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Issue No. 74 Patron: Twiggy SPRING 2008
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where you can donate online in total confidence and safety
Object of Animal Samaritans ‘To rescue and provide care and shelter for unwanted, abandoned, neglected or ill-treated animals and to provide new homes for such animals wherever possible. ‘To assist owners of pets to meet veterinary fees where owners are unable to meet such fees’.

This Easter Animal Samaritans are holding a dog photo competition in aid of Jess the Westie. Poor Jess has recently had major surgery to have her ear canal and outer ear removed. Jess is now almost completely deaf as a result of the infection she had prior to the operation. She is an amazingly happy little lady, always please to see you and to have a cuddle. Completion categories are:• • • • and • Overall winner Prettiest Bitch Most Handsome Male Golden Oldie (over 10’s only) Best Rescue

The winning dog from each category will receive a small prize and their dog’s photograph will appear on our website and in our next Newsletter. The overall competition winner will receive a voucher worth £80 from Nigel Barret Photography to have a professional portrait of their winning dog, at their Bexleyheath Studio.


Entry fee is £5 per entry and £1 for each additional category, payable via PayPal to our email address You can also enter by post by completing the entry form below and sending us a picture of your dog along with a cheque to: DOG PHOTO COMPETITION, Animal Samaritans, PO Box 154 Bexleyheath, Kent, DA16 2WS. Alternatively, you can enter online at

Animal Samaritans Dog Photo Competition Entry Form
I would like to enter my dog into:

○ Prettiest Bitch ○ Best Rescue

○ Most Handsome Male ○ Golden Oldie Over 10s

You can enter your dog in more than one category for an additional fee of £1 per category.

DOGS NAME: ……………………… AGE: ….. SEX: MALE/FEMALE OWNERS NAME: …………………………..……………………………... POSTAL ADDRESS: ……………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………….. TELEPHONE NUMBER: ………………………………………………… EMAIL ADDRESS: ………………………………………………………..

If you would like your photo returned, please include a stamped addressed envelope. The competition will be judged on Saturday 26th April and the winners notified by telephone.

£250 £100 £75 £50 £10 £10 £10 £10 £10 Mr J Cantwell Mrs L Cowell Joan Holmes P Bosworth Dennis Littlewort Louise Fisher Mrs McGlade Mrs G Walsham D Brace Chatteris, Cambridgeshire Kent (who donated £50 back) Sidcup Hextable Surrey (who donated £10 back) Meopham Lee Green Bromley London SE9

Statistics for 2007 We had a very busy year last year but sadly it was not a very good one. With North West Kind’s help we re-homed quite a few cats. The dog re-homing was down on last year because of lack of volunteer fosterers and the bad calibre of the prospective owners that rang but on a good note we have started very well in January 2008. Lets hope it carries on. We re-homed: 56 Dogs 215 Cats 190 Rabbits/Guinea pigs and small animals

In memoriam Many of our members will be sad to learn that a cat called Slinky was put quietly to sleep in January. Slinky had come into our care approximately seven years ago. Valerie Wagland faithfully fostered him all that time. Members were kind enough to send in donations when he needed treatment for an eye condition which troubled him and his previous owner would send money on his birthday so that he and his pals could have a bit of a birthday bash. Slinky reached the grand age of almost 22 years. Do Take Care If you are a dog owner and take your animal on a long journey, you will no doubt have to stop at a service station for petrol. PLEASE DO NOT DO what someone did when paying at the tills. Keys were left in the ignition. What happened next is a lesson to all of us. A white youth saw

his opportunity to steal the vehicle and although the driver made a dash to get into the car and prevent the theft he could not halt a moving car. It took days for the vehicle to be found and it was not sure which direction was taken on the motorway by the thief. Police were informed. The worst scenario was that because the thief was not wearing gloves he could have torched the car to remove fingerprints. However, a huge publicity campaign was launched and with the help of friends and a dog lost web-site the dog was found unharmed. Tigger’s story Animal Samaritans have a tradition of helping people when they have difficulty facing colossal vet fees. In the case of Trigger his owners approached two national rescue groups only to be told that if they provided the necessary help they would want to keep the cat and rehome it. In desperation we were approached to see if we could help. Tigger had received severe fractures to a rear leg (four fractures in all). After consultation with our own very good vet the decision was to amputate. We are pleased to say that Tigger is recovering very well and getting around and being thoroughly spoilt. Although the cost is going to be in the region of £500.00 we have agreed to pay the bill. However, the owners are reimbursing us with a monthly amount and should soon clear the account. We are pleased we could help in this way and everyone is happy to see Tigger doing so well and back with the family. Fund raising events Once again we are preparing for this year’s spring and summer fetes. At the time of writing this article we will be applying for a pitch at the Beckenham & West Wickham Lions Club fete. The date is the 21 June and will be held at the Beckenham Recreation Ground. We will also request a space at the New Ash Green Village Day fete. There will hopefully be a sponsored car procession to the Kent coast taking a route from Clacket Lane Service Station. This was originally planned for the 2nd February but unfortunately had to be cancelled. However it is hoped that this will take place later in the year when the weather has improved and the daylight hours are extended.

Flossy and Santa plus 3 babies were handed into a vets at Walthamstow. They had been found in a cardboard box in a car part. Flossy had been neglected and just left to breed, the dad of her babies was in the same box. The babies looked to be about 6 weeks old and have now been rehomed. Santa is going to be castrated and rehomed. Flossy produced another two dead babies after coming into the rescue. Sadly these were born dead. I think it had just been a litter too many for poor flossy. She has now put on a bit of weight and is now up for rehoming. She is a very small rabbit and will be handled. Santa is a lot more active but will be handled. They have been here too long now and really do need a home to call their own.

. n u s e ht f o ht m r a w e ht s e v ol o sl a e H . k c a b r e h n o n i h c si h hti w y si a D ot t x e n eil ot s e ki l e h d n a , r o o lf e g n u o l e ht n o ’ yl o p yl o r‘ o t s e v o l e H . s u hti w ll e w d el tt e s s a h eit r e B yl l a r e n e g d n a k r o w s e o d t i t u b , n al p e ht ot t i m m o c ot e v a h yli m af e ht ll a s a s e mi t e m o s tl u ciffi d s i tI .’ s a h pl A‘ s a s e vl e s r u o g ni h si l b at s e - e r d n a , m i h h ti w d ni k t u b m ri f g ni e b y b , r u o i v a h e b si h n o e it r e B hti w g ni k r o w e r a d n a t si r u oi v a h e b g o d a o t n e k o p s e v a h e W !! ’t s o o r e ht el u r‘ ot e kil s e o d yll a e r e H !!r e v e w o h g ni n r o m di m r etf a g n i kl a w t u o o g ot e m a g s’ e H !! e z o o n s d n a d e b si h ni n i a m e r o t g ni r r e f e r p , kl a w m a 8 ri e ht n o ’ y si a D‘ t e s s a B d e t p o d a r e ht o r u o d n a m a h a r G n i oj ot t n a w t’ n s e o d e h t a ht d e di c e d o s l a s a h ei t r e B )’ y si a D‘ ( t e s s a B el a m ef dl o r a e y 0 1 r e ht o r u o f o y n a p m o c e h t s a h e h h g u o h tl a t h gi n r e v o m i h e v a el ot t n a w t o n s e o d yl s u oi v b o e H !fl e s mi h o t g n il b m u r g t e k s a b g o d si h ot k c a b s r e d n a w e h n e ht d n a s e c a l e o h s s’ m a h a r G g ni yt n u ni s d e e c c u s ei t r e B s e mi t e m o S ! e mi t d e b si ti n e h w ) d n a b s u h y m ( , m a h a r G t a g n i n n u r d n a g ni k r a b f o ti b a h g ni t s e r et n i n a s a h t u b et a n oit c eff a y r e v si e it r e B !’ l e v el eit r e B‘ e v o b a d o of e c al p ot t n r a e l e v a h e W ! y li s a e p u m e ht e vi g t n o w e h d n a , ht u o m si h n i ’ s n i a g n ett o g l li ‘ r e ht o r o st e e w s hti w s u t s a p d e ll o rt s s a h e it r e B e r e h w e m o h e ht ni s n oi s a c c o l a r e v e s n e e b e v a h e r e h T !f e i h t a e ti u q t u b n oit c e ff a f o l l uf – r et c a r a h c a e ti u q a si e it r e B . mi h n o et a d p u n a u o y g n i vi g ot d n u o r a t o g e v a h yll a ni f e W ! n u s e h t n i k s a b o t s e kil e h e r e h w , y d ut s s’ d n a b s u h y m f o e di st u o s p et s e ht n o g nitti s s’ e H . y r a u r b e F t s al s n ati r a m a S l a mi n A t a u o y m o rf d e t p o d a e w m o h w d n u o H t e s s a B eit r e B f o ot o h p d e h c a tt a d n if e s a el P , ll A r a e D

* ** *** *** ** ** *** ** ** ** *** ** ** *** ** *** *** ** ** *** ** ** ** *** ** ** *** ** *** *** ** ** *** ** ** ** *** ** ** *** ** *** no D . ) n a m s u o i g il e r a t o n m’ I h g u o h t y a s ot d nif n a c I ll a s’ ti ( u o y s s el b d o G . r e h f o e r u t ci p a g n i h c a t t a m’ I . e c n e r e ffi d a e d a m s’ o h w e n o yl n o e ht e r’ u o y d n a tli u g e ht hti w g nil a e d d r a h o s n e e b s’tI .t a c y m f o s s ol e ht t u o b a e m ot g ni kl at t n e p s e v’ u o y e mi t e ht r o f h g u o n e u o y k n a ht t ’ n a c I , si r h C r a e D

