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									                                                                      Journal of the Australian Federal Police
Edition 104 · December 2009

                              >   Lighting the way for forensics
                              >   Celebrating community relations
                              >   On patrol in Honiara
                              >   Horsing around has a serious side
The platypus has been adopted by the Australian Federal Police
as a symbol representing the diverse requirements placed on
members in the execution of their duties.

This unique and tenacious Australian animal is a survivor against
increasing pressure from today’s environment. It leaves no stone
unturned in its daily pursuits and has equipped itself with a range
of features to adapt to changes over many years.

It is capable of passing unnoticed if required, yet it demonstrates
an unfailing dedication to explore all possibilities in an effort to
maintain its special place in Australia’s environment.

Although generally a peaceful animal, the platypus is able to defend
itself, if necessary, with a venomous spur. This is done, at times,
against larger and more powerful opponents – a quality admired
and respected by members of the Australian Federal Police.             Front cover: Federal Agent Hilary Fletcher riding Beau and
                                                                       Debbie Dixon riding Trump at Government House open day.

Production team for this edition:
Editor: Jane Jennings
Associate Editor: Karen Polglaze
Layout and design: Jane Jennings
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Printing: Paragon Printers, Canberra.

                                                                       Back cover: Sergeant Mark Holmes talking to members of the
ISSN 0159-1606                                                         public at the AFP Open Day in Canberra.
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               2    Commissioner’s message

                    Horsing around has a serious side

               8    Through my eyes

               10   Education is the key to online safety

               12   Helping police and the community

               14   Lighting the way for forensics

               18   Recruits meet community needs

               20   Working with community to combat terrorism

12             22   On patrol in Honiara

               24   Policing partnerships create communities

               26   Working on the fringe

     14        28
                    Sharing experience to stop people smuggling

                    Celebrating community relations

               32   Looking after our own

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Commissioner’s message
     There is no doubt the AFP is         to school children, all as part of   he will next year take up a
     an important part of the global      their work in the community.         prestigious academic post with
     law enforcement community.                                                the University of Canberra after
     In addition to our presence in       Many also spend hours of             more than 20 years with the
     Australia, at 34 international       their own time furthering their      AFP.
     posts and10 international            education to improve law
     missions, the AFP is a part of       enforcement practices within         Of course in some communities,
     the virtual world, where we          the AFP and across Australia.        such as prison populations, a
     work with our partner agencies       Our forensic and technical           policing presence is not always
     to create a safe environment         teams are among the best in          welcomed. An emerging
     online. Our global community         the world, and responsible for       problem over the past decade
     is diverse, inspiring and often      breakthroughs in a range of          has been the radicalisation of
     surprising, and this edition of      scientific fields. This situation    prison inmates, and the effect
     Platypus takes a closer look at      is a vast improvement from           convicted terrorists have on
     some of the inspirational work       the 1980s, when students             those around them. The AFP
     our members do.                                                           has been working closely with
                                                                               its partner agencies in Victoria
     Within the AFP’s High Tech                                                and NSW to address these
     Crime Operations portfolio is a                                           issues with a major study about
     team dedicated to protecting                                              to begin in Victoria. This issue of
     the online community from                                                 Platypus examines some of the
     child sex predators. The job                                              difficulties associated with this
     is often confronting, but it is                                           kind of work.
     essential if we are to keep our
     children safe. In this issue of                                           It also celebrates our policing
     Platypus, you can find out more                                           volunteers, and at this time of
     about our involvement in this                                             year it is fitting to thank them
     area, and why the AFP is a                                                for their hard work, good cheer
     leader in the field.                                                      and dedication over the past
                                                                               12 months. You’ll have to
     From cyber space to the wide                                              read on to discover just how
     open spaces of Australia and                                              important they are to our
     the Pacific, the communities                                              organisation.
     we serve are as diverse as
     our members. Their stories of                                             I would also like to take this
     life in towns from Exmouth in                                             opportunity to wish you and
     Western Australia to Honiara in                                           your community, as well as our
     the Solomon Islands and Dili in      had to leave Australia to gain       volunteers and members, a safe,
     Timor-Leste are remarkable. Our      their qualifications. Dr James       happy and prosperous festive
     members have fought through          Robertson was instrumental           season and New Year.
     tropical storms, helped raise        in helping to develop forensic
     awareness of breast cancer and       education in this country,           T.W. Negus
     spent countless hours talking        and it is perhaps fitting that       Commissioner
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  Horsing around has a
  serious side
           01: Federal Agent Hilary Fletcher with one of the AFP horses 02: Federal Agent Fletcher checks the horses in the paddock.

           Lush green pastures, shady eucalypts and a meandering creek are all part of daily life
           for the AFP’s troop of horses, and an appropriate reward for the majesty they bring to
           police ceremonial occasions.
           A Mounted Cadre is not usually            troop is purely ceremonial. The            the AFP. However the troop
           the first thing people think of           horses participate in a range              does more than provide
           when discussing ways to build             of duties including National               positive public relations for the
           relations between police and              Police Remembrance Day, but                organisation. It is also required
           the community, but the AFP                they are not currently used for            during formal events, providing
           horses have shown they are                operational activities such as             an honour guard for official
           adept at breaking down barriers           crowd control.                             visits, police investitures and at
           of all kinds.                                                                        AFP funeral services.
                                                     The horses are also AFP
           Members of the mounted troop              ambassadors in the community               The horses also contribute to
           say people seem to find it easier         and can often be seen at                   upholding the traditions and
           to approach them than a police            events such as Government                  customs of mounted police
           officer walking the beat or on            House Open Day, Australia                  throughout Australia’s history,
           point-duty during events. Even            Day celebrations or at school              with the ceremonial uniform
           Governor-General Quentin Bryce            open days.                                 worn by the riders representing
           has been known to chat to the                                                        the uniforms worn by officers
           riders and pat the AFP horses at          The positive response they                 who formed part of the nation’s
           national ceremonial events.               engender during these                      first police patrols in the
                                                     functions highlights how                   early 1900s.
           Unlike most other police forces,          important their role is within
           the function of the AFP horse

01                                      02
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     One of the most important            advice the team have given to       “They cannot react by kicking,
     aspects of the work done by          teenagers wishing to become         rearing or bolting. Every horse
     the AFP horses is to attend          mounted police.                     is different, and they each have
     schools in and around the                                                their own personality. Our job
     Canberra region, usually with        Looking after the AFP’s seven       is to make sure that all the AFP
     representatives from ACT             horses is a big task. Federal       horses are well-mannered,
     Policing’s Crime Prevention          Agent Fletcher and team             trustworthy and in the best
     teams. The riders speak openly       member Protective Service           possible condition, both
     with students about their            Officer (PSO) Kylie Woodyatt,       mentally and physically.
     experiences and are keen to          with the help of five volunteers,
     discuss a wide variety of topics     spend around 20 hours every         “Horses are extremely
     from horses and policing to          week training the horses.           intelligent, so we are always
     career opportunities in the AFP.                                         thinking of new ways to provide
                                          “The horses must be well-           them with stimulating and
     Federal Agent Hilary Fletcher,       trained and able to cope            interesting tasks to make sure
     team leader of the AFP               with sudden or loud noises,         they don’t get bored.”
     Ceremonial Mounted Cadre,            bagpipes, marching bands,
     said parents have expressed          vehicles and being approached
     their appreciation for the sound     and touched by the public,”
                                          Federal Agent Fletcher said.

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          01: Federal Agent Fletcher and PSO Kylie Woodyatt put the horses through their paces 02: Governor-General Quentin Bryce and
          Commissioner Negus chat to the mounted cadre at National Police Remembrance Day 03: Federal Agent Fletcher and PSO Ross
          Daniel training the horses.

