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					Thursday 11 October 2007 7.00pm at the Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe
PROGRAMME Force Operations Unit
A discussion about how the Unit supports neighbourhood policing including the work of the Force Aircraft; Police Dogs; Armed Response Vehicles; Motorway Unit; Search Units; and Specialised Support Teams.

Investing in policing services – investment options
Following the discussion at the last forum an invitation to you to say which policing services you want improved and whether you are willing to pay more to get an improved police service.

‘Your Policing’ - Annual Report 2006/07
‘Your Policing’ is being delivered to all homes in the area – what do you think about the Report?

Policing in Crewe and Nantwich
Superintendent Mick Garrihy will discuss policing in the Crewe and Nantwich areas. Details of crime levels and local incidents of note are attached.

Question Time
Your opportunity to raise any policing issues of interest or concern.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Forum will be held at 7.00pm on Thursday 10 J 10 January 2008 at the Civic Hall, Nantwich.

Homewatch – a display managed by the Homewatch Co-ordinator will explain
the benefits and how to get involved. National Neighbourhood Watch Week “Not in My Neighbourhood” commences on 15 October 2007.

Local Incidents of Note - Crewe A “decoy” car has been used by the local NPU to catch car criminals. The car is fitted with a camera and a Smartwater spray which covers any thief in an invisible liquid which glows green in ultra violet light. The car had only been out a few hours when a thief broke into it and stole a fake satnav. The pictures from the incar camera meant the thief was clearly identifiable and he was covered in the spray which stayed on his clothes, even though he washed them. When he was arrested he admitted breaking into another car and asked for 36 other offences of theft from cars and one burglary to be taken into consideration. Complaints were received from residents in a quiet residential street that a house was being visited by a large number of men. Two women were arrested at the house, one has been charged with assisting in the management of a brothel and is currently awaiting trial. A house was raided in Crewe where ecstasy and amphetamines bagged up ready for sale, together with a large amount of cannabis bush was discovered. The man living there, who was a significant drug dealer, was arrested and charged and subsequently send to prison for three and a half years. In another incident a group of men attacked another man, kicking and punching him, and beating him with a baton. After a detailed investigation which involved the use of interpreters, one man has been charged with kidnap and assault and four others with assault. These last two cases involved members’ of Crewe’s large Polish population. The Constabulary is making big inroads in winning the confidence and trust of the Polish people and these cases send out the important message that crimes involving drugs and violence will be taken very seriously with positive action always being taken, and that victims and potential witnesses among the Polish community need to be reassured that they will receive the support they deserve. Local Incidents of Note - Nantwich There is a continued reduction in crime and disorder in the Nantwich NPU. After discussions with the Town Council and licensing it had been recognised that policing on a Friday and Saturday needed to be extended with officers generally working through until 4am instead of 2 am, in addition to the 24/7 policing provided by the Targeted Patrol Team. This appears to have had a positive result recently with a noticeable decrease in the number of damage/assault offences in the town during these hours. In addition, efforts have been made to tackle low level anti-social behavior relating to alcohol consumption by the under aged. There has been a positive response from the local off licence premises to prevent sales to the under aged.

The challenge now is to deal with the minority of ‘adults’ including parents that purchase and supply alcohol to the under aged. A youth has recently been sentenced to 15 months for an assault on Reaseheath students, whilst he was part of a group of local drunken youths. Alcohol exclusion zones have now been approved and are awaiting implementation. The NPU has been involved in the disruption of the cultivation of cannabis in Nantwich and Willaston with 3 addresses being searched and offenders being dealt with for the relevant offences. Two males from the Manchester area have both been sentenced to 5 years in prison for the attempted robbery on a cash in transit Robbery at Morrisons. Nantwich NPU officers played a major role in the apprehension and conviction of theses offenders. There have been 4 separate series of cars being broken into in the last 6 months, with incidents in Audlem, Barbridge and two in Nantwich. This amounted to a total of 19 offences which have all been detected with 3 offenders being progressed through the courts at this time. A number of these detections were achieved by the use of a ‘trap car’ across the Eastern area including Nantwich.

CREWE & NANTWICH POLICE FORUM 11 OCTOBER 2007 PERFORMANCE DATA: APRIL TO AUGUST 2007 Recorded Crime Current Year Previous Year % Change Detections - Current Year Detections - Previous Year All Crime 3848 4559 15.6% decrease 26% 25% Violent Crime 757 949 20.2% decrease 45% 47% Domestic Burglary 148 243 39.1% decrease 26% 31% Vehicle Crime 541 485 11.5% increase 22% 11%

Theft from a Vehicle 402 Other Wounding 352 Damage to Vehicles 333 Damage to Dwellings 233 Common Assault 209 Other Damage 168

Other Wounding Theft from a Vehicle Damage to Vehicles Damage to Dwellings 3,257 3,131 2,931 2,168

Common Assault 1,776 Burglary Dwelling Other Damage Vehicle Taking Damage to Other Buildings Theft of Pedal Cycles 1,550 1,449 1,199 974 710

Burglary Dwelling 144 Theft of Pedal Cycles 124 Vehicle Taking 117

Damage to Other Buildings 105 Theft from the Person 63 Arson 35 Robbery (Personal) 33 Vehicle Interference 21

Theft from the Person 570 Vehicle Interference 365

Arson 257 Robbery (Personal) 179 Assault Police 137 Wounding Endangering Life 100 200 300 400 500 600
0 Number of Crimes

Assault Police 14 Wounding Endangering Life 6 0

500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 5,000

Number of Crimes

Key: Current (Reduction) Current (Increase) Previous Year

BCS comparator crimes are the crimes that the public believe are most important. There has been a 23.4% reduction in comparator crime in Crewe and Nantwich. Comparator crime in Crewe and Nantwich is down on last year for all crimes except theft from a vehicle and common assault. Acquisitive offences are down 13.8%, damage offences are down 31.6% and violent offences are down 22.8%. Common Assault is up across the Constabulary area. Crewe and Nantwich has a very good chance of meeting the crime reduction target set by the Government. Fatal and Serious Road Traffic Collisions – Eastern Area April – July 2007 78 April – July 2006 101 % Change

23% decrease

(Report created 27 September 2007)
Other Wounding – maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm, with or without a weapon; also assaulting someone and causing him or her actual bodily harm Common Assault – Assaulting another person where the victim receives a minor injury or; as of 2002/03, no injury. Wounding Endangering Life – Viciously intending to cause grievous bodily harm to another person

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