Essentials of Math 11 Course Preview by student19


									                                    Welcome to Math 10!
Teacher: Mr. Joyce             Website: Text: MathPower10
A) Course Content
The organizers for Principles of Math 10 are as follows:
   •   Problem Solving
   •   Number (Number Concepts)
   •   Number (Number Operations)
   •   Patterns and Relations (Patterns)
   •   Patterns and Relations (Variables and Equations)
   •   Patterns and Relations (Relations and Functions)
   •   Shape and Space (Measurement)
   •   Shape and Space (3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes)

B) Evaluation and Assessment
        On each report your percentage will be based on all the work completed since the beginning
of the course (on a cumulative basis). Each unit will consist of assignments, quizzes, and a test.

C) Weighting of Marks
*This is your course mark, worth 80% of your final grade (the other 20% is your provincial)
       -Homework, and assignments                                    15%
       -Quizzes                                                      25%
       -Tests                                                        50%
       -Class Final Exam                                             10%

D) Assignments
       Late assignments will receive a penalty of 10% per day to a maximum of 50%. Once all
assignments have been graded and handed back, a late assignment cannot be handed in (unless
modified and cleared by the teacher). The final deadline for homework submission is the unit test.
Since the answers are readily available in your textbook, the most an assignment will be grade for
answers only work is 10%, you must show all work for full marks. Periodically you will be
expected to take home a missing items report to have signed and returned. No new marks will be
recorded until this form is brought back signed.

E) Necessary Supplies
         Assigned text, a three ring binder, pencil, pen, eraser, ruler
         scientific or graphing calculator
         Graph Paper

F) Attendance
       It is expected that you will attend all classes and arrive on time. If you are absent, then you
have to bring a note that I can keep a copy of. No work will be accepted until I have a copy of the
note excusing your absence. You are expected to complete all assigned work whether you are
absent or not. Work can only be made up when accompanied by a proper note excusing your
absence. If you are late, you may be required to wait outside the room until you are let in so that
you do not disrupt the class. When you are late, you stand to miss the warm up work which is part
of your class work mark. Time that is missed by being late will be made up at a future time at twice
the time missed during class.

G) Leaving the room
      Within 15 minutes of the class starting or ending students will not be permitted to leave the
room except in case of emergency. There is a procedure (attached) to follow for leaving the room.

*Food and Drink are not permitted during class time unless permission is requested due to special

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