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ht r o w ll a H m a h a r G d n a y n n e P , s d r a g e r d ni K . k r o w t n at r o p mi d n a l a ti v si ht g ni o d n o y r r a c e s a e l p d n a ei t r e B f o yti n u t r o p p o e ht s u g n i vi g r of u o y k n a ht , ni a g a e c n O . s n oi t a uti s s u o r e g n a d s e m it e m o s d n a tl u ci ffi d m o rf m e ht e u c s e r ot k r o w s s el e ri t r u o y d u al p p a e w d n a , sl a m i n a g ni pl e h r o f s r e et n ul o v s a b o j t a e r g a o d ll a u o Y . mi h t u o hti w e b t’ n dl u o w e w , e g n e ll a h c a si yl e ti n if e d e h h g u o htl a d n a )l l e w d e e r b t e s s a B e ht w o n k e w s a ( , mi h e v a h ot d et h gi l e d e r a e W . 6 0’ yl u J n i y a w a d e s s a p ci r E t e s s a B r e h t o r u o e c n i s – s ht n o m w ef a r of t e s s a B ’ r o i n e s‘ a r of g n i k o ol n e e b d a h e w – eti s b e w r u o y n o eit r e B w a s e w e c n a h c y b eti u q s a w tI

Over the years, have provided pet owners with wearable shorts for incontinent cats & dogs, to effectively capture urine and solid waste, reducing distress as well as increasing freedom for both pets and their owners. Standard delivery is 24 hours and the high quality materials are fully machine washable. Additional liner pads are available for high flows of urine and they are also suitable for seasonal flow! The products, which can be used in parallel with veterinary treatment, make the lives of both pets and their owners happier and radically improve the “quality of life” and welfare of pets.

Female design (urinary)

Male design (urinary)

Dog & Cat design (faecal & dual incontinence)

You can email or just telephone for further information on: • • • • 0845 00 20 735 or 07504 085 998 9.30am and 8pm 7 days a week!

During the past few months our donating through e-bay scheme has raised over £700 for Animal Samaritans. Goods donated by members and supporters have been put up for sale on the on-line auction site, sometimes we were surprised by how much they made, and sometimes we were surprised by how far they went! • • • A set of 4 Bowling Woods made £56 Two small Italian pocket watches went home. A collector in Milan bought them! A model locomotive made £44, from a Canadian enthusiast.

Dinner jackets and posh frocks. T-shirts and trousers. Power tools and tile cutters. Vintage radios. Lots of Jigsaw puzzles.

Some items made just £2 or £3 but it all adds up! We would also like to thank those supporters who have sold goods on e-bay and donated all or part of the proceeds to us. These goods include Concert tickets, a server power unit, CDs and even a car engine and gearbox! Over £70 was raised from these items.

So please think of us when you come across that item you bought but never used or the present you were given that you buried in the back of the cupboard. But please no brick-a-brac. Items that sell on e-bay must have a value that at least equals the cost of postage to a U.K. destination.

Bill Neville is registered with eBay as a Charity Direct Seller. He will sell items for us and we receive the full sale price plus the eBay fees, which are refunded. Just contact Bill on 020 8301 5302 or email him on to see if he can sell the item on eBay for Animal Samaritans.

We all encounter tragedy and personal loss at one time or another in our lives. When we are overcome, confused or defeated about ourselves or someone else, we can always contact The Samaritans who will help us through those dark days. If you are saddened and dejected at losing a beloved pet, you will find a sympathetic ear, understanding and support at our pet bereavement service. Just call Chris Bishop at 020 8303 1859

Microchipping Offer
Our pets can sometimes stray;worse still, they can be stolen. Why not have your pet microchipped? We offer a discount service: ring Lisa at 020 8331 5057
To benefit our animals, we offer FREE MICROCHIPPING on a one per household basis to MEMBERS who apply.

How to contact us

Our Website is regularly updated e-mail to: and send us an e-mail with your opinions; we hope to link as many of our Members as possible through the website

Animal Samaritans PO Box 154 Bexleyheath DA16 2WS for all communications

Our dedicated telephone also has an answer phone: 020 8303 1859
MEMBERS – Please check the details (name and address) we note on your subscription renewal letter.

Application Form for NEW Members
SURNAME: ……………………..………………………………………. Miss/Mrs/Ms/Mr First Name: ……………………………………………………………… Address: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Postcode: ……………………………………………………. E-mail address: ……………………………………………… Adult £8.00 annual subscription Young person (under 18) £5.00 annual subscription • Senior Citizen/Unemployed £5.00 annual subscription I enclose: Subscription £……… Donation £……………. TOTAL £ ………………… Cheque/Postal Order made payable to “ANIMAL SAMARITANS”. Please return to: Animal Samaritans, PO Box 154, Bexleyheath DA16 2WS •
• Please allow 28 days for us to register your new membership - Thank you!

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