          This means the horses are                 from training in troop drills for        “They are all highly skilled riders
          trained in ways that entertain            ceremonial occasions.                    and enjoy participating in the
          them, as well as improving their                                                   events we attend.”
          skills. The training is often in          The riders, including the
          traditional equine skills such as         volunteers, must also pass               The AFP equestrian facility has
          dressage, and also in areas like          rigorous testing on their                a large covered arena, a fully
          cross-country eventing which              horsemanship and aptitude                equipped show-jumping ring
          teaches them to be brave and to           for working with horses before           and dressage area. Each stable
          trust the rider regardless of what        they are allowed to join the AFP         is light and airy, with both
          they are asked to do. Riders              Mounted Cadre.                           indoor and outdoor areas for
          are also required to be fearless                                                   each horse.
                                                    “We have a mixture of sworn
          and to trust their mounts. Areas          police, Protective Service               All the AFP horses are geldings.
          such as show-jumping help                 Officers and unsworn AFP                 They are bay, brown or black
          to meet this requirement, and             members in the team,” Federal            in colour, and are all over
          both horse and rider benefit              Agent Fletcher said.                     16 hands high. Horses are

Page 6 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
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     measured at the highest point        as the horses need new shoes      with around 30 horses. The trip
     of the withers, which is where       every six weeks or so. Regular    enables the troop to broaden
     the neck joins the back. One         veterinary checks, vaccinations   its skills, and to share ideas
     hand is four inches, so a horse      and worming help to ensure        and information with interstate
     that is 16 hands high is around      they are healthy and protected    colleagues. It also gives the AFP
     163 centimetres, or five feet        from disease.                     horses a change in routine.
     four inches, tall.
                                          Once a year, the AFP horses are   Recently, two members of
     The AFP horses are kept in peak      taken to NSW Police barracks      the AFP Ceremonial Mounted
     physical condition, and get the      in Sydney, where they train       Cadre attended the AFP Open
     very best of care and attention.     with the NSW Mounted Police,      Day in Canberra as part of the
     The farrier is a regular visitor     which is a much bigger unit       organisation’s 30th anniversary

Page 7 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
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          01: Federal Agent Fletcher and PSO Kylie Woodyatt in ceremonial uniform.
          02: Federal Agent Fletcher interacts with students during a visit to a Canberra school

          celebrations. They took part in             “The community has always
          the opening ceremony, along                 demonstrated a fascination with
          with the AFP Pipes and Drums,               horses working in the public
          and were extremely popular                  domain and it is a privilege to
          with the crowd, spending                    interact with the community
          several hours mingling with the             as part of the AFP Ceremonial
          estimated 15,000 visitors.                  Mounted Cadre.”

          “We are often congratulated
          for doing a great job and I see
          this as a compliment to all
          AFP members,” Federal Agent
          Fletcher said.

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Through my eyes

     A story by Brad Shallies, National Coordinator Child Protection Operations

     As often as I can, I walk around the    I must admit to also wondering           I recently attended the 21st
     Child Protection Operations office in   what in humanity has gone wrong          Annual Crimes Against Children
     Canberra and talk to my colleagues.     to drive this type of depravity.         Conference in Dallas, Texas.
     I derive both pleasure and pride        On one of the High Tech Crime            I requested that the AFP make a
     from this type of engagement,           marketing posters there is a picture     presentation this year in addition to
     asking them what the work of            of a very young girl and the caption     attending. I gave a presentation at
     the day is, and how any personal        ‘look into the eyes of a child who       the conference on the nature
     matters that I am aware of are          has been sexually abused and you         of AFP business in child protection
     going. I take visual hints from items   will see pain’.                          and used a victim identification
     such as photographs of children                                                  case study based on
                                             I never forget that sentence. I look
     or pets, or examples of hobbies,                                                 image analysis.
                                             in to the eyes of the child victims on
     and ask about those aspects of
                                             the screen, contemplate what they        The conference has grown rapidly
     their lives.
                                             are going through and become             from two presenters and 50
     I deliberately walk in to the viewing   more determined that we will focus       attendees less than a decade ago
     area – an area adjacent to the          on making a difference. These            to more than 3200 attendees in
     normal work area that is segregated     images also make you appreciate          2009. I met and spoke with many
     behind floor-to-ceiling curtains. It    how vulnerable your own children         people including law enforcement,
     is here that I really appreciate how    are. It is not about building a wall     technology industry and child
     special our people are. I look at the   around them, but I am sure that          protection workers. I think all 3200
     screens and see horrific images         working in this space heightens          were in the main auditorium for the
     and videos of children being            your protective behaviours.
     sexually exploited.
                                             In one video that I watched
     The children’s ages range from          recently, the very young victim was
     babies to pre- and post-pubescent       laughing and smiling at the camera,
     boys and girls. I sit down next to      as if it was some type of normal
     staff and talk to them about the        home video. The difference was that
     case that the images relate to.         she was being sexually molested
                                             at the time. The psychology of this
     I consider the potential impact of
                                             crime type intrigues me. What
     these images on our people, and
                                             type of normative behaviours are
     I am thankful that the AFP had
                                             embedding in these children,
     the vision to embed a full time
                                             masking horrendous psychological
     psychologist within Child Protection
                                             and physical damage?
     Operations to ensure the mental
     wellbeing of those who view this        This crime type encourages
     type of material in the execution of    cross-spectrum leadership and

     their duties. The AFP has a policy      innovation. The primary objectives
     of conducting a psychological           are to seek technological processes
     assessment on staff members             that will limit the exposure of
     before they are permitted to view       our people to this material, while
     this kind of material.                  decreasing the time it takes law
     Joining the Child Protection            enforcement to identify, find and
     Operations portfolio is also a          rescue exploited children.               01: Brad Shallies 02: Excerpt from High
                                                                                      Tech Crime marketing poster
     voluntary assignment.
Page 9 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
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          opening address. The conference      kidnapped at gun-point 30 years      It reminded me of the feelings
          originated and has remained          ago when he was just 11 years old.   you experience when looking at
          in Texas, hosted by the Dallas       He has never been found. Her voice   the screens in the viewing area
          Children’s Advocacy Centre.          broke when she reminded herself      and the determination to make a
                                               that she was speaking about her      difference. The discussions revealed
          The keynote speaker was a mother
                                               own son.                             an incredible level of synergy
          who told how her son was
                                                                                    regarding the challenges that

                                                                                    the child protection space faces.
                                                                                    Technology is taking a leading role
                                                                                    in addressing those challenges.
                                                                                    I decided two things as I left the
                                                                                    conference to return home. One,
                                                                                    that I was now more focused on
                                                                                    the journey ahead – where to take
                                                                                    the business, and what we have
                                                                                    to do to make that difference.
                                                                                    The other is that I am going to go
                                                                                    back to the conference in 2010
                                                                                    to make another presentation, to
                                                                                    help ensure that the AFP realises
                                                                                    its potential to be a leader in the
                                                                                    crime type and to spend time with
                                                                                    key partners who also attend. We
                                                                                    so often under-value the personal
                                                                                    relationships we build, but these
                                                                                    are critical elements of success.
                                                                                    Being National Coordinator, Child
                                                                                    Protection Operations is one of
                                                                                    those privileges that life sometimes
                                                                                    affords you. That is how I see it
                                                                                    through my eyes.
                                                                                    I hope that you enjoy the holiday
                                                                                    season, particularly the time you
                                                                                    spend with your children; we need
                                                                                    to take care of them, they are
                                                                                    the future.
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Education is the key to online safety
     Information sent electronically can end up anywhere and helping people
     protect themselves from the harm this might cause has become part of the
     AFP’s job.
     Today’s computer technology          Following a successful pilot in the     “Some of the schools that have
     may have opened up a new             ACT, NSW and Victoria earlier in the    had a ThinkUKnow presentation
     way of communicating but             year, the program will be rolling out   this year are seeking to book
     this has created pitfalls for        nationally in 2010.                     another presentation next year,” Dr
     consumers and new challenges                                                 Cartwright said.
     for law enforcement.                 ThinkUKnow Australia focuses
                                          on raising awareness among              National Manager High Tech Crime
     The AFP High Tech Crime              parents, carers and teachers on         Operations Neil Gaughan said
     Operations Crime Prevention Team     how kids have fun online, how           ThinkUKnow helps parents, carers
     is developing and implementing       they can stay in control and how        and teachers encourage children to
     online education and awareness       to report when things go wrong.         think before they act online.
     raising strategies to help protect   ThinkUKnow aims to demystify the
     the community from technology-       technology and open up the lines        “By helping to start a dialogue
     enabled crime.                       of communication between adults         between parents and children,
                                          and young people on technology-         we hope that young people will
     Coordinator Crime Prevention         related issues.                         be more confident going to their
     Jenny Cartwright says educating                                              parents when they have a problem,
     users can be a powerful tool for     The principle behind ThinkUKnow,        and that their parents will better
     preventing crimes.                   giving parents, children and other      understand how to deal with online
                                          members of the community the            issues,” Commander Gaughan said.
     “Our focus is to empower             tools they need to recognise the
     individuals with knowledge so        risks and know how to overcome          “The AFP will continue to work
     they can take responsibility for     them, is key to its success, Dr         closely with industry, government
     protecting themselves while          Cartwright said. And the program        and local and international law
     online,” Dr Cartwright said.         has met a need.                         enforcement agencies to protect

     “We do this through a range of
     education initiatives aimed at
     different age groups, from young
     children through to seniors.”

