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					Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits
The Board of Directors of the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) confirmed mandatory CPE credits would be put in place starting September 2006. The association wants members to be engaged in life long learning. CHIMA requires all candidates be involved in CPE activities as an integral part of their membership. All candidates are required to earn at least 36 CPE credits over a 3 year period. Of the 36 CPE credits, at least 80%(or 29 credits) must be HIM-related. When tracking your credits, use the following table to determine the credits earned: Clock Hour 45to 60 minutes 30 to 44 minutes Under 30 minutes Credit value 1 credit 0.5 credits No credit

Typical Sessions and assigned credits
Active Member of NSHIMA Attendance at NSHIMA educational workshops Member of NSHIMA’s Executive Attendance at NSHIMA Annual General Meeting CIHI Workshops/teleconferences CIHI e-learning courses University courses attended for credit including distance, online with subject relevant to the HIM profession Data quality endeavors including in-house sessions Computer courses offered in-house(resulting in certificate) Participation in HI&T week Promotion of HIM Profession and education opportunities at high school, work site, job fair, etc Member of NSHIMA Committee/Working Group Author of an educational article for NSHIMA website/newsletter 2 Credits 1 credit per clock hour 5 Credits per year 1 credit 1 credit per clock hour 5 credits per course 15 credits for semester successfully completed 2 credits per year 5 credits 1 Credit per day 1 Credit per session 2 Credits per year 2 Credits

Other activities related to vendors and associations can count for CPE credits. Some typical examples of these organizations include: 3M MUSE COACH AHIMA Canadian Cancer Registry CHIMA Crystal Stats Canada Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR) National Cancer Institute of Canada For a more detailed listing of CPE educational activities and their credit value, please visit the CHIMA website at the following link:

Members are encouraged to track their educational activities as they are attended. CHIMA developed a good template document for tracking. It is available on the CHIMA website at the following link:

If you still have any questions about a certain educational session or activity, please contact Kelly Abrams, Director of Education and Professional Practice for CHIMA at the following link: