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									Leading to High Quality
A half day course to help Headteachers lead the school to high quality using Physical Education and School Sport as a catalyst for change. Outcomes: • recognise the impact that high quality PE and School Sport can have in raising standards across the whole school • understand the significant impact high quality PE and Sport can have on the Every Child Matters agenda • recognise the impact that high quality PE and Sport can have on the self evaluation process for schools • understand how PE and Sport can be used to engage the parents and local community in the school.

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Training dates:

26 September 2008 / 14 November 2008 / 28 November 2008 at Barugh Green Primary School Barnsley at 9:15-12:15pm OR 1-4pm. Cost: £100 per delegate Barugh Green is an outstanding school that has sustained exceptional standards and achievement for many years. All the staff demonstrate a shared commitment to achieve excellence and, above all, a determination that all pupils should succeed. The school enjoys a very high reputation locally and parents are overwhelmingly positive in their views and are exceptionally proud of their children’s and the school’s achievements”. Ofsted January 2007 Contact: Suzanne Meehan, Physical Education Adviser. Tel: 01332 715521. Suzanne.meehan@derby.gov.uk

FUNNY THINGS CHILDREN SAY... “Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea where they made unleavened bread, which is bread made without any ingredients. Moses went up on Mount Cyanide to get the ten commandos. He died before he ever reached Canada but his commandos made it”. If you have any other funny quotes from children you would like to share please let us know!


Website of the Month: www.jasonproject.org

Provides information on virtual fieldtrips (Science and Maths)

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Stephen R. Covey

The next School Development News will be in the school post bag on: Monday 8 September 2008


Another busy academic year draws to a close and I would like to thank you for making the time to participate in the range of collaborative opportunities we have been developing across the city. We continue to seek to work in partnership with the Derby City community of 105 schools particularly through the Excellence Partnership (all schools are part of this) and the Secondary School Improvement Partnership. Particular thanks go to those heads who give up significant time to attend the various executive, planning and steering groups and to the Lead Headteachers of our primary School Learning Networks. By working together we are stronger than when we work alone. There are many different ways of working together and we are learning that these bring significant challenges as well as new opportunities. Michael Fielding has produced a useful matrix (see right) describing four different ways teachers and schools work together. I suspect a little of all four elements may well be present at the same time in most schools and partnerships, though I hope we are moving away from ‘co-existence’, through ‘collaboration’ and ‘collegiality’, towards becoming a ‘community’ of learners. On behalf of all in the Development and Co-ordination team I hope you have the summer break you need and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you on some exciting new developments in the autumn term.
Paul Briggs, Head of Development and Co-ordination. Paul.briggs@ derby.gov.uk

School Development
Monthly Newsletter - July 2008
Collegiality How Teachers and Schools Work Together
What we decide to do with others is defined mainly by the task - Keen to work with others with expertise in a defined area - Task / expertise driven, wary about time being wasted - Try new things if good evidence


Work with others to get things done, but also because of regard and care for others as professionals - Keen to work with others and co-professionals - Open to learning from peers in unanticipated ways - Risk based on professional trust What we decide to do together expresses our relationship, but does not define it - Keen to learn from others as wise and interesting persons - Agreed focus only one of many ways we may work together - Risk grounded on personal as well as professional trust

What others do may or may not influence our way of working. If it does, it does so on out terms and at our pace - Prefer to work alone - Own ideas guarded with care - May pick up tips from others coincidentally



Contact Us!

To put an item in this newsletter about your school contact: Lauren Scothorn, Senior Administrator on 01332 256314 or email: lauren.scothorn@derby.gov.uk

Address: Derby City Council, Children and Young People’s Services, Development
and Co-ordination, Middleton House, 27 St Mary’s Gate, Derby, DE1 3NN

I TAUGHT THEM ALL Naomi White, Progressive Education, Nov 1943 I have taught in high school for ten years. During that time I have given assignments, among others, to a murderer, a pugilist, a thief and an imbecile. The murderer was a quiet little boy who sat on the front seat and regarded me with pale blue eyes; the pugilist lounged by the window and let loose at intervals in a raucous laugh that startled even the geraniums; the thief was a gay-hearted Lothario with a song on his lips; and the imbecile, a shifty-eyed little animal seeking the shadows. The murderer awaits death in the state penitentiary; the pugilist lost an eye in a brawl in Hong Kong; the thief, by standing on tip-toe, can see the window of my room from the county jail; and the once gentle-eyed little moron beats his head against a padded wall in the state asylum. All these pupils once sat in my room, sat and looked at me gravely across worn brown desks. I must have been a great help to those pupils… I taught then the rhyming scheme of the Elizabethan sonnet and how to diagram a complex sentence.