     The ThinkUKnow program, a
     joint initiative of the AFP and
     Microsoft Australia, plays a key
     role in educating the community
     in what to do when confronted by
     some of the online risks. Created
     by the United Kingdom’s Child
     Exploitation and Online Protection
     (CEOP) Centre, ThinkUKnow is an
     internet safety program delivering
     interactive training to parents,
     carers and teachers through
     primary and secondary schools.
Page 11 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
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                 01                                                                                              02
          01: Commander Neil Gaughan 02: Dr Jenny Cartwright 03: Crime Prevention Team member Melissa Sevil 04: Federal Agent
          Jayne Crossling speaking about internet safety during a visit to Kalgoorlie.

          children online through education      for seniors. AFP members have           AFP Joint Banking Finance Sector
          and by targeting online                visited clubs and retirement            Investigation Teams in Sydney
          sex offenders.”                        villages in Queensland and NSW          and Melbourne, which include
                                                 and delivered presentations on          investigators on secondment
          The youth education program is         the risks and on how seniors can        from the major banks, conduct
          designed to make young people          protect themselves online. They         investigations into internet banking
          think of the possible consequences     also provide printed information        fraud. But community education
          of the things they do online. For      to remind seniors how to avoid          remains one of the most important
          example, many teenagers don’t          the most common problems                tools in online crime prevention.
          realise that once something is         encountered online.
          published on the internet it can                                               “Law enforcement has a role to
          never be permanently deleted and       Internet safety encompasses many        play, but the community must also
          may cause problems for them in         areas. Online financial fraud, child    take responsibility when it comes
          the future.                            exploitation material, malicious        to using the internet safely,” Dr
                                                 software, viruses and identity theft    Cartwright said.
          The program also makes young           are just some of the issues that the
          people aware of the need to protect    High Tech Crime teams deal with         “The AFP has a commitment
          their image and reputation by being    every day.                              to preventing online crime, and
          careful of who they communicate                                                education is an important part of
          with, and how they communicate.        To help mitigate and prevent online     that commitment.
                                                 crime, the AFP partners with
          It’s not only the young who are        other industry groups such as the       “It is a real pleasure for us to give
          vulnerable online. The AFP, in         Australian Bankers’ Association         people of all ages the tools to
          collaboration with the Australian      and the Association of Building         protect themselves so they can use
          Seniors Computer Clubs                 Societies and Credit Unions. The        the internet safely.”
          Association, also runs information
          sessions on internet security

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Helping police and the community
     It may surprise you to realise that the first person most people see at the front
     counter of ACT Police Stations is usually a volunteer.

     The Volunteers in Policing Program       know that the volunteers have been     to staff display stands and manage
     provides a valuable service that         through similar clearance processes    activities for children. Although
     allows police to spend more time         to their own.”                         hundreds of AFP staff were also
     on the beat, and gives community                                                on hand, the volunteers were an
                                              Once the volunteers are accepted,
     members an opportunity to interact                                              essential part of ensuring around
                                              they attend an eight-day training
     with police in a positive and                                                   15,000 visitors enjoyed the day.
                                              course at the AFP College. Experts
     rewarding way.
                                              from across the AFP give the           A Police Volunteer can work up
     The Volunteers in Policing (VIP)         volunteers an overview of the          to 16 hours a week, which is the
     Program started in 2001. There are       organisation, the way it works and     international standard for voluntary
     currently 44 Police Volunteers in        the different areas of operation.      hours. Since the program began,
     the ACT, ranging in age from 39 to       Volunteers are then able to            Police Volunteers have contributed
     81 years. They perform a variety of      nominate the work they wish to do      more than 81,000 hours of unpaid
     roles, including welcoming people        from 30 approved roles.                work to the community. Their
     at the front desk and providing                                                 contribution means that operational
                                              The roles include various tasks from
     Justice of the Peace services to the                                            AFP members can focus on higher
                                              filing to bus driving, role-playing
     public and AFP members. These                                                   priority policing matters such as
                                              for recruit training, catering and
     men and women use their skills,                                                 investigating crime.
                                              ceremonial support duties. The
     experience and knowledge to
                                              volunteers who undertake reception     But the AFP is not the only
     make a positive contribution to the
                                              duties at ACT police stations are      beneficiary of the program. The
     community by supporting the work
                                              also trained to take fingerprints.     volunteers also gain a lot from their
     of the AFP.
                                              This enables them to fingerprint       experience.
     VIP Program Manager Sharan               consenting adults for things like
     Slater is based at Tuggeranong           visa applications, pre-employment
     Police Station in the ACT’s southern     police checks and taxi, casino and
     suburbs. She is a passionate             liquor licence applications. The
     supporter of Volunteers in Policing,     fingerprints are then printed out
     but says those who want to               and either given to the person, or
     become involved face a rigorous          sent to AFP Criminal Records for
     testing process.                         checking. They are then destroyed
                                              using secure document destruction.
     “Volunteers must undergo a
     selection interview, psychological       Police Volunteers also help the
     testing, illicit drug testing and they   AFP to ensure community events
     must obtain a security clearance,”       such as the 30th Anniversary
     Sergeant Slater said.                    Open Day are a success. For the
                                              Open Day, volunteers prepared
     “These things are important,
                                              5000 showbags, drove buses
     because they work side-by-side
                                              full of visitors around the site and
     with police, and are exposed to
                                              provided an all-day sausage sizzle
     matters of a sensitive nature in
                                              to feed the crowd. They also helped
     the course of their duties. It also
     gives police officers confidence to

Page 13 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
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01        01: Volunteers Richard Dickman and Ed Harding 02: VIP Program Manager, Sergeant Sharan Slater 03: Volunteer Noel
          McLaughlin with staff member Karen McDevitt at Tuggeranong Station 04: Volunteer Margaret Porter with Constable Brendan
          Steenbergen 05: Volunteer Brian Hodgkinson cooking sausages 06: Volunteers Richard Dickman, Cynthia Ponting and Brian
          Hodgkinson holding 30th Anniversary Kenny Koalas.

          Margaret Porter joined VIP when it       years. Two volunteers have been          to buildings outside of business
          first started in 2001 and says she       awarded Australia Day Medallions         hours when necessary.
          is still enjoying the work and the       for their services to the AFP, and in
                                                                                            “This is an ongoing task for the
          friends she has made.                    2008 the Program was awarded
                                                                                            volunteers, but it is vital for ACT
                                                   an Australia Day Achievement
          “I decided to become a volunteer                                                  Policing to be able to contact the
                                                   Medallion for its ongoing assistance
          after my husband passed away,”                                                    key-holder in case of robbery, fire or
                                                   to the AFP’s Recognition and
          she said.                                                                         any other police matter.”
                                                   Ceremonial team.
          “My husband had always done                                                       The VIP Program enhances the
                                                   The work the volunteers do can
          everything for me, so when I                                                      AFP’s abilities to perform its core
                                                   make an enormous difference to
          attended the first meeting I didn’t                                               policing function and is considered
                                                   police. Sergeant Slater cites the
          think I would be able to speak up,                                                a strategic partner in helping
                                                   compilation and maintenance of an
          but I soon found my voice.                                                        the AFP to meet its performance
                                                   ACT business key-holder registry as
                                                                                            outcomes. The Program also fosters
          “The Program has given me                one example.
                                                                                            strong links between police and
          confidence in myself and my
                                                   “This mammoth task meant                 the community and creates a
          abilities, and I enjoy the interaction
                                                   volunteers had to visit every            positive perception of the AFP in
          I have with my colleagues and
                                                   business in the ACT and record           the public arena.
          the public. It’s like having a
                                                   the names and contact numbers
          second family.”                                                                   “Our volunteers do a fantastic job,
                                                   of people who hold keys for the
                                                                                            and both police and the public
          Members of the VIP Program               premises,” she said.
                                                                                            appreciate their efforts,” Sergeant
          have won the Volunteer of the
                                                   “This ensures ACT Policing can           Slater said.
          Year Award (Emergency Services
                                                   contact the relevant person quickly
          Category) four times, including
                                                   in an emergency, and gain access
          consecutive wins for the past three

