Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Police Recruitment Vacancy by paulj


									                            Frequently Asked Questions
                           Regarding Police Recruitment
                                 Vacancy #09-015

An application packet can be obtained on our website under
Employment. You also can obtain a packet by emailing, by
calling (919) 469-4070, or by visiting the Human Resources Department at Town of Cary,
316 Academy St., Cary, NC 27513 (located on the second floor of Town Hall). To ensure
consideration, a completed Town of Cary application packet must be mailed or
delivered in person to Human Resources. Only completed application packets
containing all required documents will be accepted. Applicants will be processed and
evaluated in the order in which applications are submitted to Human Resources.

How many positions are currently open? The Town of Cary Police Department continually
recruits candidates for the position of police officer throughout the year; therefore, the number
of vacant positions varies.

Are faxed application packets accepted if it is followed by an original? No. Town policy
requires that an original application packet be submitted with an original signature; therefore,
application packets must be mailed or hand-delivered.

Will an eligibility list be established? Yes, the Department may establish an eligibility list.
Applicants placed on the eligibility list may be hired if vacancies occur throughout the year.

What are the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) requirements? BLET is the state-
mandated training required for all new police officers. To enter BLET, a person must meet the
following requirements: be 20 ½ years of age and have a high school diploma or GED.

Is greater consideration given to those applicants who have completed BLET? Yes, at
this time, the Department is only considering candidates who are BLET-certified or currently
enrolled in BLET. The Department does give greater consideration to applicants who have
obtained North Carolina BLET certification; however, an out-of-state certification equivalent
may be considered. Prior experience to coincide with the certification also is helpful.

If an applicant does not have BLET where can the applicant take the course in the event
he or she is not hired by the Cary Police Department? Most of the community colleges in
North Carolina offer BLET. Typically it is offered in the spring and fall. Each community
college has its own entrance requirements. Most colleges require that a police department
sponsor the applicant. This means that a department has conducted a background
investigation on the applicant and believes the applicant is suitable for a law enforcement
career. The Cary Police Department does not typically sponsor applicants in BLET.

Do you accept transfers at a rank higher than entry level? All applicants who are hired
begin at the entry-level rank of Police Officer I. Applicants with a minimum of five years of full-
time sworn law enforcement experience are eligible to participate in the Department’s
accelerated career ladder program. Starting salary may be higher depending on experience.
Is greater consideration given to someone with military background? The Department
looks at a number of factors when making a hiring decision. A military background is helpful.

Are there any residency requirements? No, the Cary Police Department does not require
anyone to live within the city limits.

Is greater consideration given to residents of North Carolina? Yes; however, North
Carolina residency is not a requirement, and out-of-state applicants are encouraged to apply.
Preference is given to in-state residents because it is easier to conduct background
investigations on applicants who live in North Carolina. There also are specific requirements
regarding the transfer of out-of-state law enforcement certification to North Carolina that can
complicate the hiring process.

Do you accept out-of state transfers? Out-of-state transferees will be evaluated to
determine the amount and quality of their training and experience. At a minimum, out-of-state
candidates must have two years of full-time, sworn law enforcement experience and have
successfully completed a basic law enforcement training course accredited by the state from
which they are transferring in order to be considered for transfer to a North Carolina law
enforcement agency. Out-of-state transferees cannot have a break in service exceeding one

Prior to employment as a certified law enforcement officer in North Carolina, out-of-state
transferees must successfully complete the employing agency's in-service firearms training
and qualification program. They must also complete the Legal Unit (minimum of 96 hours) of
the Commission-accredited BLET and successfully pass the entire state comprehensive
examination within their 12-month probationary period.

Persons who have completed training as a federal law enforcement officer or a military police
officer will be required to complete the Commission-accredited BLET in its entirety and
successfully pass the state comprehensive examination prior to employment.

How and when will the applicant be notified about the status of their application? The
hiring process lasts about 90 to 135 days per applicant. A letter explaining the process is
included in the application packet. Applicants will be notified of their status by mail.

If an applicant applied during a previous recruitment, may that application packet be
used for the current recruitment? No. The Department requires that a new application
packet be completed to ensure all pertinent information is included.

What is the probationary period for new police officers? North Carolina State law requires
a one-year probationary period for all new police officers.

How do I get a copy of my credit report? You can contact a local credit bureau, your
banking institution or call one of the major credit reporting companies for this report. The three
primary credit reporting companies are Equifax - (800-685-1111), Experian - (888-39-3742) and Trans Union Corp. - (800-916-
How do I get a copy of my criminal record check? You can contact the local police
department, sheriff’s department, or clerk of court. Any of these agencies should be able to
assist you with this check. Persons residing in Wake County can obtain criminal records from:
City/County Bureau of Identification (CCBI), Wake County Public Safety Center, 330 Salisbury
Street, Raleigh, NC (919) 856-6300. NOTE: A Division of Criminal Information (DCI)
computerized criminal history check will not be accepted.

How do I get a copy of my driving history? Driving histories may be requested from any
North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles office or the out-of-state equivalent or through the
Internet at the DOT website for your state (e.g. for the state of NC). If these are
not available, begin with the local law enforcement agency. NOTE: A Division of Criminal
Information (DCI) driver history check will not be accepted.

What are the height and weight requirements? The height/weight standard requires that an
applicant’s weight be proportionate to their height. The height/weight chart is included in the
application packet.

Does the Cary Police Department have a take-home car program? No, the Cary Police
Department does not have a take-home car program.

Is anyone available in the Police Department who can be directly contacted if the
applicant has questions following the application process? Yes. Sergeant Ken Quinlan is
with the Department’s Professional Standards Team and will be happy to answer your
questions. He can be reached at (919) 460-4916 or by e-mailing

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