In this Month’s Newsletter...

NQT Induction Tutor Training PSHE Conference NQT Blue Sky website NQT NEW Regulations and Guidance Modern Foreign Language Training Staff Development Leaders Website July and September Courses and Networks HLTA Information Storytelling Conference - Reduced fee NPSLBA Emergency Lighting System at Kedleston Road

NQT Web based Induction Blue Sky
Schools buying into the NQT Induction package will receive access to Blue Sky for the NQT, the Induction Tutor and the heads teacher. Some schools have expressed an interest in buying into Blue Sky for their whole staff. If five or more schools are interested then there will be an reduction in price of 20% (see table below). If you are interested then the costs will be as follows for primary schools:
Num- Set ber of up Pupils fee LiTotal cence Y1 list price price Y1 School group purchase 20% discount Y1 price per school £320 £480 Licence fee in Y2 and Y3 25% discount £225 £375

To have an opportunity to look at the newly published Derby City Guidelines To develop an understanding of the structure and elements of Bloom’s Taxonomy To raise awareness of autistic Spectrum Disorder and to give practical suggestions of how to help a child with ASD in a primary setting. To develop awareness of the counselling process and to practice the skills involved To strengthen the leadership of school improvement through the Primary Framework



Standard Rate: £140 Package Rate: £112 Standard Rate: £85 Package Rate: £68 Standard Rate: £140 Package Rate: £112 Subsidised Rate: £54 Package rate: £40 Standard Rate: £155 Package Rate: £120

Lina 256316 Laura 256750 Lina 256316 Lina 256316 Lina 256316

004069 Mackworth Enterprise Park 004020 Noel Baker Community 004050 Kedleston Road Training Centre 003969 Derwent Community 004130 Kedleston Road Training Centre

NEW: NQT Induction Tutor Training
As a result of the Head Teachers’ Breakfast Briefing we have organised a training session for Induction Tutors to outline the updates / recent changes to the NQT Induction process. The training will take place on: Tuesday 15 July 2008 at 1:30-4pm OR Friday 18 July 2008 at 9-12noon Noel Baker Community School These sessions are funded by the NQT pilot – delegates will incur no costs. Please confirm your attendance by contacting Lauren on 256314 or email: Lauren.scothorn@derby.gov.uk

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


National Programme for Specialist Leaders of Behaviour and Attendance (NPSLBA) The NPSLBA Programme is a professional development opportunity which supports and enhances the recognition of leaders, and those aspiring to be leaders in behaviour and attendance. The year long programme uses a reflective based learning model within a supportive, local group environment. Come along to a briefing session on: Monday 14 July 2008 or Tuesday 16 September 2008 4–5pm at Kedleston Road Training Centre For more information contact: Vanda Vickers Inclusion Consultant, Tel: 01332 256790 Email: Vanda.vickers@derby.gov.uk

<90 £100 £300 £400 100£100 £500 £600 199 200£100 £700 £800 £640 £525 399 400£100 £900 £1000 £800 £675 699 All prices plus VAT On-site training is available at an additional cost if required Full telephone customer support and helpdesk included within licence price

If you would like to apply for HLTA Status please contact Lauren Scothorn on 01332 256314 for an application form.

Reduced Fee for Conference
Derby City of Stories! A Conference to Celebrate Storytelling - Oral and Written Part of the National Year of Reading Saturday 18 October 2008 9:30 - 3:30pm - Derby University Objectives: - to celebrate the pleasure of story - to develop strategies for encouraging children to enjoy story. Keynote Speaker: Anne Fine, Children’s Author, winner of Carnegie Medal and Children’s Laureate. Now only: Standard Rate: £90 Package Rate: £75 Contact: Lina Eyre. Tel: 256316.

PSHE Conference
Friday 21 November 2008 Mackworth Enterprise Park The recent Children and Young People’s Plan and Every Child Matters has reminded schools of the importance of PSHE in effective school improvement. This Conference is an opportunity to explore those links based on local and national best practice. Secondary schools are invited to bring a representative from their school council. To book a place please contact: Lina Eyre on 256316 or email to: lina.eyre@derby.gov.uk

To save schools trying to find other schools to join them, Lauren Scothorn will collect the names of schools interested in buying into Blue Sky and group them into ‘5s’ to ensure the discount. This will be done on an ‘as received’ basis and as soon as five schools have indicated their wish to join, Lauren will do the necessary.