                                                         05                                                          06
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Lighting the way for forensics
     Collaboration between the AFP and the academic community has resulted
     in productive research partnerships and greater opportunities for budding
     forensic scientists.
     When James Robertson first came        Canberra Institute of Technology for    Students also benefit by working
     to Australia from Scotland in 1983     a diploma-level course.                 on research projects that help to
     his goal was to develop forensic                                               improve forensic processes and
     education qualifications and           “The concept was to get formal          many students take up a career
     pathways in Australia.                 qualifications for AFP employees,”      in forensics with the AFP after
                                            Dr Robertson said.                      they graduate. Around 60 per cent
     Partnerships between academic                                                  of current AFP Forensic and Data
     institutions and industry are          “I wanted to set up a graduate
                                                                                    Centres staff members have joined
     crucial to the development of new      intake program, as one difficulty
                                                                                    the AFP through its graduate
     technologies, and Dr Robertson         in getting funding for forensic
                                                                                    intake program.
     has been a driving force in the        research is that it is not recognised
     creation of partnerships with          as a separate science either in         Jane Hemmings is one of the
     some of Australia’s leading tertiary   Australia or overseas.                  many success stories of the
     education providers. Connections                                               AFP’s graduate program and is
                                            “I wanted to set up undergraduate
     made through these partnerships,                                               now Acting Team Leader of the
                                            degrees to enable the AFP to get
     and the long term professional                                                 Criminalistics team at the AFP
                                            industry-ready graduates, and also
     relationships formed as a result                                               Forensic and Data Centres. Dr
                                            to set up forensic science research
     of work, research and study, have                                              Hemmings graduated from the
                                            programs that would benefit the
     brought relevant academic areas                                                University of Technology Sydney as
                                            AFP, the academic community and
     together with the application of                                               a specialist in fibre evidence and
                                            the scientists.”
     their research at the leading edge                                             with a PhD in Raman Spectroscopy,
     of forensic investigations.            Things have changed since Dr            a non-destructive method of
                                            Robertson first arrived in Australia.   identifying evidence such as fibres,
     In the early 1980s, there were                                                 dyes, colourants, paint and drugs.
                                            The demand for forensic studies
     no forensic courses available                                                  The AFP’s partnership involvement
                                            increased and there are now 19
     in Australia, so students had                                                  in the NCFS has provided an
                                            universities involved in forensic
     to travel overseas to get formal                                               opportunity for Dr Hemmings to
                                            education throughout Australia,
     qualifications. Many of them                                                   maintain her relationship with the
                                            including the University of
     went to Strathclyde University in                                              academic community through
                                            Technology Sydney (UTS).
     Scotland, where Dr Robertson was                                               guest lecturing at the Canberra
     a lecturer on forensic science. The    Director of the Centre for Forensic     Institute of Technology.
     opportunity to develop forensic        Science at UTS Claude Roux
     education in Australia was one of      has a long-standing professional        As the AFP has moved into
     the reasons Dr Robertson decided       relationship with both Dr Robertson     capacity development of
     to make Australia his permanent        and Professor of Forensic Studies       international policing partners,
     home. He also wanted to stay in        at the University of Canberra, Dr       new challenges have arisen.
     Australia because he enjoyed the       Chris Lennard. Formerly from the        Qualified AFP members provide
     climate and the lifestyle.             University of Lausanne, Switzerland,    practical laboratory training
                                            Professor Roux was once a student       but, because of restrictions on
     “Once I arrived here, wild horses                                              personnel who can work in the AFP
                                            of Professor Lennard who taught at
     couldn’t have dragged me away,”                                                Forensics laboratory, the university
                                            the Swiss university for eight years.
     he said.                                                                       laboratories are used for this kind of
                                            All three agree that it is important
                                            to build and maintain bridges           training. The AFP lends equipment
     When he joined the AFP as Director
                                            between academia and industry.          to the participating universities
     and Head of Forensic Services in
                                            Trust and mutual respect are key to     to enable training of students
     1989, he discovered that the AFP
                                            this successful partnership.            to industry standards, and also
     had begun discussions with the
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          01: Professor Chris Lennard.

          provides training to international       her teenage years. Miss Boehme’s
                                                                                           is now used by forensic scientists
          partners in their own facilities         first experience working for the AFP    worldwide. In the mid 1980s,
          overseas.                                was as a volunteer doing laboratory     forensic scientists at the Australian
                                                   preparation, filing and general         National University, through
          “The forensics laboratory here at        administrative tasks. She joined        research supported by AFP funding,
          the University of Canberra is not set    the AFP full-time as a scientist in     developed a prototype of a portable
          up in the traditional university style   2007 and now screens exhibits           light source. The prototype, Unilite,
          with rows of benches,” Professor         and collects evidence such as           was commercialised and the
          Lennard said.                            blood, saliva, semen, trace evidence    concept sold to Rofin Australia Pty
                                                   and hairs.                              Ltd which continues to develop the
          “It is set up as a fully operational
                                                                                           product now known as the Polilight.
          forensic laboratory which gives          “I am really lucky to have this job,”   Bloodstains, fingerprints and
          students the opportunity to learn in     Miss Boehme said.                       altered writing are just some of the
          a realistic environment.”
                                                                                           things revealed under the variable
                                                   “It’s my dream job. I work with great
          Adine Boehme graduated from                                                      spectrum of the Polilight.
                                                   people and I feel like I am helping
          the University of Canberra with          to make a difference.”                  Earlier this decade, talks with
          Honours in Forensic Studies in
                                                                                           University of Canberra and the
          2006 after being inspired to             Through its collaboration with the
                                                                                           Canberra Institute of Technology
          become a scientist by watching the       academic world, the AFP has also
                                                                                           resulted in the formation of the
          television show The X-Files during       helped develop equipment that
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     National Centre for Forensic Studies   between the university, the             “I am working towards expanding
     (NCFS), a formal partnership           Canberra Institute of Technology        areas such as forensic intelligence,
     between the University of              and the AFP.                            criminalistics, forensic toxicology,
     Canberra, the Canberra Institute                                               portable technology and analysis at
     of Technology and the AFP. Its         Each partner in the NCFS                crime scenes, which will ultimately
     purpose is to develop and deliver      specialises in particular areas of      benefit both the university and
     enhanced education, training           forensic science. The University        the AFP.”
     and research opportunities for         of Canberra focuses on forensic
     the benefit of the partner             biology, Canberra Institute of          Since 2002, AFP staff members
     agencies and the wider forensic        Technology teaches crime scene          have been completing PhD studies
     science community.                     procedures, and the AFP’s other         at the University of Technology
                                            main collaborator, the University of    Sydney and this year four members
     Professor Lennard is in charge         Technology Sydney, specialises in       graduated with a PhD in Forensic
     of the NCFS at the University of       chemical criminalistics (chemical       Science. AFP Forensic and Data
     Canberra. Formerly Coordinator         examination of trace evidence           Services Coordinator Laboratory
     Laboratory Services in AFP             such as hairs and fibres) and           Services, Simon Walsh, is one of
     forensics, Professor Lennard worked    fingerprint detection.                  those graduates.
     with Dr Robertson for 12 years
     and has been instrumental in           The AFP is also one of the top ten      “Students doing forensic studies
     further developing the relationship    industry partners of the University     at UTS get a good grounding in
                                            of Technology Sydney, and this          managing crime scenes, and also
                                            partnership has helped the              complete a subject run by the law
                                            university’s Centre for Forensic        faculty to ensure they understand
                                            Science attract research funding.       the rules on presenting evidence in
                                                                                    court,” Dr Walsh said.
                                            AFP forensic scientists treat case
                                            work as a priority but also have        “Having an association with
                                            an obligation to the science.           academic partners also helps keep
                                            Research can help solve operational     the AFP current in both forensic
                                            problems so, as part of the             science and equipment. The
                                            collaborative partnership, Professor    research groups at the universities
                                            Lennard works closely with both         bring fresh ideas and information to
                                            the AFP and Professor Roux at the       the AFP as an industry partner.”
                                            University of Technology Sydney.
                                                                                    The benefits of the partnerships
                                            “AFP staff have identified relevant     between the AFP and the academic
                                            projects, co-supervised students        community will be the continued
                                            and assisted in general through         improvement of technologies such
                                            their intellectual input,” Professor    as DNA profiling and crime scene
                                            Roux said.                              examination techniques, and the
                                                                                    development of equipment to
                                            “Working so closely with the AFP        streamline these processes. These
                                            gives us a real understanding           formal partnerships also support
                                            of what is really going on in           the crucial informal links between
                                            the forensics industry and this         science and its application to help
                                            translates to better student            investigate crime.
                                            education and research that is
                                            practical and used in the field.

