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					                                                                                     Delaware Coalition for Injury Prevention
                                                                                     June 11, 2008 1:30 – 3:30 Dover, Delaware
         TOPICS                                       DISCUSSION                                                   ACTIONS / OUTCOMES /PLAN
Welcome and                                                            Coalition Chairperson called the meeting to order and welcomed the Injury Prevention Coalition members and guests.

Review of minutes                                 P. Mack              The March 12, 2008 meeting minutes were approved as written.

Announcements                                     M. Jones                    Safe Summer Day is on June 14, 2008, Safe Kids Delaware Conference is on June 24, 2008, and if anyone is
                                                                               interested in participating, the Health Day at the State Fair on July 22, 2008.
                                                  K. Reeves                   The Weed & Seed program was introduced. Weed stands for weed out violence, drugs, and things of that
                                                                               nature and the program then seeds in social projects and programs to help area residents have a better quality of
                                                                               life. They partner with local law enforcement, area non-profit organizations, and area leaders.

Injury Prevention Logo                            P. Mack              A proposed new Injury Prevention logo, which can be used as an individual team logo, was passed around. By
                                                                       unanimous vote the new logo was approved.
II. Team Project
Presentations –
Follow-up on Health
Faire, 19802 survey-
project and Work
Plan Updates
Fall Prevention Team                              P. Mack              A grant will be received from the Office of Women’s Health to replicate the senior aquatic exercise project. A land-
                                                                       based program was added as an additional research component for a comparison to see if there is any significant
                                                                       difference between the two exercise programs.

Dog Bites Prevention                              S. Vogel,            The dog bite team will partner with the Violent Injuries Team because there is a correlation with human violence and
Team                                                                   animal violence particularly when it pertains to domestic violence. It was noted that most animal shelters have some
                                                                       short term relief for pets of domestic violence victims who must leave their home. Statistics show that 1 out of 2
                                                                       children are bitten by age 12 and the vast majority of those bites are by dogs known by the victim.

Poison Injury                                     K. Osterhoudt        No report
Prevention Team

Suicide/Suicide                                   E. McCourt           Agencies in the State will work closely with veterans because there is a growing concern regarding suicide. The
Attempts Prevention                                                    Contact Lifeline Crisis Helpline provides access to veterans and their families who are not eligible for Veteran
Team                                                                     Administration services. Adolescent girls will also be targeted regarding healthy relationships, especially those who
                                                                         have been victimized by assault or their lives have been touched by violence. Letters have been sent to the clergy
                                                                         throughout the state to provide them with information regarding their role with interacting with people and identifying
                                                                         those with high risk of suicide and how they can connect those individuals with local resources.
                                                                         S. LaValley, who is a Medical Librarian with Delaware Intensive Learning Center in New Castle County, provides
                                                                         training opportunities to community members. In August there will be a program on Open Access for Mental Health
                                                                         Information at the Bear Public Library.

Traumatic Brain                                     G. Corrigan          The Office of Rural Health has helped fund a new DVD to be shown in all high schools, regarding increasing
Injuries/Spinal Cord                                                     awareness about brain and spinal cord injuries and the devastating effects of it. This program will include a 5 question
Injuries Prevention                                                      pre-test, viewing the DVD, then a 5 question post-test. The students can then participate in a contest making their own
Team                                                                     video PSA’s where they can earn prizes and recognition

Motor Vehicle Crash                                 T. Bachman           This enforcement period’s Click-It-or-Ticket campaign fewer tickets have been written for failure to wear a seat belt.
Prevention Team                                                          Observational seat belt surveys are currently being done by the Office of Highway Safety to see if seatbelt use has
                                                                         increased. An aggressive driving campaign will start the beginning of July as will Check Point Strike Force. Monthly
                                                                         team educational goals are being met, including: keeping track of all Think First programs and Graduated Driver
                                                                         License parent educational programs, which many driver’s education instructors have made mandatory. The GDL
                                                                         parent program is sponsored by the Office of Highway Safety, Think First, the State Police Crash Reconstructive Unit.
                                                                         and State Farm.

Fires, Burns, and                                   M. Lowe, J.          No report
Smoke Inhalation                                    Lattomus
Prevention Team

Drowning/Submersion                                 M. Renzi             No report
Injuries Prevention
Data Review Team                                    M. Jones             Injury data was shared on the 19802 zip-code area.

Violent Injury: Assault,                            J. Evans             The team is currently working on domestic violence and gun safety in the 19802 zip-code area. The community is
Firearm, Homicide                                                        genuinely interested in the efforts being made to make their community safer. With approval from the Domestic
Prevention Team                                                          Violence Coordinating Council, a train-the-trainer program is being planned to train community leaders regarding
                                                                         identifying domestic violence and its impact on children. M. Arford-Granholm will meet with Strong Communities,
                                                                         where community leaders from impoverished areas meet, to see what kind of initiative could be done and to identify
                                                                         potential leaders and stakeholders. It was suggested that the Coverdale Crossroads program be launched in the Spring
                                                                         of 2009, after the results of the 19802 project are in. A letter of support from the North East Coalition was received.
                                                                         Surveys were done at the Vandevere Avenue Civic Association, and Weed and Seed. Packets with explanations about
                                                                         the purpose of the survey, uses of the information gathered, and copies of the surveys were distributed.

III. Presentation                                   Kathy                The title of the presentation was “Begin with Bullying: How to Engage Schools in Violence Prevention.” Kathy
Bullying: Implications,                           Middleton,           Middleton is from the Oklahoma State Department of Health Injury Prevention Service and Dr. Patricia Hughes is with
Interventions in                                  LCSW, LSW,           Health and Human Performance at Oklahoma State University. Statistics show that 30% of US students report being
Schools                                           LADC, Dr.            bullied or initiating bullying behavior on a regular basis. The potential effects of bullying on children include:
                                                  Patricia Paulson     Academic – reduction in grades, Emotional – risk of depression and loss of self-esteem, Physical – injury or property
                                                  (teleconference)     damage, Sexual – harassment, assault, intimate partner violence, and Social – harm to group acceptance. Statistics
                                                                       show that 70% of bullying occurs on playgrounds, 42% on busses, 36% in halls, 28% in bathrooms, 23% in classrooms,
                                                                       and 23% in the cafeteria. When asked what children want from adults regarding bullying, nearly 2/3 of children who
                                                                       were bullied and ½ of children who were not bullied want better adult supervision.
                                                                       Coalition members will research and share by email Delaware’s current efforts to address this issue.
V. Adjourn                                                             Next meeting – Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 1:30-3:30 p.m.
                                                                       Public Health Training Center
                                                                       Blue Hen Corporate Center, Suite 4-F
                                                                       655 South Bay Road Dover, DE 19901

Attendees: P. Mack, M. Jones, D. Curtis, S. Vogel, M. Arford-Granholm, G. Corrigan, C. Boehmer, J. Evans, T. Bachman, B. King, G. Wade, H. Newton, E.
McCourt, S. Fuess, C. Martin, C. Grygo, S. Palmer, C. Littlefield, C. Cooper, P. Funk, S. LaValley, K. Keeting, P. Mundell, and T. Robinson (via Conference Call)
Guest: K. Reeves, and K. Middleton, Dr. P. Paulson (via conference call)
Excused: C. Landry, R. Hall, L. West, K. O’Malley, M. Lowe, L. Persans, K. Collison, R. Webb, T. Kaminski