“BEST OF ASHLAND” by hgh81368



                                              The Sneak Preview’s 20th Annual
                                         “BEST OF ASHLAND”
                                     BALLOTS DUE BY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26
     RULES: 1. Fill out this entry form and mail to us by Sat., December 26, 2009. We try to change the categories every yeai,
                                                                                                                               and it’s something we
     think you’ll have fun with. It may seem like a lot of categories, but just fill out as many as you possibly can before
                                                                                                                            going legally crazy.
     2. Only one ballot per person. Mail to: 2305-C Ashland Street, #317, Ashland, OR 97520.
     NAME:_______________ ADDRESS:                                                         Age:.
     MEDIA:                                                                                  RESTAURANTh:
     Favorite radio station:_________________________________________________                Best new restaurant:______________________________________________
     Favorite DJ:____________________________________________________                        Most extensive breakfast menu:
                                                                                 ______                                                                         -

     Best local TV news station:______________________________________                       Most extensive lunch menu:_______________________________________
                                                                            ___________                                                                       _______
     FavoriteTV weatherman:_________________________________                                 Best omelets:
     Favorite reporter at the Daily Tidings_____________________________________             Best BLT san
     Best cover story in Sneak Preview last two years:____________________________           Most roman’-’          irant for lunch:___________________________________
                                                                                             Most romantic restaurant for dinner.
     PEOPLE/BUSINESS:                                                                        Best place to take out-of-towriers to dinner:
     Best new business in town (last year):_______________________________________           Best selection of steaks:_________________________________________________
                                                                                   ____                                                                                 _____
     Best local “green business:____________________________________                         Best selectiop of seafood:________________________________________________
                                                                      _________________                                                                                  ____
     Most cornniunity-minded businessperson:______________________________                   Best selection of pasta dishes:
     Favorite elementary school teacher:                                                     Best soups and salads:_________________________________________________
     Favorite principal:                                                                     Best prime rib dinners:____________________________________________
     Favorite crossing guard:__________________________________________                      Favorite Mexican restaurant
     Favorite teacher at SOU:                                                                Best chile rellenos:____________________________________________
     Cutest baby born in last year (include picture):                                        Favorite Asian restaurant:__________________________________________
     Favorite dentist:                                                                       Best pahd Thai:______________________________________________
     Favorite doctor:                                                                        Best Japanese dishes:_________________________________________________
     Favorite alternative medicine practitioner:                                             Favorite Italian restaurant:       -

     Favorite nurse:_                                                                        Best selection of pizzas:
 Favorite massage t ‘rapist:_____________________________________________                    Best buffet:_______________________________________________________
                                                                                 ______                                                                              _____
 Favorite hair styl                                                                          Best vegetarian dishes:_____________________________________________
 Best place to get facials:_____________________________________________                     Best Caesar salad:________________________________________________________
                                                                         ____________                                                                                    __
 Best place to get lube & oil change:_________________________________________               Restaurant with best coupons:
 Best place to get car detailed:____________________________________________                Restaurant serving most exotic cocktails:_________________________________
                                                                              _______                                                                                  _____
 Favorite local photographer:________________________________________                       Best pies/pastries:
     ravuliLt aLuJiLIy.                                                                     Restaurant with best patio/deck seating:
 Favorite policeperson:                                                                     Restaurant with best bar to sit and have dinner:_______________________________
 Favorite mailperson:                    -•                                                 Restaurant with friendliest waitstaff:_________________________________
 Favorite music i”                                                                          Favorite fast food restaurant:________________________________________
 Favorite hypnc’                                                                            Best burgers:
 Favorite local v             ,wner:                    -                                   Best French fries:______________________________________
 Favorite waitperson:                                                                       Best selection of sandwiches:_______________________________
 Favorite bartender:                                                                        Restaurant with best live music:___________________________________
 Cutest pet (include picture):                                                              Restaurant with best lunch specials:
 Favorite mortgage broker:_____________________________________________                     Favorite barista (coffee server)
 Favorite insurance agent:                                                                  Best place to order coffee:_____________________________________________
 Favorite pharmacist:                                                                       Most efficient caterers:____________________________________________
 Favorite plumber:                                                                          Best restaurant outside Ashland:_________________________________
 Favorite electrician:
 Favorite landscaper:                                                                       ENTERTAINMENT:
 Favorite store downtown:_________________________________________
                                                                           ________ Best concert in Ashland last year:
 Favorite store outside downtown:_________________________________________ Best “classical” concert
                                                                                    _                           last year:
 Most fun gift shop:                                                                   Favorite concert at the Britt Festival last year:
 Most fun antique store:_______________________________________________               Best performance at the Craterian last year:
 Most fun toy store:                                                                  Most fun place for First Friday Art Night:
 Best tanning salon:                                                                  Favorite local artist:_____________________________________________________
 Best place to buy new or used books:___________________________________
                                                                               _____ Best ifim at the Film Festival last year:
 Best place to buy candy:                                                             Best exhibit at ScienceWorks last year:
 Best place to buy home decor items:                                                  Favorite day care center:______________________________________________
 Best selection of women’s clothes:___________________________________
                                                                       _____________ Best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve:_______________________________________
 Best selection of men’s dothes:____________________________________
                                                                    _______________ Best fitness center:
 Best place to buy shoes:___________________________________
                                                                ___________________ Best place to go d’
 Best place to buy outdoor gear:                                                      Best”fnee” event Ii
 Most fun floral shop:                                                                Best local play last year:
 Best place to buy “stuff’ for the garden:                                            Best theater performan       male
 Best day spa/salon:                                                                  Best theater performan       female:
Grocery store with best meat department:                                              Best director:______________________________________________________
Best place to buy jewelry:                                                            Best tech person (local theater):___________________________________
 Best place to buy “stuff” for the kitchen:_________________________                  Best local musician/singer:
Best print shop:                                                                      Best local jazz band:____________________________________________
 Favorite gas station:                                                                Best nightclub to hear live music:______________________________________
Favorite store in Medford:____________________________________
                                                                ___________________ Best place to hear karaoke:____________________________________________
                                                                                      Favorite “float” in the 2009 4th of July Parade:___________________________
POLITICS:                                                                             Best bar to meet friends after worlc___________________________________
City Councilor you’d most like to have a drink with:_________________
                                                                         _________ Best bar to meet friends late at night:
Who’d you like to see run for City Council?_______________________________ Bar with most
                                                                                                      romantic atmosphere:
Favorite County Commissioner:______________________________
                                                                     _____________ Bar with best late-night menu:_________________________________________
Moat active community volunteer:___________________________________
                                                                               ____ Best local hiking trail:_____________________________________________
 ANSWER YES OR NO (All answers strictly confidential)                                 Favorite mountain lake:________________________________________
1. Should newspaper racks be regulated downtown? YES          NO                      Best place to visit on the Coast______________________________________
2. Do you think chemtrailsare a conspiracy? ‘t’ES__ NO                                Best place to take a bike ride:________________________________________
3. Is the City Council doing a good job? YES__ NO__                                   Best thing about Lithia      Paric__________________________________
4.   Is the police department doing a good job?    YES._ NO__                               Favorite   vineyard/winery in the valley:

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