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					                   Forest Ecology Worksheet
1. What are the three most shade tolerant tree species in North Idaho?

2. Which trees are shade loving?

3. What is the least shade tolerant tree species in North Idaho?

4. What are the three tallest tree species in North Idaho?

5. What is the longest lived tree in North Idaho?

6. Define: Seral species –

            Pioneer species –

            Climax Species –

7. Describe three differences between shade tolerant and intolerant tree species.

8. What does series mean when identifying habitat types?

9. What habitat type is abbreviated PSME/SYAL?

10. What timber species might you manage for in the above habitat type?

11. Define: Even-aged stand –

           Uneven-aged stand –

12. On the back, describe the 6 stages of even-aged forest stand development.