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									What is
a PLO?
Police Liaison Officers (PLOs) are employed by the Queensland Police
Service (QPS) to establish and maintain a positive rapport between
Indigenous and multicultural communities and police.

                                                                         The concept of PLOs was initiated

                                    T   heir role is to promote trust
                                    and understanding by helping the
                                                                         in north Queensland and expanded
                                                                         in response to the
                                                                         recommendations of the Royal
                                    community and police to:             Commission into Aboriginal Deaths
                                                                         in Custody.
                                    • reduce and prevent crime
                                                                         Initial successes led to an
                                    • divert Indigenous and ethnic
                                                                         expansion to the rest of the state.
                                      people from the criminal
                                                                         There are currently 140 positions
                                      justice system
                                                                         for PLOs with approximately 85% of
                                    • advise and inform police           them having links to the Aboriginal
                                      officers on such things as         and Torres Strait Islander
                                      cultural customs, traditions       community. Others have links with
                                      and languages                      the Chinese, Vietnamese, Pacific
                                    • improve community knowledge        Islander, Australian South Sea
                                      about policing services and        Islander, Sudanese, South
                                      issues of law and order.           American, Filipino, Eastern
                                                                         European, Fijian Indian and Arabic
                                    They do not have the powers of       speaking communities.
                                    a police officer and, despite
                                    wearing the same blue uniform,       For further enquiries regarding
                                    are recognisable by their yellow     the PLO scheme, contact can be
                                    shoulder epaulettes and the          made with local PLOs or the
                                    “Police Liaison Officer” badge       QPS Cultural Advisory Unit
                                    on their hats. This differs in the   on 3364 3934.
                                    Torres Strait where the shoulder
                                    epaulettes are blue/green.

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