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                     What is succession planning
                     Most Clubs experience volunteer turnover occurs at the end of the year or at the time
                     of the annual general meeting (AGM). A succession plan provides opportunities for
                     potential leaders within the organisation to be identified and developed in readiness
                     to move into leadership positions.
                     Clubs that plan for smooth transitions of leadership positions are less likely to
                     experience disruptions to their operations and can better position themselves to
                     replace volunteers who vacate their current roles.
                     Volunteer recruitment
                     Recruitment is the process of attracting new volunteers to assist at your Club. Here
                     are some points of good practise to make volunteering a more attractive proposition:
                         Talk directly with a potential volunteers when asking for assistance or
                          involvment don’t make sweeping statement that volunteers are needed please
                          put down your name!
                         Provide a role description that outlines the responsibilities of the position you
                          want a person to volunteer for or a realistic explaination of the commitment of
                          the job.
                         Emphasise the benefits for the individual volunteering rather than the needs of
                          the Club.
                         Ensure volunteers at your Club feel their contribution is valued by
                          implementing methods to recognise their contribution.
                         Don’t overlook your younger members for volunteer positions – they are the
                          future of your Club and without their active involvement volunteers will be
                          slim on the ground.
                         Ensure positions/jobs are rotated regularily so that individuals don’t feel
                          recruited to positions that no one else wants.
                         Get members involved regularily in small jobs with small commitment, people
                          are always more comfortable getting involved if they feel welcome and
                         When people do volunteer their time make sure they have definate
                          responsibility and know who they are reporting to.

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