assigned as points only if the signature is there. 3. Students cannot complete more than 2 assignments in a given day and not more than 4 assignments in a week (Monday – Friday). 4. As you walk in to RC 205 ask for the log in sheet and fill out your name, class etc.


In order to get credit all Assignments have to be completed by Monday November 30.

No Late assignments will be accepted.

Eligible Videos:
1.    Films for Humanities and Sciences (Introductory Economics):

Supply and Demand (focus on elasticity, resource allocation, price control) Unemployment, inflation and national output (this video discusses AD and AS) GDP and the Multiplier Process 2. Hoover Institution


TAKE IT TO THE LIMITS: Milton Friedman on Libertarianism


Economic Growth In India and China 1

3. Economics USA videos
 16. Supply and Demand The California drought, the Arab oil embargo, and the designer jeans craze reveal the forces of supply and demand. 3. U.S. Economic Growth This episode documents the GNP's greatest achievements and failures since its introduction in the 1930s. 5. John Maynard Keynes This program introduces Keynesian economic theory and analyzes the Depression. 6. Fiscal Policy This program explores how the government's tax and spending policies are used to reduce the severity of business cycle fluctuations. 7. Inflation This program examines the economic and social costs of the inflationary spiral of the early 1960s and questions whether the problem of inflation has been solved.

  


4. Paul Solman Videos from Premium content Videos for

Chapter 1( 3 mini videos - Opportunity cost, Production Possibility Curve 1, Production Possibility Curve 2) b. Chapter 2 ( 2mini videos ) c. Chapter 3 ( 3 mini videos- Demand, Supply, equilibrium) Students get 2 points for watching all mini videos in the chapter


After completing these assignments students are encouraged to access and use other areas of the premium content such as other videos, ipod content, narrated slides and so on.


Student Name:__________________________________________

Course: EC201

CRN: ___________Day and Time of Class:________________________

Videos watched (any five): Name FFHS – Supply and Demand FFHS – Unemployment,Inflation FFHS - GDP and the Multiplier process Econ USA #3 Econ USA #5 Econ USA #6 Econ USA #7 Econ USA #16 Hoover Institute - Taking it to limits – Milton Friedman Hoover Institute – Economic Growth in India and China Paul Solman Videos –Chapter 1 Paul Solman Videos –Chapter 2 Paul Solman Videos –Chapter 3 Date Sign


Quizzes from Premium Content (any five, on any 5 chapters): Chapters (mention pre or post test) Score (min. 70%) Date Sign


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