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  FAST FACTS on Arc Flash Safety
1. “The ruling is straightforward. 3.“Arcs can produce radiant
Companies are required to make                energy 4 times hotter than the
Arc Flash Hazard an integral part             temperature on the surface of the
of an ongoing documented safety               sun”
                                              Whether caused by a dropped tool,                     Gary Larkins, President APS
The official ruling from the Department       an accidental contact with a live
of Labor states:                              circuit or build-up of dust, dirt,
                                                                                        c) Evaluate the risks in your
                                              corrosion or particles that can act as
    “Though OSHA does not per se,                                                          facility and develop an
    enforce the NFPA 70E standard, OSHA
                                              a conductor, arcing faults release
                                                                                           economic benefit case to obtain
    considers the NFPA Standard a             dangerous levels of radiant energy.
                                                                                           management buy in and
    recognized industry practice. The                                                      funding. The OSHA General Duty
    employer is required to conduct hazard    Metal is vaporized. It spews from the
                                                                                           Clause makes it clear that the
    assessment in accordance with             arc. The air is super-heated causing
    29CFR1910.132(D)(1). If an arc flash
                                                                                           employer has an obligation to
                                              pressure waves that can literally
    hazard is present, or likely to be                                                     protect workers from known
                                              throw workers across rooms and
    present, then the employer must select                                                 hazards.
                                              knock them off ladders.
    and require employees to use the
    protective apparel. Employers who
    conduct the hazard/risk assessment,
                                              4.“Arc Flashaincidents kill, maim
                                              and can cost company
                                                                                        d) Identify resources that you have
                                                                                           available to address the issues.
    and select and require their employees                                                 This includes financial resources,
    to use protective clothing and other      millions.”
                                                                                           human resources, software tools,
    PPE appropriate for the task, as stated                                                training resources and reference
    in the NFPA 70E standard are deemed       Treatment for stricken workers can
    in compliance with the Hazard             require years of skin grafts, hospital
    Assessment and Equipment Selection        stays and rehabilitation. They may
    OSHA Standard.”                                                                     e) Define the goals of your arc
                                              never recover sufficiently to regain
                                                                                           flash and electrical safety
                                              their lifestyle.
In short:                                                                                  initiative and develop an action
                                                                                           plan. Then evaluate the gap
                                              In addition to worker treatment costs
OSHA considers NFPA-70E a                                                                  between your current electrical
                                              a company can face extensive
consensus industry standard for arc                                                        safety program and your goals.
                                              litigation fees, fines and increases in
flash standards. Follow NFPA-70E to                                                        With this you can develop an
                                              insurance. All in addition to down-
be in compliance.                                                                          action plan, budget and timeline.
                                              time costs.
2.  “It can happen in your plant.
                                              5.“You can reduce risk and                f) Evaluate Exposure to potential
Every single day in the USA                                                                 Arc Flash/ Blast Hazards.
                                              exposure to Arc Flash Hazards
between 5 and 10 arc flash                                                                  Determine if the work can be
                                              through an overall Electrical
explosions occur in electrical                                                              completed with equipment de-
                                              Safety Program.”
equipment based on statistics                                                               energized to minimize hazards.
compiled by CapSchell, Inc.”
                                              Major elements of an effective arc
                                                                                          Evaluate the hazards. This includes
                                              flash & electrical safety initiative
Data from the Census of Fatal Injuries                                                    determining Incident Energy, PPE
indicates that over 8% of fatalities                                                      Requirements, Flash Hazard
each year are due to electrical shocks,                                                   Boundary, Shock Hazard and the
                                              a) Acknowledge there is a
fires and explosions.                                                                     Limited, Restricted and Prohibited
                                                 hazard. Become aware of arc
                                                                                          Approach Boundaries for Shock
                                                 flash hazard dangers.
Over 55% of the fatalities that                                                           Hazard.
occurred in the US Chemical industry
                                              b) Train management and
in a five year period were attributable                                                   Estimated PPE requirements can be
                                                 workers on the hazards. Begin
to burns, fires and explosions linked                                                     determined by NFPA 70E tables
                                                 to develop work practices and
to electrical ignition sources.
                                                 procedures to help avoid hazards.
   Advanced Power Solutions
          www.PowerSafetyPro.com   FAST FACTS on Arc Flash Safety
   and detailed arc flash hazard           Energized Equipment Boundaries
   analysis can be performed using
   commercially available software.                                                            Shock Hazard and Arc Flash
                                                           Energized                           Protection Boundaries
g) Personal Protective Equipment.
   PPE is your last line of defense                  Electrical Equipment                      need to be determined
   should an accident occur, thus the                                                          to help protect workers.
   choice of appropriate PPE for the
   hazards involved is essential.                                                                 Prohibited Approach Boundary
   Workers trained to properly apply
   PPE minimize injuries.                                                                         Restricted Approach Boundary

h) Labeling. Use high quality UV                                                                  Limited Approach Boundary
   resistant Vinyl or Phenolic labels.
   Label for worst case conditions in
                                                                                                  Flash Protection Boundary
   the gear (Switchboard, Motor
   Control Center, etc.) based on
   calculations and utilize Energized
   Work Permits

i) Energized Work Permits.                 Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
                                           NFPA-70E 2004(Proposed)
    Energized Work Permits, an NFPA
    70E 2004 requirement, should be
    used to prevent unnecessary risks     Category     Energy Level    Typical Personal Protective Equipment required (NFPA-70E)
    and requires management/                                      2
    supervisor signature for hot work.      0        <2 cal/cm        Non-melting or untreated natural fiber
                                            1         4 cal/cm2       Fire Resistant (FR) shirt and pants
j) Training. Qualified Person: One          2         8 cal/cm2       Fire Resistant shirt and pants, cotton underwear
    who has skills and knowledge            3        25 cal/cm
                                                                      Two layers Fire Resistant clothing, cotton underwear
    related to the construction and         4        40 cal/cm
                                                                      Fire Resistant shirt and pants, multilayer flash suit,
    operation of the electrical
                                                                        cotton underwear
    equipment and installations and
    has received training on the           Other:
    hazards involved.                      Face Protection Face Shield and/or safety glasses
                                           Hand Protection Leather over rubber for arc flash protection
   Non-qualified personnel that may        Leather work boots above 4 cal/cm2
   be in the proximity of electrical
   equipment should also be trained.
   We also recommend awareness
   training for management.
                                          6.  “Don't expect to become an
                                          expert overnight. Take advantage
                                                                                               implemented arc flash hazard
                                                                                               and electrical safety program.
                                          of the expertise available to you.”
k) System Maintenance. System                                                                  Call or e-mail us for advice and
   maintenance, including cleaning,       We understand your concerns, your                    assistance. We bring practical
   breaker testing, insulation testing,   budget limitations, your time                        solutions to challenging industry
   etc. needs to take place to avoid      constraints and the ongoing need to                  issues.
   unnecessary hazards.                   show productivity gains...even in
                                          safety programs that provide                         We look forward to connecting with
l) Safety Program Development.            compliance with Federal standards                    you.
    An arc flash and electrical safety
    program needs to be integrated
    into the facility safety program.
                                          and industry recommended
                                          practices.                                                                           APS
    Work procedures, practices and     APS can help you enhance plant                                   Advanced Power Solutions
                                                                                                        P Box 1408 Clackamas, OR 97015
    documentation requirements need safety and profitability through a                               www.PowerSafetyPro.com 503 804-0221
    to be developed and implemented. properly planned and                                             IndustrySolutions@PowerSafetyPro.com

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