     01                                     01: Professor Claude Roux 02: Dr James Robertson
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Recruits meet community needs
     Being part of the community is fundamental to policing, and even the newest
     recruits are immersed in the ethic of contribution.
     Before Leticia Davidson joined the     “Being able to help support these      This community engagement is
     AFP she lived in rural Queensland      disadvantaged children was an          based on the philosophy of Sir
     and was involved in the State          honour that I thoroughly enjoyed.      Robert Peel, who created London’s
     Emergency Service where she            Seeing their smiles when they          first police force in 1829, and is
     helped with bush fires, missing        knew that they would be able to go     regarded as the father of modern
     people and rescue operations. After    overseas to represent Australia in     policing. His most frequently
     joining the AFP as a recruit, she      the Special Olympics was a joy.        quoted ‘Peelian Principle’ is “the
     continued helping the community                                               police are the public and the public
                                            “I’m now a board member of the
     when the bushfires struck Canberra                                            are the police”.
                                            Chequered Ribbon Association
     in 2003.
                                            (CRA) which raises funds to support    Throughout their training at the
     “My recruit class helped during        the families of police officers who    AFP College, recruits are reminded
     the bushfires by being available to    have died while on duty. This year     that the community they will be
     perform traffic control, protecting    I helped to organise the CRA Ball,     policing is also the community
     people and their property as well as   and some of the new recruits from      they belong to, and they must
     relocating people where needed,”       the College also donated their time    learn the difference between law
     Federal Agent Davidson said.           to assist.”                            enforcement and enforcing the
                                                                                   law. Police are members of the
     Her commitment to community            Learning the benefits of community
                                                                                   public who are paid to uphold
     service has continued to this day.     involvement begins on the first day
                                                                                   the values and laws of the society
                                            in recruit training. Sergeants Craig
     “After I graduated I was posted                                               they live in, and they can achieve
                                            McPherson and Chris Peattie are
     to the AFP Sydney Office where I                                              much by setting a good example to
                                            recruit trainers at the AFP College
     continued my community work by                                                members of the public, particularly
                                            and part of their job is helping
     helping with the Special Olympics.                                            young people.
                                            the students get out into the
     I assisted in fund raising and event
                                            community while they are               “Recruits volunteer their personal
     management which culminated in
                                            in Canberra.                           time to assist ACT Policing’s Crime
     the annual Gala Dinner,” she said.

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                                01                                              02
         01: Police Volunteer Bas Ormeno helping out with Operation Safe Plate 02: Recruit Lucy Hocking taking part in Operation Safe
         Plate 03: Recruits show their prowess at the limbo at a blue light disco 04: Recruit Jonathon Turkich keeps children entertained
         with games at a blue light disco 05: Cars queue at Westfield Woden to take part in Operation Safe Plate.

          Prevention team by helping to run           them with invaluable operational           the staff at these establishments,
          events such as blue-light discos,”          experience,” Sergeant Peattie said.        and are also shown the correct
          Sergeant McPherson said.                                                               procedures for delivering people
                                                      Recently, recruits were enlisted
                                                                                                 into their care.
          “The discos are for children aged           to help with Operation Safe-Plate.
          between eight and thirteen, and             Right across Australia there has           Recruits also donate their time
          they also incorporate other forms of        been an increase in numberplate            to the policing community by
          entertainment such as indoor rock           theft, especially in shopping centre       participating in events such as the
          climbing and games.                         carparks. Management of Westfield          Royal Canberra Show and painting
                                                      shopping centres came up with a            houses for charity. They act as
          “The recruits are keen to help, but
                                                      plan to address the problem and            honour guards for funerals, and
          we also have to ensure that they
                                                      asked police if they could help.           helped visitors at the AFP 30th
          have enough time to study and take
                                                      The recruits volunteered their time        Anniversary open day.
          time out for themselves.”
                                                      to replace the ordinary slot- or
                                                                                                 “Interaction with the public gives
          Recruits not only help the                  phillips-head screws that attach
                                                                                                 the recruits a real understanding
          community, but are also a valuable          numberplates to vehicles with one-
                                                                                                 that they are part of their
          asset helping police officers with          way screws that cannot be removed
                                                                                                 community, which continues
          operational tasks that require large        without an expensive specialised
                                                                                                 throughout their policing career,”
          numbers of people. For instance,            tool. Recruits working at Westfield
                                                                                                 Sergeant McPherson said.
          when a murdered man’s body was              Woden shopping centre replaced
          discovered near a child care centre         the numberplate screws on more             “They learn to communicate with
          in Canberra in September 2008,              than 600 vehicles in one day.              people from all walks of life and all
          recruits assisted police by helping                                                    cultures and religions, and how to
                                                      Community policing can bring a lot
          search the surrounding area                                                            respect their views while upholding
                                                      of contact with providers and users
          for evidence.                                                                          the law.
                                                      of community services, especially
          “An extra 20 pairs of eyes can be           at hospitals, drug and alcohol             “This in turn engenders respect
          extremely helpful to police when            detox centres, and the Alexander           from the community, when
          searching a large area, and the             McConachie Centre, Canberra’s              members of the public realise that
          recruits’ involvement provided              new jail. As part of their formal          police are not something to be
                                                      training, recruits are taken to meet       feared, and can actually help them.”

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Working with the community to
combat terrorism
     Counter terrorism efforts involve a multi-faceted response, and the AFP is
     working closely with the community and its partner agencies to reduce the
     Recently there has been a great         programs to ensure the risk of a        of radicalisation, what happens
     deal of attention paid to police        terrorist attack is minimised. But an   to convicted terrorists in jail, and
     operations in which terrorism           essential element of any strategy it    whether incarceration affects their
     suspects have been arrested and         undertakes involves the community       extremist ideologies.
     charged. The number of officers,        wherever possible.
                                                                                     Globally there are a range
     the length of the investigation, the
                                             “The AFP is committed to ongoing        of research programs being
     use of specialist response groups
                                             engagement with the community           undertaken regarding effective
     and every other detail of such
                                             to build mutual understanding           counter-radicalisation initiatives
     operations is examined in minute
                                             and trust and to work together to       and countering violent extremism.
     detail. Police also review these
                                             keep Australia safe,” AFP Manager       Several significant projects are
     operations at every stage to ensure
                                             Counter Terrorism Domestic,             underway in Australia, including
     that improvements are made
                                             Commander Scott Lee said.               the development of a lexicon of
     where necessary.
                                                                                     terrorism which examines the
                                             “Community engagement is an
     However these investigations are                                                language being used.
                                             essential element of the AFP
     not the only work being done to
                                             countering violent extremism            One of the most significant studies
     counter terrorism. There are many
                                             efforts, and involves close             the AFP is involved in is a joint
     law enforcement, government and
                                             coordination with State and             project being run through Monash
     non-government agencies and
                                             Territory law enforcement partners.     University with the support of
     related organisations working hard
                                             The AFP has seen the benefits           Victoria Police, Corrections Victoria
     in a range of ways to ensure that
                                             of the increased interaction            and the Victorian Department of
     Australia remains free from
                                             with various communities in our         Premier and Cabinet. This study
     terrorist attack.
                                             counter terrorism efforts and is        aims to adopt highly innovative
     Around the world police and             continuing to develop strategies        research methods, with a strong
     partner agencies are focusing           with our national and international     reliance upon primary source
     on early intervention strategies        partners to identify and engage         material, to shed light on why
     to counter violent extremism,           with individuals and communities        people become radicalised to the
     including policy responses around       at risk.”                               point where they are willing to carry
     social inclusion.                                                               out a terrorist act.
                                             “Our policing experience has
     Strategies typically aim to             shown that working together with        “It is hoped that the results from
     undermine and counter extremist         the community is an important           this type of research will provide
     ideology; support mainstream            way to minimise feelings of fear        information to police about more
     voices within the community;            or marginalisation that may             effective ways to prevent terrorism,”
     disrupt the promotion of violent        otherwise arise.”                       said Federal Agent James
     extremism; identify and support                                                 Cheshire, AFP Counter Terrorism
                                             In addition to community liaison,
     individuals vulnerable to extremist                                             Liaison Officer at the Victoria
                                             the AFP also supports efforts
     rhetoric; and increase the resilience                                           Police Counter Terrorism
                                             to find out more about what
     of the community.                                                               Coordination Unit.
                                             motivates terrorists, the processes
     Within a policing framework,
     the AFP works with its partner
     agencies and on individual
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         01: A prison cell 01: Building damage after a terrorist bombing in Jakarta