Leicestershire and Rutland PE and Sports Conference
Wednesday 24 September 2008 9.30 - 4pm Loughborough University The Conference is for all those professionals involved in delivering and organising Physical Education and Sport. It is a great opportunity to network, increase knowledge and understanding and be able to take away useful ideas and resources. All Conference details are available at: www.lrsport.org.uk/peandsportconference2008 Contact: 01509 226742 or email: j.hough@lboro.ac.uk

Staff Development Leaders: Website
The new password protected website for Staff Development Leaders is about to go live. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the website is a great way to share good practice, access minutes and agenda outcomes from SDL meetings, a means of asking for advice from other SDLs, accessing newsletters and all the latest information - and much, much more! Please forward your email address so that we can get you set up on the system as soon as possible. Send to: Lauren.scothorn@derby.gov.uk

Special Offer:

Some schools are considering booking their whole staff on to this conference and we can offer a special price of every 5th place free! Please book in the usual way and the price will be reduced accordingly.

Wednesday 24 September ‘08 Thursday 25 September Friday 26 September ‘08



Target Audience
Members of school management teams Gifted and Talented Co-ordinators KS1 and KS2 teachers and TAs

Monday 29 September ‘08 Monday 29 September ‘08 9-4pm and Tues 24 February ‘09

Bringing a Global Dimension to your School - Derby City Launch 9-12:15pm Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Structure Thinking and Learning 9:30An Introduction to Autism and some 3:30pm Strategies to Support a Child with Autism 9-12noon An Introduction to Counselling Skills Cohort 1: Improving Teaching and Learning through the Primary Framework for KS1 Head Teachers

Newly Qualified Teachers NEW Induction Regulations and Guidance
Revised statutory guidance on induction for newly qualified teachers in England from September 2008 has been produced. This is now available to accompany the new induction regulations and the changes these are bringing about. The revised guidance incorporates the changes to regulations. It also addresses some gaps and introduces further new content where consultation has suggested. In particular, the new statutory guidance: clarifies and updates the roles and responsibilities of the various parties in the induction process outlines periods of employment counting towards an induction period e.g. a period of continuous employment as a qualified teacher of not less than 1 term in duration counts towards an induction period outlines the limit on short-term supply work a qualified teacher, who has not completed an induction period, can undertake some short term supply work in a relevant school, but this is limited to 16 months only. The 16 month limit starts on the day that the teacher begins their first short term supply contract and means the ‘clock starts ticking’ as soon as short-term supply work commences and does not stop during periods when the teacher is not undertaking short-term supply work. Once the 16 month limit is reached the teacher cannot undertake any further supply work unless: - an extension has been granted by the LA - the post in question is a supply placement of at least one term in a setting which induction can be undertaken, and the NQT is serving an induction period - the teacher is, whilst working part-time on a supply basis, serving induction concurrently on a part-time basis in another post. makes clear that that an NQT must have a reduced timetable and time for PPA includes updated procedures for notifying the GTC, about an NQT who starts an induction period explains revised procedures for transfer of records when NQTs complete their induction period in more than one institution. To download the revised guidance visit: www.teachernet.gov.uk/professionaldevelopment/induction/IndSept2008onwards

Modern Foreign Language Training
The cornerstone of that (the National Languages Strategy) strategy is . . . . the introduction by 2010 of an entitlement to language learning for every pupil in Key Stage 2 . . . The Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages p.3 As we approach 2010, the annual funding that each school with a KS2 receives to implement MFL has, again, been increased. This year’s MFL funding into schools is going into budgets within the next few weeks. All primary schools and junior schools should receive an amount of £1700 (one thousand seven hundred pounds). It will appear under code W6006. The advice is that this amount, as last year, is used to support the implementation of MFL within school. It may be used for training purposes, buying in resources and/or schemes of work. In addition to this extra funding, schools will also be receiving two resources for French which can be used across the school; Mon Ane DVD – animated songs and rhymes in French, plus Take 10 en français. Many schools are already using Take 10, the English version, for ‘wake and shake’ sessions. Part of the training we offer will be for discrete year groups covering use of The KS2 Languages Framework and a variety of supporting materials. Should you wish to discuss MFL implementation in your school please contact us. Further training in the autumn term: Modern Foreign Languages - French for Year 4 Learners. Moving on Monday 15 September 2008 9:15-3:15pm at Kedleston Road Training Centre MFL Co-ordinator - Roles and Responsibilities Wednesday 1 October 2008 9-12noon at Kedleston Road Training Centre An Introduction to Teaching a Primary Modern Foreign Language in Year 3 Friday 10 October 2008 9:15-3:15pm at Kedleston Road Training Centre Supporting French in the Classroom – for TAs Tuesday 23 September 2008 9–12noon at Bromley House Contact: Lina Eyre on 256316 to book a place or Moira Phelan for further information. Tel: 256321. Mobile: 07968904881

