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									Mobile CCTV – Expression of Interest

The Office of Crime Prevention has a number of mobile semi-covert CCTV units available for loan to local governments. These units can be useful
in gathering evidence and intelligence on a range of crime issues. In order to assist local councils in making the best use of the mobile CCTV units,
the Office of Crime Prevention is asking that expressions of interest be made through this form. Once your expression of interest has been
received, the Office of Crime Prevention will contact you to discuss the use of the mobile CCTV units and clarify details including commencement
and length of loan. The Office of Crime Prevention is unable to loan a mobile CCTV unit without receiving a completed Expression of Interest form.

Please fill out the following sections and fax this form attention: Project Manager (CCTV), Office of Crime Prevention on (08) 9222 8705 or email the
completed form to


Please complete the below planning template for the use of the mobile CCTV units. For further guidance, please see the example Expression of
Interest Form on the Office of Crime Prevention website, or contact the Project Manager (CCTV) at the Office of Crime Prevention on (08) 9222

SECTION          ELEMENT                  DESCRIPTION
Intelligence     The Problem              What are the crime issues that you want to address through the use of CCTV? How are these issues impacting
                                          on the local community? What are the incident rates for the identified problem? Will the CCTV be used to
                                          observe, detect, prevent or deter this issue?
               Area of use         Where will the CCTV unit be located? Why/How has this area been selected?

               Immediate Causes    How does the wider environment contribute to the problems in the area? Are there issues of lighting, access to
                                   the target location, or encouragement of legitimate use of the area that need to be addressed?

Intervention   New Interventions   What will be the process for utilising the CCTV units? What are the risks of using CCTV for the problem? How
                                   will these be managed? Who will monitor/check the CCTV? When will this happen?
              Existing Interventions   Are there any interventions currently being employed in the area (e.g. ranger/police patrolling, increased lighting,
                                       signage)? What are these? How will these be coordinated with the use of CCTV?

              Timeframe                What are the timeframes for the use of the CCTV units? When will it be started? When will it be completed?

Involvement   Partnership              Who from the local Police is involved in the use of CCTV in the problem area? Has a partnership with the police
                                       been secured?

Impact        Impact Evaluation        How will success be defined? How will the outcomes be measured? What are the KPI measures? (e.g. level of
                                       graffiti, m2 removed, cost of graffiti removal, reduction in anti-social behaviour, incidents, no. of report to police)
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