          Supporting research efforts is only         has led the AFP to establish a            we will begin to build up some
          one part of the AFP’s strategy to           second Community Liaison                  trust, and hopefully that will play
          minimise the threat from terrorism.         Team in Sydney.                           a role in stopping those at risk of
          It is also investing heavily in                                                       radicalisation from taking steps
                                                      James Cheshire likens the role of
          reaching out to the community to                                                      that may see them involved in
                                                      the CLTs to the way in which police
          ensure there is an understanding of                                                   dangerous activities.”
                                                      worked within their communities
          the work that we do.
                                                      half a century ago.                       Promoting an understanding of
          “Although we have been successful                                                     the AFP, its role and the part it
                                                      “Forty or fifty years ago you’d see
          in combating terrorism in Australia,                                                  plays in the justice process is an
                                                      coppers engaging with kids in their
          there is a critical need for the                                                      important element of the work
                                                      community and teaching them
          community to understand and                                                           done by the CLTs.
                                                      boxing or some other activity,”
          support the work we are doing. The
                                                      he said.                                  In addition to its intelligence and
          only way this can be achieved is if
                                                                                                investigative activities, the AFP is
          we work with them in partnership,”          “So in that sense, the way in
                                                                                                working hard with the community,
          Commander Lee said.                         which we’re reaching out to the
                                                                                                its partner agencies and in support
                                                      community hasn’t changed. We
          The AFP’s community liaison                                                           of research activities that will help
                                                      want to get to know the kids and
          program is one way in which                                                           to ensure Australia remains free
                                                      their parents, play a bit of footy with
          this happens. Established in                                                          from terrorist attack.
                                                      them or take part in other events,
          the aftermath of the 2002 Bali
                                                      without any expectation that this
          bombing, the Community Liaison
                                                      will help us in an investigative
          Team (CLT) in Melbourne was set
                                                      sense. What we do hope is that
          up to find ways to communicate
          more effectively with Victoria’s
          diverse communities. In particular,
          the team aimed to build social
          resilience, and improve ties
          between police and the community.
          Through events like the AFP-
          sponsored Iftar dinners, which
          celebrate the breaking of the fast
          during the month of Ramadan, to
          school visits and football matches
          with high-profile AFL teams, the
          AFP has been able to improve
          relationships and build new
          bridges into the community. The
          success of the Melbourne team

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On patrol in Honiara
     It may be a tropical paradise but the daily work in the Solomon Islands is simply
     a different kind of policing.

     As part of Regional Assistance          night, prostitutes sometimes make       was attempting to climb down the
     Mission to Solomon Islands              their way out to these vessels in       ladder into the RHIB.”
     (RAMSI), Federal Agent Heath            banana boats to engage in sexual
     Cockram works in the Royal              activities with the crew, which is an   But the job is not always plain
     Solomon Islands Police Force            offence in the Solomon Islands. No      sailing for this 29-year-old police
     (RSIPF) maritime section as             person is allowed on, or within 30      officer from Perth. The seas can
     the Participating Police Force          metres of, a foreign fishing vessel     become rough in a very short time
     (PPF) Advisor to the Honiara            without a permit from Customs.          and Heath has had to negotiate
     Harbour Patrol.                         Local people sometimes approach         two-metre swells in high winds and
                                             the vessels to try to exchange fruit    very heavy rain.
     Working from Aola Maritime Base,        and vegetables for frozen fish as
     Heath’s daily duties take him out                                               “A colleague and I had to battle a
                                             fish prices at the local markets are
     and about on the sea off the coast                                              two-metre swell one afternoon to
                                             very high.
     of Guadalcanal. His main mode of                                                retrieve a banana boat that had
     transport is a rigid hull inflatable    “The foreign fishing vessels            been seized after the owner had
     boat (RHIB), a small, efficient,        themselves are very dangerous           been seen throwing explosives into
     petrol-powered vessel designed to       and when we board them we have          the water to catch fish,” he said.
     carry six passengers.                   to be particular careful of our own
                                                                                     “This is an ongoing problem here
                                             safety, as there are huge loads of
     The boat is also used to take other                                             as there is a lot of unexploded
                                             frozen fish being transhipped from
     PPF members, military members                                                   ordnance from WWII lying all over
                                             one vessel to another while we are
     and RSIPF members to and from                                                   the islands. Locals find them and
                                             on board and the fish holds are
     the islands near Guadalcanal                                                    open them and use the explosive
                                             15 metres below the main deck,”
     so they can hear from the                                                       powder to create fish bombs which
                                             Federal Agent Cockram said.
     communities there. Issues such                                                  they drop in the water to kill the
     as law enforcement, domestic            “One of my RSIPF counterparts           fish.
     violence and substance abuse are        actually fell 15 metres into the
     all on the agenda and the visits give   water on one occasion when he
     the villagers a chance to voice their
     concerns and to ask questions.

     Heath’s daily tasks vary from
     community relations visits to
     coastal and island communities,
     to participating in joint patrols
     with other government agencies.
     He works regularly with Solomon
     Islands Customs Officers targeting
     foreign fishing vessels and has
     been involved in a number of
     successful operations where
     substantial amounts of contraband

     alcohol and cigarettes have been

     Foreign fishing vessels are targeted
     as they tend to attract crime. At
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                                  01                                                                           02
          01: Contraband goods seized from a foreign fishing vessel 02: Federal Agent Heath Cockram 03: A banana boat
          04: Federal Agent Heath Cockram with RSIPF member Eddie Kalokul

          “We located the banana boat and          “I was amazed recently to come           “I really enjoyed my time at
          towed it back to the Maritime            across a small school of kingfish        Ramingining. Arnhem Land
          base, but as the seas were so big        which were jumping vertically            is beautiful, and the fishing is
          the tow-point on the banana boat         in the air,” Federal Agent               fantastic. I also saw some very large
          snapped and I ended up driving           Cockram said.                            salt-water crocodiles.”
          the banana boat back while it was
          taking on a lot of water. It’s a good    In his six years as a police officer,    Heath loves the sea, and dives
          thing we always wear life jackets.”      Heath has had two deployments in         recreationally most weekends. He
                                                   the Northern Territory of Australia.     spends other leisure time playing
          His community visits often take him      As part of Operation Pleach he           golf, and enjoying a game of
          to the naturally beautiful islands       spent six months at Arlparra in the      tennis. But he considers himself
          of Savo and Tulaghi in the Florida       Central Desert, and six months at        lucky to have a job which enables
          Islands where it is common to spot       Ramingining in Arnhem Land.              him to work in his favourite kind of
          pods of playful dolphins. Heath has                                               environment while contributing to
          also seen turtles, whales, marlin,       “The living conditions and               the local community.
          small flying fish, manta rays, and       environment at Arlparra are very
          large sea snakes.                        harsh, but the desert has some
                                                   beautiful scenery,” he said.

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Policing partnerships create
     The benefits of community policing programs are well documented but not always well
     understood in countries where civil unrest, social dislocation and conflict have disrupted
     policing programs over a long period.
     Learning how to work with the            “This is a significant change in        developing relationship the PNTL
     community is an integral part of         philosophy for police officers in       has with the people of Timor-Leste.
     police training in Australia. Recruits   Timor-Leste,” said Federal Agent
                                                                                      Through the PNTL’s Community
     are taught to walk the beat, talk to     Daryl Meldrum, who is based
                                                                                      Policing Unit, officers are being
     people in their neighbourhood and        in Dili.
                                                                                      taught how to build on their
     identify potential problems before
                                              “In the past, there was very little     existing networks to more
     they arise.
                                              interaction between the police          effectively use community support
     The AFP is committed to helping          and the community. Police jobs          and knowledge.
     developing countries build more          were very role specific, so unless
                                                                                      Work has also been done to
     effective and accountable police         something happened which
                                                                                      ensure the community policing
     services and to collaborating with       required a police response, the
                                                                                      model adopted in Timor-Leste is
     Australian Government and partner        police would not talk to members
                                                                                      suitable for the country’s needs.
     agencies in that endeavour.              of the public.”
                                                                                      PNTL Community Policing Unit
     One way it does this is through          Federal Agent Meldrum and               director Joao Belo dos Reis has
     creating a better understanding of       his colleague Federal Agent Ian         undertaken significant research to
     community policing. In Timor-Leste,      Jowers agree that it will take a        ensure the most applicable model
     the Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste      long time to change this attitude,      is developed.
     (PNTL) has partnered with the AFP        even though the PNTL leadership
     to create the AFP’s Timor-Leste          strongly supports the change.
     Police Development Program               So a significant element of their
     (TLPDP), and a key part of the           work is building relationships with
     program is community policing.           members of the PNTL to find out
                                              what they think about policing, the
     After gaining independence in            community and their role.
     2002, Timor-Leste adopted a
     community policing model, but the        “The importance of building a
     new nation had little experience of      relationship with our Timorese
     how to create that type of police        counterparts cannot be
     organisation. Through the TLPDP,         understated,” Federal Agent
     the AFP aims to work with PNTL           Meldrum said.
     members to determine what they
     need to enhance their capabilities       AFP members in Timor-Leste,
     as police officers and how they can      and in other countries where they
     implement effective strategies to        work in capacity development,
     achieve those goals.                     are conscious of the importance
                                              of overcoming cultural differences
     One of the PNTL’s main goals is to       and language barriers. Over time,
     implement an effective community         friendships between members of

     policing model and changing              different policing organisations help
     perceptions within the PNTL              to build an international policing
     and within the community is              community that is as important
     a challenge.                             to peace and stability as the
Page 25 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
         /                   /             /

          01: The Community Policing logo 03: Federal Agents Daryl Meldrum and Ian Jowers.