All SENCOs, TAs, Class teachers Head Teachers and Senior Leaders

Date Tues 8 July 2008 Tues 8 July 2008 Tues 8 July 2008 Thurs 10 July 2008 Thurs 10 July 2008 Thurs 10 July 2008 Thurs 10 July 2008 Tues 15 July 2008 Tues 15 July 2008 Thurs 25 September Thurs 25 September Tues 30 September

NETWORK MEETINGS: July - September ‘08
Time 1:15-4pm 9-12noon 1-4pm 9-12noon 1-4pm 1-3:30pm

Network Meeting More Able, Gifted and Talented Leading Teacher Training Geography Network Meeting ICT Network Meeting. Venue: Murray Park Comm. School Mathematics Professional Development Meeting Mathematics Subject Leader Meeting Literacy Network Meeting Numeracy Network Meeting Strategy Managers Network Meeting Coaching Network Meeting Design and Technology Network Meeting Strategy Managers Network Meeting PSHE and Citizenship Network Meeting

Phase Cross Phase Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Primary Primary Secondary Primary Primary Primary Primary

9:30-12noon 1-4pm 9-12noon 9-12noon 1-4pm 1-4pm

All Network Meetings will take place at Kedleston Road unless otherwise specified. Please contact Lina Eyre on 256316 for further information about any network meeting.

Primary Design and Technology Network Meetings
Please make a note of the following Primary Design and Technology Network Meetings organised for: Thursday 23 October 2008, 4-.530pm Kedleston Road Training Centre Tuesday 3 February 2009, 4-5.30pm Kedleston Road Training Centre

Leading Teacher Training Network Meetings

This is a new network meeting, cross-phase, aimed at Gifted and Talented Leading Teachers. Please make a note of future meetings: Tues 8 July 2008, 1.15-4pm, Kedleston Road Thurs 4 Dec 2008, 1.15-4pm, Kedleston Road Mon 2 Feb 2009, 1.15-4pm, Kedleston Road

In view of the inadequate emergency lighting provision at the Centre and following advice from Health and Safety it is regretful, but the decision has been made not to open for any evening bookings of courses or meetings from September 08 until the end of December 2008. The Centre will also not be taking any twilight bookings from 24 October until the end of December 08. This will affect the following courses/meetings and alternate arrangements will be made: Primary Drama Network Meeting: 4.00 – 5.30pm; Thurs 6 November 2008. Primary Geography Network Meeting: 4.15 – 5.45pm; Thursday 20 November 2008 HLTA and TA Line Managers Meeting: 4.00 – 5.30pm; Thursday 20 November 2008 Primary and Secondary NQT: Drugs Education: 4.00 – 5.30pm Thursday 4 December 2008 Further details and the alternate arrangements will be in future editions of the SDL.

Emergency Lighting System at Kedleston Road Training and Development Centre


Tuesday 8 July ‘08 Wednesday 9 July ‘08 Friday 11 July ‘08 Friday 11 July ‘08 Tuesday 15 OR Friday 18 July ‘08 Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 September

School Development


July - September 2008
Development Days
Target Audience
Teachers and TAs teaching Y5 French Senior managers in all schools, School Governors Year 5 Teachers, TAs SENCOs, SEN Governors NQT Induction Tutors

Please display on school notice board
(See page 6)

Network Meetings



To familiarise with the Y5 requirements of the KS2 Framework for Languages To acquaint schools with the new Government guidance on the Duty of Promote Community Cohesion in Schools To become familiar with Y5 Further Literacy Support



Standard Rate: £85 Package Rate: £68 Standard Rate: £85 Package Rate: £68 Standard Rate: £54

Lina - 256316 Shushila 256315 Lina - 256316

9-12noon MFL Year 5 - Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for French 9:15The New Duty on Schools to Promote 12:30 Community Cohesion 9-12noon NEW DATE. Further Literacy Support 9-4pm CANCELLED: Inclusion in Action 1:30-4pm NQT Induction Tutor Training 9-12noon 9-3:30pm Cohort 1: TDA Induction Programme for School Support Staff

003809 Kedleston Road Training Centre 004139 Mackworth Enterprise Park 004017 Kedleston Road

Raise awareness of inclusion of vulnerable groups 003962 Enterprise Park To update Induction Tutors about new changes in the NQT 004867 Noel Baker Induction Process Community 003965 Mackworth Enterprise Park 004013 Kedleston Road Training Centre

