Why is the programme needed What is the aim of the programme by rrboy


									                                                        Who is it for?                                         A series of lessons is provided for each subject,
                                                                                                               with associated resources. The activities are tied
                                                        The programme is designed for students in Years        closely to the Achievement Objectives of the
                                                        9-10, that is aged 13 and 14. At this time they will   relevant curriculum documents. As well, links
Changing Gear is the junior secondary school            have more independence and so will be travelling
programme in the Road Safe Series, produced                                                                    are made to the Essential Skills of the National
                                                        in vehicles driven by a wide range of people,          Curriculum Framework. The intention is that
by the Police Youth Education Service. The Road         including those only slightly older than
Safe Series is a co-ordinated series of programmes,                                                            road safety education will be being taught within
                                                        themselves. They will be looking forward to            a subject context. This will allow for
providing young people with appropriate road            getting a driver licence and interested in the
safety skills and practises at all levels of their                                                             reinforcement of messages over a period of time.
                                                        process for doing so.
                                                                                                               What is covered in the programme?
                                                            What are the objectives?
Why is the programme needed?                                                                                   Students are involved in a range of interactive
                                                               As they work through the programme, young       activities around the following themes.
Young people, especially young men, are in the                people will:
 highest risk category for road crashes. This is                                                               English:
                                                        •   have a basic understanding of traffic law and      • analysing road safety advertisements;
    largely due to drinking and driving, but also
                                                            the consequences when these are broken;            • responsibilities of drivers;
       to such things as excessive speed, failure to
           wear a seatbelt, noisy passengers,           •   understand the process for getting a driver        • getting a driver licence.
           unroadworthy vehicles and the inability          licence;
          to manage risks. It is not only the drivers   •   identify pressures, road risks and hazards and     • identifying and managing road risks;
      who are at risk, but also their passengers.           respond appropriately;                             • making safe decisions as a road user;
                                                        •   make safe and sensible decisions as road users;    • attributes and attitudes of a good driver.
Many of the young people that Changing Gear             •   identify the attributes of a safe driver;          Mathematics:
is aimed at are not yet driving. This is seen as an     •   have an understanding of how speed affects         • driver concentration;
ideal time to instill positive attitudes and values,        safety, and of the forces and energy involved      • road statistics;
and a respect for the road rules, so that they will         in movement on the road.                           • reaction times;
be prepared when the time comes to get their                                                                   • stopping distances.
driver licence. They are, of course, already
passengers, and so they will learn skills to help       Where does Changing Gear fit                           Social Studies:
keep themselves safe in vehicles.                       within the school curriculum?                          • how laws are made – The Land Transport
                                                                                                                 Act 1998;
                                                        Changing Gear consists of 6 separate modules,          • the law in action.
What is the aim of the programme?                       one for each of the following subjects:
Changing Gear aims to empower young people              English
                                                                                                               • speed and speed cameras;
to participate safely as responsible road users,        Health
                                                                                                               • night driving;
aware of their own place in traffic, as well as that    Mathematics
                                                                                                               • road surfaces;
of others.                                              Social Studies
                                                                                                               • collisions.
                                                        Technology                                             Technology:
                                                                                                               • identifying and responding to hazards.
                                                                       S AF

Who teaches the programme?

        Changing Gear is designed to be taught
         by the classroom teacher in each subject
                                                                       SE RI
          area, using police as resource people
           where appropriate. The teacher has
           the curriculum knowledge and
         expertise, while the police education
    officer is an expert on traffic law and what
can happen if these are broken.

How are parents and community
Students will benefit when their road safety
education is reinforced at home and when
parents provide positive role models as drivers
and passengers. Teachers should ensure that
parents are aware that school road safety
                                                      A School Road
education is taking place, and should take            Safety Education
advantage of opportunities within the
programme to involve parents. Teachers are            Programme
encouraged to involve community people in

            How does the school get                   Years 9 - 10
             the programme?
                The Changing Gear programme
                will be sent straight to schools.
              The school should ensure that the
        relevant Heads of Department are given
 the appropriate modules. The local police
education officer, who can be contacted through
the nearest Police Station, will provide additional
copies of the resource free of charge, and will
assist as a resource person as appropriate.

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