          “Sub-Inspector Belo has travelled       taking part in workshops that are          well as the New Zealand-UNPol
          to several other countries to study     being held in districts across the         Community Policing Pilot Program.
          community policing models and           country. These workshops enable
                                                                                             This is also important to ensuring
          tried to bring together those           officers to remain abreast of new
                                                                                             there is adequate support for PNTL
          elements which will work in             developments, and discuss ways
                                                                                             members trying to maintain strong
          Timor-Leste,” Federal Agent             that the police and the community
                                                                                             links with their communities.
          Meldrum said.                           can work together to address
                                                  existing problems.                         “There are so many other issues
          “His passion for getting the
                                                                                             facing police in Timor-Leste” said
          police more involved in the life        The AFP also has its part to play,
                                                                                             Federal Agent Meldrum.
          of their towns and villages has         working at a strategic level with
          helped to ensure the model being        the PNTL to help it improve the            “A real challenge is getting people
          implemented will work over the          operation and effectiveness of the         to take community policing
          long term and be embraced by the        Community Policing Unit. Federal           principles on board and show them
          police and community alike.”            Agents Meldrum and Jowers have             the benefits that can flow into every
                                                  been instrumental in assessing             area of policing as the result of
          The PNTL now ensures that               the current work practices and             having strong links with the public.”
          all officers receive training in        capabilities of the unit, and are now
          community policing, either as           working with their PNTL colleagues         It is hoped that as community
          recruits at the academy or by           to improve the workshops that are          policing becomes embedded in
                                                  being rolled out across Timor-Leste.       PNTL culture these benefits will
                                                                                             become more apparent. They
                                                  So far, it is going well.                  include a greater awareness of
                                                                                             issues that may affect crime rates
                                                  “The workshops are being
                                                                                             in the community, less suspicion
                                                  received really well,” said Federal
                                                                                             of police activity and a greater
                                                  Agent Meldrum.
                                                                                             willingness to provide information
                                                  “This is a new philosophy for most         by members of the community.
                                                  members of the PNTL, but they are          Over time, this will help to improve
                                                  embracing it with enthusiasm, and          the rule of law in Timor-Leste,
                                                  beginning to apply it to the police        reducing crime rates and the fear of
                                                  work they do on a daily basis.”            crime within the community.

                                                  A series of ongoing surveys will           Through creating strong links within
                                                  help to provide a concrete measure         the policing community, as well as
                                                  of the success of these workshops          links to the wider public, the PNTL
                                                  in changing both the PNTL and              is working towards more effective
                                                  Timorese community’s perceptions           policing practices. The AFP is proud
                                                  of community policing. The surveys         of the work it is doing to help it in
                                                  will be conducted by external              this endeavour.
                                                  agencies, and are supported by
                                                  the US-funded Asia Foundation as
Page 26 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
         /                   /

Working on the fringe
     Being an AFP Protective Service Officer can involve working in some of Australia’s
     most far-flung places. But living in a remote community often comes with its
     own rewards.
     The township of Exmouth sits         Ambulance, the Volunteer Fire          Assistant Inspector Decker says
     on the North West Cape of WA,        Brigade, State Emergency Service,      members working in Exmouth
     the most westerly point of the       Pilbara Army Reserve Regiment and      enjoy being part of the close-knit
     Australian continent. Bordered       the surf club,” Assistant Inspector    community. They’ve been involved
     by the Indian Ocean to the west      Decker said.                           in building a purpose-built Marine
     and the Great Sandy Desert to                                               Rescue headquarters, acquiring a
                                          He also enjoys taking advantage
     the east, the population of 2,500                                           response boat and raising money
                                          of the area’s natural environment.
     has to travel 1,270 kilometres to                                           for the Game Fishing Club.
                                          With the Cape Range National
     get to Perth or more than 3,000
                                          Park and the Ningaloo Marine           “Living in a small town, AFP officers
     kilometres to Darwin.
                                          Park on the town’s doorstep,           are always under the spotlight
     AFP members living in Exmouth        Assistant Inspector Decker says the    whether they’re on or off duty,”
     provide protection services to       opportunities available are vastly     Assistant Inspector Decker said.
     the Department of Defence’s          different to those found in his home
                                                                                 “While everyone knows who you
     Naval Communication Station          state of Tasmania.
                                                                                 work for, it’s also very rewarding
     Harold E Holt.
                                          “There are sports like game fishing    to contribute to the community’s
     Despite the remote location,         on offer, as well as squash and        future and to be a part of it all.”
     Exmouth Protection Station           golf,” he said.
                                                                                 Also living on the fringe of Australia
     Manager Kurt Decker says there is
                                          “Members are also able to take         are Protective Service Officers
     plenty to do when not on duty.
                                          part in the annual Krait Trophy,       stationed at the Australian Defence
     “Most AFP members at Exmouth         which is a scenario-based firearms     Satellite Communication Station
     are involved with local clubs or     competition between the AFP, WA        (ADSCS). Just 30 kilometres
     organisations such as St John        Police and the Army.”                  outside the WA city of Geraldton,

Page 27 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
         /                   /             /

         01: Protective Service Officers at Exmouth 02: The Kojarena Pirates participating in a dragon boat race
         03: Assistant Inspector Kurt Decker.

          AFP members are not quite as                also play an active part in
                                                                                                 This success spurred on the team,
          isolated as they are at Exmouth. But        the local community, and take              and all 21 members agreed to
          the vast distances to other major           pride in the work they do for a            take part in the annual Cancer
          centres means members and their             range of charities.                        Council fundraiser Relay for Life.
          families face similar problems to                                                      Not only did the Kojarena Pirates
                                                      These efforts can take many forms,
          others living in remote areas.                                                         complete the most laps of the local
                                                      and can lead to some surprising
                                                                                                 sportsground in 24 hours, they
          Certainly the coastline can be              results. Recently the AFP’s Station
                                                                                                 managed to come second in
          inhospitable. Geraldton is found            Manager Marlene Stevens agreed
                                                                                                 the fund-raising stakes and
          on WA’s Batavia Coast, named for            to organise an ADSCS team for a
                                                                                                 donated more than $6,000 to
          a 1629 shipwreck. The Batavia               local dragon boat competition.
                                                                                                 cancer research.
          sank on its maiden voyage, and              With a combination of members
          gained notoriety after survivors            from the AFP, Defence, Boeing              AFP Protective Service Officer
          revealed the shocking details of the        Australia and a few civilians, it          (PSO) Bill Alford says he’s
          subsequent mutiny and massacre              was a good opportunity to build            enormously proud to be a part
          that took place on the nearby               interagency relationships.                 of the team.
          Abrolhos islands. It was just the first
                                                      However most of the crew had               “Apart from being good fun, this
          of many ships to come to grief in
                                                      never been in a dragon boat                event has helped AFP members
          such difficult waters.
                                                      before and, with just 30 minutes           build a better relationship with
          Members based at ADSCS provide              to practise, few anticipated they’d        stakeholders at the ADSCS in
          security video monitoring, foot and         have much success. Named the               Geraldton,” PSO Alford said.
          vehicle patrols, access and egress          Kojarena Pirates after a small town
                                                                                                 “Now we can have a rest and look
          control, bag and vehicle searches,          east of Geraldton, they donned
                                                                                                 forward to next year’s event.”
          alarm responses and emergency               bandannas and eye patches and
          management and coordination for             took to the water, managing to
          the Department of Defence. They             place third in the final.
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         /                   /