Standard Rate: £140 Lina - 256316 Centrally Funded Lauren 256314 Standard Rate: £235 Laura Package Rate: £188 256750 Standard Rate: £54 Package Rate: £40 Part of NQT Package Lina 256316 Lauren 256314

Recently appointed Support A two day course covering roles and contect of school Staff support staff Teaching Assistants or Teachers delivering the materials NQT Induction Tutors Teaching Assistants working in Year 6 Assessment Co-ordinators Head Teachers and Senior Leaders All SENCOs, TAs, Class Teachers SENCOs, PSHE Co-ordinators Newly Qualified Teachers Head Teachers and Senior Leaders All qualified teachers with at least one year’s experience who teach PSHE SENCOs newly appointed to post since Jan 08 KS2 subject leaders for Maths and Assessment Co-ordinators To strengthen subject knowledge in Mathematics and to become familiar with Springboard materials

Wednesday 10 September 9-12noon Using Springboard Materials to Target Children Working Just Below Age Related Expectations Wednesday 10 September 12-4pm NQT Induction Tutor Training Tuesday 12 September 9-3pm Supporting Teaching and Learning in Year 6 New to Year 2 Improving Teaching and Learning through the Primary Framework for Primary School Head Teachers Meeting the Needs of Pupils with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

To update Induction Tutors about new changes int he NQT 004868 Kedleston Road Induction Process Training Centre To strengthen subject knowledge in Literacy and Mathematics To be familiar with the statutory requirements for the end of Key Stage assessment To strengthen the leadership of school improvement through the Primary Framework To discuss and develop strategies to support pupils with a diagnosis of ADHD. To enable teachers and TAs to become familiar with the newly updated ELS materials Understanding Induction and Assessment Arrangements To strengthen the leadership of school improvement through the Primary Framework Improve the competence and confidence of those delivering PSHE An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of SENCO To support subject leaders and assessment co-ordinators to use APP and other assessment tools from the Primary Framework to strengthen teacher assessment in mathematics 004012 Kedleston Road Training Centre 004018 Kedleston Road Training Centre 004140 Kedleston Road Training Centre 003767 Derwent Community 004010 Kedleston Road Training Centre 004165 Mackworth Enterprise Park 004126 Kedleston Road Training Centre 004201 Kedleston Road Training Centre 003763 Derwent Community 004154 All at Kedleston Road Training 004155 Centre 004156 004016 Kedleston Road Training Centre

Subsidised Rate: £90 Lina Package Rate: £75 256316 Standard Rate: £155 Lina Package Rate: £120 256316 Standard Rate: £155 Lina Package Rate: £120 256316 Subsidised Rate: £54 Lina Package: £40 256316 Standard Rate: £90 Package Rate: £75 Package Rate: £475 Standard Rate: £155 Package Rate: £120 Centrally Funded Lina 256316 Lauren 256314 Lina 256316 Lina 256316 Lina 256316 Lina 256316

Monday 15 September ‘08 9-4pm Tuesday 16 September ‘08 9-4pm and Mon 19 January ‘09 Wednesday 17 September ‘08 Wednesday 17 September ‘08 Thursday 18 September ‘08 Thursday 18 September and Wed 21 January ‘09 Friday 19 September ‘08 (1 of 6 sessions) Friday 19 and Friday 26 September ‘08 Cohort 1: 22/09/08 and 2/12/08 Cohort 2: 23/09/08 and 03/12/08 Cohort 3: 24/09/08 and 04/12/08 Tuesday 23 September ‘08 1:303:30pm

9-12noon Early Literacy Support - Key Stage 1 9-4pm 9-4pm Primary and Secondary NQT Beginning Teaching Programme

Cohort 1: Improving Teaching and Learning through the Primary Framework for KS2 Head Teachers 9National PSHE CPD Programme 3:30pm Improving teaching and learning in PSHE 9-3:30pm Two Day Introduction to the SENCO role 9-12noon Improving Assessment for Learning in Maths using the Primary Framework ‘Assessing Pupil Progress’ tools and processes 9-4pm Best Practice in Assessment for Experienced Year 2 Teachers

Standard Rate: £235 Package Rate: £188 Subsidised Rate: £90 Package Rate: £75

Teachers experienced in Year 2

To provide information to teachers regarding best practice in gathering evidence and assessment for the end of KS1

Standard Rate: £90 Package Rate: £75

Lina 256316

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