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Christmas Term Issue 1 - 13 October 2009

The Newsletter for Parents, Pupils and Friends of Saint Bede’s Preparatory School

You’re in check, mate. Chess club returns.

Welcome newsletter New school year, new
By The Headmaster

Welcome to our first edition of the newsletter for the new school year. We hope that you all enjoyed the summer holidays and the children are all ready for the exciting challenges that this year will bring. We welcome several new children to the school this term, a warm welcome to them all and we wish them every success during their time with us. There are one or two developments that I should like to explain, for the purposes of information and to allay any concerns. The first is the creation of a sixth form. For many years the school has made use of a sixth form to assist with the preparation of candidates for academic scholarships. For those of you who

are unfamiliar with this, academic scholarships require the pupils to e x h i b i t a h i g h e r s t a n d a rd o f understanding than normal, in essence the sixth form curriculum exceeds the remit of the normal common entrance syllabus, from which we work. Therefore children who are attempting scholarship examinations require not only additional support but also a different curriculum in order to better prepare them for scholarship exams. In the light of this one can appreciate that if these children were left in Upper Vth, they would dominate the teaching time resulting in a great disparity of progress. Therefore the sixth form is not a streaming exercise, but rather a method of ensuring that equal teaching time is afforded to pupils

preparing for the common entrance and for those attempting scholarships. The same is also true of Lower V. We are fortunate indeed that the numbers of children in Lower V are too great for effective teaching in one group. Parents will recall that last year this form was split for English and Maths, this year we have also split the form for Science. English is taught by Miss Helena and Mrs. Stonier, Maths by Mr. King and Miss Helena and Science by Mr. King and Miss Helena. Although in two forms, each teacher works from the same curriculum, using shared resources, therefore no matter which group a child is in they will still receive the same education.

As you will discover, the newsletter has had something of a redesign. I hope it will meet with your approval. You will also notice that I am being helped in the creation of the newsletter by the members of our media club. They are keen to provide a wide array of articles encompassing every area of school life and beyond. I hope you will enjoy their contributions!


BISHTONTIMES 13 October 2009

Free Time
By Ed Williams & Claire Stevens

Library News
As you may know, the school installed a computerised Library system a few years ago, enabling the children to search for and issue books with great ease. Unfortunately, as is the case with most technology, the system has now broken down! We have purchased a new piece of software and a new laptop on which to run it. Though the new software is not compatible with our existing library catalogue, this means that every book in the school has to be re-catalogued. As you can imagine this is a rather time consuming process. The new software is already creating quite a stir with the children, the internet links and meet the authour videos are proving very popular. Perhaps the most popular feature is the finger print scanner that enables the children to issue and return books without having to remember a library card or their number. (Please note
that this scanner records biometric data only, converting their prints into numbers, it does not store their finger prints)

Out and about
By Ed Williams
Cinema release: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.  An upcoming fantasy/adventure film directed by Chris Columbus. The film is a film version of The Lightning Thief, the first novel in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series by Rick Riordan. It will star Logan Lerman as the brave Percy Jackson alongside an ensemble cast which includes Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Rosario Dawson, Steve Coogan, Uma Thurman, Catherine Keener, and Pierce Brosnan. Christophe Beck will be composing the score. Due for re l e a s e i n the UK on 1 2 t h February 2010.

Clubs and activities
By Claire Stevens
Hello my name is Claire and I am going to be reporting on all the activities and clubs going on in the school. At the moment, on Wednesday’s there is Chess Club, which is held in the dining room by Mrs Hugh. Also there is Gardening Club which is held by Mr King in the science lab. Finally there is “strictly come dancing” which is held by Mrs Cooke, Mr Platts, and Mrs Stonier and is in the gym. 
 This week I will be reporting on Chess Club, I witnessed chess club and everyone seemed to enjoy it. They kept swapping partners, so no one got left out, apparently they are also kept refreshed, though as Giles said this is not the main reason for going, ‘and of course we don’t like our chocolate biscuits’.

It has become clear that we are missing quite a few books, presumably borrowed while the computer has been out of action. We would be very grateful if children and parents could return any library books that might be at home (they are marked with a green sticker on the spine) A final word of thanks to the kind parents and children who have donated so many wonderful books to the library.

