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                           greek taverna

A La Carte Menu
2 Market Street, Sydney NSW Phone: (02) 9267 0799 Fax: (02) 9267 4811
                   Email: look@medusagreektaverna.com.au

                                      mezethes / entree
      Mezethes have their origin in antiquity, they reveal the very social nature of Greek eating and drinking
                                           Kali orexi / enjoy

                                         Taramosalata $8
                                               authentic fish roe dip
                                       Melitzanosalata $8
                                           eggplant, garlic and olive oil
                                        fava santorinis $8
                                      chick pea dip with olive oil and lemon
                                               Tzatziki $8
                        yoghurt, cucumber and garlic (dips served with warm pita bread)

                                            Dolmades $13
                      vegetarian vine leaf and rice rolls with minted yoghurt (made in house)
                                          Spanakopita $14
                                     spinach, ricotta, fetta baked in filo pastry
                                           Melitzanes $13
                                     fried eggplant with skorthalia (garlic dip)
                                           bourekakia $14
baked filo pastry with manouri cheese (ricotta), pastrouma (smoked beef) and Kefalograviera cheese on quince jelly
                                   kefalotyri saganaki $15
                      vegetarian vine leaf and rice rolls with minted yoghurt (made in house)
                                            Halloumi $15
                      grilled Cypriot cheese on rocket with roast tomato and lemon herb oil
                                    Octapodi tis Skaras $20
                                     fried eggplant with skorthalia (garlic dip)
                                             Kalamari $18
                         crispy local fresh calamari deep fried, with dill aioli on the side
                                     Garithes Saganaki $20
                            classic baked prawns in tomato topped with crumbled fetta
                                kotopoulo potharakia $16
                         caramelised mini chicken shanks with star anise on grilled fennell
                                         souzoukakia $16
                              BBQ’d spicy lamb patties in chilli cumin tomato sauce
                                           Loukaniko $15
                          country style spicy grilled sausage served on chard leaf salad

                                           Mezze plate $34
                tarama, tzatziki, halloumi, country style sausage, dolmades, olives with pita bread

                              Warm Pita Bread $3.00
                       Karvelli - wood fired loaf bread $3.00
                                Salates/Salads Fagakia/Sides
                                            Medusa Greek Salad $15
            traditional Greek salad of tomato, cucumber, capsicum, spanish onions, fetta, olives and wild oregano
                                                 Roca Salata $10
                                   rocket, pinenuts, Kefalotiyri with mustard, lemon dresssing
                                           horta me latholemono $8
                                               braised chichory, lemon, olive oil
                                                        chips $6

                                     Medusa’s Arni sto Fourno $28
                        whole slow baked traditional side of lamb, lemon potatoes, roasted vegetables
                                               arni souvlaki $28
                              traditional lamb souvlaki served with tzatziki, spicy salad and chips
                                                exohiko arni $28
         lamb backstrap, kefalograviera cheese, tomato, mushroom, wrapped and baked in filo pastry (medium/rare)
                                             cretan paithakia $28
          lamb cutlets, marinated in lemon, oregano, grilled, served on a burnt butter and shaved kefalotiri spaghetti
                                           mousaka me lahanika $18
              vegetarian mousaka layered with eggplant, zucchini, potatoes in a rich tomato sauce and bechamel
                                                   Mousaka $20
                          traditional oven baked layered potato, eggplant, beef mince and bechamel
                                                    Yemista $20
                                    vegetarian mix of baked stuffed tomatoes and capsicums
                                     Kotopoulo tis Santorinis $26
                     spinach, goats cheese, and roast pepper filled chicken breast on Santorini wine sauce
                                      macaronia tis mykonou $26
                                cprawns, scallops tossed with spaghetti in a light creamy sauce
                                           Kalamarakia Yemista $28
                        whole baby calamari filled with pinenuts and rice on a chilli spiced tomato salsa
                                            Stifatho me Kreas $28
                   fillet beef pieces, baby onions, bayleaf, peppercorn, tomato casserole on potato keftethes
                                              filleto moshari $32
     grain fed eye fillet steak, fennel, potato, field mushroom timbale, caramelized eschallots on agiogitiko red wine sauce
                                              Xifias Souvlaki $32
                           swordfish and prawn skewers, chargrilled with lemon, chilli parsley sauce
                                              Psari tis Skaras $32
                                  grilled snapper tail, lemon butter sauce and baked potatoes

Banquet Menu $39.50                                                           set Menu $50.00 per person
(6 or more persons)                                                           (6 or more persons)
tarama, tzatziki, fava dip, spanakopita,                                      tarama, tzatziki, halloumi, dolmades,
halloumi, calamari                                                            country style sausage, olives and pita bread,
Mousaka                                                                       Prawn Saganaki, Greek Salad and your choice of:
Roast Lamb                                                                    Greek Lamb, Mousaka, Vegetarian Mousaka,
Medusa Greek Salad                                                            Lamb Souvlaki, Chicken Santorini
Baclava                                                                       Galactobouriko/Baclava

                                           all prices are gst inclusive
                                         glyka / sweets
                                             baclava $10
                      roasted walnut filled filo rolls in cinnamon syrup with honey yoghurt
                                        loukoumades $10
                        delicious and moreish dough puffs, smothered in honey and nuts
                                      Galactobouriko $10
                         Greek custard slice, poached pear and vanilla bean ice cream
                                              kadaifi $10
                  layers of fine shredded pastry rolled with a nut mixture, served on lime syrup
                                        vissino glyko $10
                  sour cherry preserve, served on vanilla bean ice cream and toasted almonds
                                            “Medusa” $15
                   ouzo strawberries, pomegranate coulis, anise ice cream and crispy kadaifi
                                 dessert Plate for two $34
a tasting of the Medusa strawberries, baclava, galactobouriko, kadaifi, loukoumades, vissino with ouzo ice cream

                                     coffee / tea $4.00
                  Cappuccino, flat white, latte, espresso, long black, short black, hot chocolate
                                English Breakfast, Chamomile, peppermint teas
                      Affocato shot of espresso, shot of ouzo ice cream $5.50
                          Greek Coffee the traditional way $4.00

                                liqueur coffees $7.50
                                                  Greek - Ouzo
                                                Roman - Galliano
                                             French - Grand Marnier
                                               Irish - Irish Whiskey
                                              Jamaican - Tia Maria
                                                Mexican - Kahlua

                                          Dessert Wines
                             Samos Muscat 375ml samos     greece $32
                    Cloudy Bay late harvest reisling marlborough NZ $60

                                           Ports – 60ml
                                     St John Commandria cyprus              $7
                                        McWilliams Hanwood Port        $7
                                               Galway Pipe  $8
                                               Grandfather $12

                                    liqueurs – 30ml $7
               Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Tia Maria, Frangelico, Galliano, Amareto, Cointreau,
                              Sambuca, Drambuie, Dom Benedictine, Grand Marnier

                                         Cognac – 30ml
                                    Metaxa 7 Star Brandy greece             $8
                                            Courvoisier VSOP$10
                                             Hennessy VSOP $10
                                              Hennessy XO $17

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