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									         When advertising your listings the web is the #1 source
    78% go there each week compare that to just 31% for national newspapers
Understanding the web is now a must for every real estate professional.

You need to understand how to not only present but also to promote your listings to ensure
that your listings grab the attention of buyers.

It is also important to understand how the web is transforming
the process of securing listings – door knocking and letterbox
drops are being replaced by online search – your next client could
be searching right now for a person with your unique skills.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the massive change in the way real estate is undertaken –
come along to this free seminar to understand how you can win more listings and promote
your listings

        Free seminar open to all salespeople and administrators
                   WEDNESDAY, 14th OCTOBER 2009
 Where: NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants                        Start: 1.30pm
        27 - 33 Ohinerau Street                                      Finish: 3.00pm

 Register at or call 0800 732 536

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