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									                              DIMITRIA ELECTRA GATZIA
                                 CURRICULUM VITA

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator                  Office: (330) 684-8937
The University of Akron, Wayne College                       Mobile: (315) 382-7335
1901 Smucker Road # D101                           
Orrville, OH 44667

   Assistant Professor, The University of Akron, Wayne College, 2009-present
   Visiting Assistant Professor, The University of Akron, Philosophy Dept., 2007-2009
   Instructor, State College of Florida, Philosophy Dept., 2007
   Instructor, Syracuse University, Philosophy Dept., 2005-2006

   Ph.D. in Philosophy, Syracuse University, 2007
      Dissertation: Color Fictionalism: Color Discourse Without Colors (Supervisor: C. L.
   M.A. in Philosophy, Syracuse University, 2002
   B.A. in Philosophy, University of California Los Angeles, 1999

   AOS: Philosophy of Mind, and related areas in Metaphysics and Cognitive Science
   AOC: Applied and Environmental Ethics, Political and Social Philosophy, Philosophy
        of Language, History of Philosophy

   Journal Articles
       “The Individual Variability Problem”, Philosophia (forthcoming)
       “Color Fictionalism”, Rivista Di Estetica (forthcoming).
       “Martian Colours,” Philosophical Writings (forthcoming).
       “Fictional Colours,” Sorites, Issue 21 (forthcoming).
   Book Reviews:
       Review of Foundations of Mind, Tyler Burge, Philosophy in Review, 28:3: 176-180, June
   Book Chapters
       “The Ethics of Care and Economic Theory” in Taking Care of Business: Care Ethics
       and Business Ethics, Maurice Hamington and Maureen Sander-Staudt eds.

   • “Fact, Fiction, and Pretense” (co-authored with Eric Sotnak), Ohio Philosophical
     Association Conference, April 2009.
   • “Individual Variability Problem”, Case Western Reserve, Cognitive Science
     Colloquium, October 2008; and American Philosophical Association, Pacific
     Division, April 2008; Athens Institute for Education and Research, 4th International
     Conference on Philosophy, 2009.
   • “Martian Colors”, American Philosophical Association, Central Division, February
     2009; National Australian University, December 2008; and Australasian Association
     of Philosophy, New Zealand, December 2008.
   • Invited Commentary, “Learning that we see the light: colour constancy and
     illumination-dependent colour” by Derek Brown, Western Canadian Philosophical
     Association, 45th Annual Meeting, University of Alberta, October 2008.
   • “What is Wrong with Color Realism?” The University of Akron Conference, 2008.
   • “Fictional Colors”, University of Florida Graduate Conference, 2006.
   • "Finding Consistency in Rousseau", DePaul University, Graduate Philosophy
     Conference, 2005.
   • Invited Commentary, Kent University Philosophy Graduate Conference:
     "Understanding Mill on Self-Regarding Conduct" by M. J. Mulnix, 2005.
   • Commentary on "Nozick's Principles" by Roald Nashi, Syracuse University
     Graduate Student Conference, 2004.
   • Commentary "Health Resources Allocation in a Rawlsian Framework" by Benjamin
     Sachs, 2003 Syracuse University Graduate Student Conference.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Akron University, 2007-present:
    Introduction to Ethics (2007-present)
    Introduction to Logic (Fall 2007)
    Political and Social Philosophy (Spring 2008)
    Ethics Honors (Fall 2008)
    Environmental Ethics (Fall 2008)
    Philosophy of Language (Spring 2009)
Instructor, State College of Florida, 2006-2007:
    History of Ancient Philosophy
    Applied Ethics
Instructor, Syracuse University, 2003-2005:
    Theories of Knowledge & Reality
    Ethics and Value Theory
    Critical Thinking
Teaching Assistant, Syracuse University, 2000-2002:
    Ethics and Value Theory
    Human Nature
    Ethical Aspects of Engineering and Computer Science

 • "Certificate of Appreciation" as an outstanding and distinguished member of The
   University of Akron's faculty, Richard Hansford Chapter of the National Residence
   Hall Honorary, Fall 2008.
 • Research fellow, Centre of Consciousness, Australian National University,
   December 2008
 • Faculty Travel Assistant Grants, The University of Akron, Philosophy Department,
 • Faculty Travel Assistant Grants, The University of Akron, Buchtel College of Arts
   and Sciences, 2008-2009.
 • Faculty Startup Grant, The University of Akron, 2007
 • Certificate in University Teaching, Summer 2007
 • Academic Scholarship, Syracuse University, 2000-2005.

  •   Teaching Associate, Syracuse University, 2003-2005.
  •   Teaching Assistantship, Syracuse University, 2001-2003.
  •   Summer Fellowship, Syracuse University, 2003.
  •   Travel Grant, Syracuse University Philosophy Department, 2005
  •   Travel Grant, Syracuse University Graduate School, 2005
  •   Referee for Syracuse University Graduate Conference, 2001-2005.
  •   External Speaker Committee, 2000-01.

Personal Identity, F 2000 (Dean Zimmerman)
Logic and Language, F 2000 (Brian Weatherson)
Metaphysics, F 2000 (Jose Bernadete)
Epistemology, F 2000 (John Hawthorne)
Independent Study: Theories of Color, S 2001 (Larry Hardin)
Understanding Consciousness, S 2001 (Robert Van Gulick)
Propositional Attitudes, S 2001 (Ted Sider)
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, F 2001 (Frederick Beiser)
Structure of Science, F 2001 (Eric Hiddleston)
20th Century Rationalism, F 2002 (Thomas Holden)
Kant to Marx, F 2002 (Frederick Beiser)
Metaphysics, S 2002 (Ted Sider)
Contemporary Normative Theory, S 2003 (Fred Frohock)
Independent Study: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Summer 2003 (Frederick Beiser)
Ancient Philosophy: Ethics, S 2003 (John Robertson)
Meta-Ethics: Truth in Ethics, S 2003 (Daniel Nolan)
Law, Economics, & Public Policy, (Audited) F 2004 (McClennen & Baynes)
The Problem of Induction, (Audited) S 2004 (Eric Hiddleston)

Modern Greek (fluent)
Ancient Greek (fair reading ability)
French (fair reading ability)

Greek, American.

  • C. L. Hardin, Dept. of Philosophy, Syracuse University. Phone: (315) 479-9993
  • Barry Maund, Dept. of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia.
    Phone: (+618) 6488-1628. Email:
  • Mark Heller, Dept. of Philosophy, Syracuse University. Phone: (315) 315-443-
    5822 Email:
  • Howard Ducharme, Dept. of Philosophy, Chair, The University of Akron.
    Phone: (330) 972-5241 Email:
  • Eric Sotnak, Dept. of Philosophy, The University of Akron. Phone: (330) 972-
    5501 Email:

   • Priscilla, Sakezles, Dept. of Philosophy, The University of Akron, Phone: (330) 972-
     5242 Email:


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