‘I think chess club is really fun because I am with my BFFL, and I can’t believe I have just said that’

George Gillow


BISHTONTIMES 13 October 2009

One of Mr. King’s gardeners planting out some winter flowers.

Nelson Piquet Jnr. Crashes in Singapore last year. (Below) Following our trip to the BrawnGP factory last year, some of the older children will be able to tell you just how expensive that crash was! We are all crossing our fingers for a Brawn win at the next race.

Sporting life
By Hannah Stevens and Jamie McKechnie

Hi I’m Hannah and I’ll be updating you on the latest sports. Piquet and Alonso’s shocking thriller year in Singapore. Renault told Alonso to go in to the pits early. When Piquet crashed it triggered Alonso’s low fuel trigger. Then when the safety cars came he caught up with Lewis Hamilton and all the top cars. But while the cars went in to the pits he whizzed off and won the race. Why did they cheat? Why did they let it happen? What was Renault doing?

All in a spin.
Hello there, my name is Jamie and I’m the sports correspondent. Last week the boys discovered a new talent in Ultimatefrisbee! It was awesome. It takes minutes to learn and is so much fun. The rules are simple. You can’t move after you have the Frisbee, you can throw back, forward, left and right. To score, the idea is to catch the Frisbee in the end zone but if you drop the Frisbee, it is a turn over. It was so good that we decided to play house matches. Now being in Southworth I’m trying very hard not to be biased, very hard! After a good 80 minutes Fisher won. I recommend it to anyone who is bored on the weekend or wants something to do with their friends.

Christmas Card Competition: This year the school’s Christmas Card will be designed by one of our pupils. There have already been some excellent entries and the competition is fierce, however if anyone would like to enter a card, please do so by Friday afternoon. The rules are simple, the card must reflect the religious significance of Christmas, you may enter as many cards as you like. The winning entry will be announced on Monday.


BISHTONTIMES 1 October 2009

A recipe from the Food Dude, Lucy McKechnie Easy cookie recipe This is a fun and easy recipe to make and is an amazing treat for any one. to start off you will need... 3/4 cup of sugar 3/4 cup of brown sugar 1 cup of butter, softened 2 large eggs beaten 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 21/4 cups self raising flour 1 teaspoon of salt 2 cups of chocolate chips preheat the oven to 375 degrees. mix sugar, butter, vanilla and eggs in a large bowl. The dough will be very stiff stir in chocolate chips. Then when done deal into cases then place in oven for 8 to 10 mins until light brown. leave for 5 mins to cool, and then stuff your face!
Lucy would like to make a school recipe book, of our favourite family recipes. We would like to invite you all to submit your favourite recipes for her book. It will go on sale at the end of the term. If you would like to submit a recipe for her book, please hand them in to the school office, or email them to

Performing Arts
Hello I am Lydia-May and I am the Performing Arts writer, and now I am going to tell you about this term’s show ‘Dick Whitington’. The play is about a boy called Dick who goes to London to find his fortune. Of course no panto would be complete without the dame, two idiots, the goody & the baddy. This panto is fun for all the family, a must see !!

Quotes of the week
Mr. King, after conducting an experiment using sulphur, “there was a odd smell in the science lab, the gerbils where wondering which one did it”

Parents evenings: Please note that we are altering the dates of parents evenings so that they all take place during the Easter term. In the meantime, if parents would like to discuss their child’s progress with any teacher or make use of the Headmaster’s Surgery. Please contact the school office. Open Mornings: This term we will be holding two open mornings, the first will be on Saturday 7th November, from 9 a.m. Till 12.30 p.m. We would be enormously grateful if any parents or children are able to come along and help. In addition to a weekend open morning we will also be holding a mid-week open morning on Thursday 12th November from 9.30 - 12.00 p.m. This will give parents an opportunity to see the school in action.

Pantomime: Following the success of the Wizard of Oz, which was postponed till the Easter half-term following a rather nasty and widespread illness, towards the end of the Christmas term last year. We have decided to move the pantomime to the Easter half-term this year. This has the dual advantage of giving the children extra time to perfect their parts and also reduces the workload of the children at the end of term. With exams, carol concerts exhibitions and so on, they do get rather busy!


My thanks to Molly Gordon - Craig for the photographs in this weeks issue. In the next issue: Don’t miss Molly’s fashion supplement and columns from all our corespondents on school life!

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