Sharing experience to stop
people smuggling
     The United Nations Global Trends Report showed that in 2008 there were 42
     million displaced people across the world, including a staggering 15.2 million
     Significantly, the number of people   As part of this global approach        enabling the AFP to gain insight
     claiming asylum also rose by 28       to combating people smuggling          into the situation in Sri Lanka
     per cent.                             in the South-East Asia region,         and Indonesia, which are both
                                           Commissioner Negus attended the        significant jumping-off points
     In Australia these figures are        Inter-regional People Smuggling        for asylum seekers trying to
     reflected in the increased number     and Human Trafficking Conference       reach Australia.
     of asylum seekers arriving            held in December at the Jakarta
     illegally by boat. The passengers     Centre for Law Enforcement             Coordinator Capability and
     predominantly originate from          in Indonesia.                          Business Support Keiran Miller said
     Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Sri                                              people smuggling was a problem
     Lanka. Most use people smugglers      Minister for Home Affairs Brendan      that needed to be treated as a
     to help them complete their           O’Connor spoke at the conference,      significant transnational crime by all
     journey, paying thousands of          which was attended by high             nations concerned.
     dollars to go on a perilous and       ranking law enforcement officials
     life-threatening voyage.              from 17 countries as well as           “These meetings are a good
                                           representatives from Interpol.         opportunity to share information,
     In recognising the global nature                                             target the key individuals
     of the problem, the AFP has           Mr O’Connor told participants the      responsible and to develop better
     formulated a three-pronged            conference provided them with          tactical responses,” he said.
     approach based on the pillars         some excellent opportunities.
     of prosecution, disruption and                                               “There are more workshops planned
     capacity building. However it         “Relationships between policing        for the future, and the AFP is
     recognises that Australia will not    agencies and even individual           providing the mechanism to broker
     be able to resolve the problem of     officers are essential for effective   strong, ongoing multiagency
     people smuggling on its own.          information sharing and successful     working arrangements.”
                                           investigations,” he said.
     “This is an issue for the global                                             The conferences both focused
     community,” Commissioner Tony         “Conferences such as this help to      on the problems of people
     Negus said.                           strengthen regional cooperation,       smuggling from a law enforcement
                                           creating the professional and          perspective, with the Indonesian
     “People smuggling is an insidious     personal relationships that are        forum specifically examining the
     trade run by those who seek to        essential to good police work.”        economic and social impacts of
     profit from human misery and                                                 the crime on source, transit and
     the desperation of these              The conference followed a              destination countries.
     displaced people.                     workshop held in Australia which
                                           focused on ways to develop greater     This helped to highlight the
     “Seeking to end this activity will    synergies between the participating    complex and multi-jurisdictional
     bring benefits across our region,     countries at a tactical level.         nature of the crimes. Often, the
     which is why we are working                                                  evidence trail crosses several
     in close cooperation with our         Both forums focused on the sharing     international borders and victims
     neighbouring law enforcement          of information between colleagues,     can be living in a different country
     agencies to bring this practice
     to an end.”
Page 29 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
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         01: A people smuggling boat 02: Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor, Indonesian Police Inspector General Drs Boedhi
         Santoso Moestary and Commissioner Negus at the Inter-regional People Smuggling and Human Trafficking Conference in

          to the people smugglers who              assistance agreements, extraditions       The recent conferences and
          took them there. The same set            and police-to-police assistance.          workshops held by the AFP are
          of circumstances can lead to             However, the most effective way           just one step towards helping to
          investigations and prosecutions in       to ensure such agreements are             build these positive relationships
          more than one country.                   successful is through close               and minimise the number of
                                                   personal and professional                 people smuggling operations that
          Close and ongoing cooperation            relationships between the                 are risking people’s lives.
          is needed between Australian             members of law enforcement
          agencies and their counterparts          agencies in various countries.
          in other countries through mutual

Page 30 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 104 / December 2009
         /                   /

Celebrating community
     From fund-raisers to football games, AFP staff around Australia engage with their local
     communities in many ways.
     On 30 October, Cairns International    former members and members of           Alice Springs Airport Police
     Airport was transformed into a sea     Tasmania Police as their guests in      Commander Tony Stafford rode in
     of pink for the annual ‘Girls Night    the courtyard garden of AFP Hobart      four of the nine camel races. He
     In’, a nationally recognised event     Airport office. Acting Commissioner     hopes that more AFP members
     to raise money and awareness for       of Tasmania Police Darren Hine          will participate next year, and is
     breast cancer research. Around         attended the barbecue to show           keen to promote the advantages
     500 Cairns women arrived at the        unity between the two police forces     of the lifestyle and community
     airport for a fun night of raffles,    and was pleased to be invited to        engagement in remote locations.
     auctions and fashion parades.          cut the anniversary cake.
                                                                                    “Working in remote environments
     The event was a joint initiative
                                            Officer in Charge of Hobart Airport     offers many opportunities, both
     of the AFP, Cairns Airports Pty
                                            Uniform Policing Ken Fletcher           professionally and socially,”
     Ltd, Qantas, Australian Customs
                                            welcomed the guests to the event        Superintendent Stafford said.
     and Border Protection and
                                            and reminded those in attendance
     the Australian Quarantine and                                                  The AFP’s 30th anniversary
                                            of the importance of collaboration
     Inspection Service.                                                            provided an opportunity for
                                            among police, government
                                                                                    several AFP offices to open up to
     Male colleagues from the AFP           agencies and the private sector.
                                                                                    their communities. In Canberra,
     Cairns Office and Cairns Airport
                                            “The AFP at Hobart Office and           the AFP opened its International
     showed their support by joining
                                            Hobart Airport have a very good         Training Complex at Majura to
     the girls and modelling in a fashion
                                            working relationship with all the       the public for the first time. A
     parade and also by volunteering as
                                            stakeholders here today,” Sergeant      crowd of around 15,000 took
     waiters and cleaners for the night.
                                            Fletcher said.                          advantage of a perfect spring day
     The men left their uniforms and
                                                                                    to enjoy the displays, meet police
     business suits at home, exchanging     “The level of cooperation between
                                                                                    and their canine detectives and
     them for bright pink Cancer Council    Tasmania Police and the AFP is, in
                                                                                    enjoy activities such as making
     shirts for the occasion.               my opinion, one of if not the best
                                                                                    police badges and having their
                                            between police forces in Australia.”
     The night was an outstanding                                                   fingerprints taken.
     success, as well as a valuable         In Alice Springs, AFP members
                                                                                    The AFP Pipes and Drums gave
     networking opportunity for             enjoy some of the more unusual
                                                                                    those attending the event a rousing
     Cairns businesswomen, with             sporting events on the Australian
                                                                                    welcome, and the AFP horses were
     representatives from the AFP,          calendar. Sailing races on a dry
                                                                                    also a popular attraction as they
     Cairns Airport, government             river bed, camel races and ten-pin
                                                                                    mingled with the crowd.
     agencies and private enterprise all    bowling are among the events AFP
     coming together for a common           members and their families have         ACT Policing put on a huge display
     purpose. Prizes were donated by        taken part in.                          of vehicles and boats, including
     airlines and Cairns businesses                                                 patrol cars, all-terrain vehicles,
                                            The Camel Cup is a charity event
     and the event raised $18,500                                                   motorcycles, a police launch and a
                                            to raise money for the Lions Club
     for the Cancer Council.
                                            and relies on volunteers and the
     Down in Tasmania, AFP members          generosity of local camel owners
     were celebrating their relationships   to provide the camels. These camel
     with the community of law              races start with the camels in the
     enforcement when members               seated position and riders have to
     from the Hobart Office and the         maintain a good grip as the camels
     Hobart International Airport joined    lurch to their feet and start moving,
     forces with their colleagues from      some moving to a full gallop in
     Tasmania Police and other              a few strides. The jockeys could
     agencies to celebrate the              do little with camels that walked

     AFP’s 30th Anniversary.                or refused to race. Five thousand
                                            spectators created an enthusiastic
     To mark three decades of law
                                            atmosphere for the event, which
     enforcement, the AFP hosted a
                                            also included novelty races
     barbecue with key stakeholders,
                                            for children.
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01                                        02                                                           03
          01: The crowd waiting to see the precision motorcycle team at the AFP open day 02: Tasmania Police Commissioner Darren
          Hine 03: The barbecue at Hobart Office 04: The Camel Cup in Alice Springs 05: Federal Agent Michael Holmesby 06: Cairns
          Airport transformed into a sea of pink for the Girls Night In charity event 07: Sergeant Murray Ferguson

          rigid hull inflatable boat. Children     AFP Sydney and Melbourne Offices          “The award Sydney Office received
          and adults alike had a great             take part in many events in their         from the Muslim community is
          time inspecting the vehicles and         local communities throughout the          evidence that law enforcement is
          turning on the lights and sirens.        year. For example, Sydney Office          respected and appreciated by the
          ACT Policing’s motorcycle team           runs a trivia night as its signature      diverse Muslim community.”
          members showed off their skills in       charity event, which this year raised
                                                                                             The AFP/Essendon Football Club
          a precision riding display.              $17000 for St Vincent’s Hospital
                                                                                             Unity Cup Family Day is a big event
                                                   Renal and Oncology Units.
          The AFP Operational Response                                                       which the Melbourne Office has
          Group had the crowd enthralled           The AFP hosts Iftar dinners in both       been helping to run for the past two
          with its helicopter fast-roping          Sydney and Melbourne each year            years. In football-mad Melbourne,
          displays. Four members rappelled         to celebrate the breaking of the          competition for the Cup is hard-
          rapidly from the helicopter to the       fast during the Islamic month of          fought, but when participants
          ground from a height of around 36        Ramadan. The Sydney Office Iftar          are taking a break they can chat
          metres, and then discharged flash-       was awarded the Australian Muslim         with AFP members about the
          bang grenades and smoke bombs            Association Achievement Award             organisation, its activities and as a
          at a safe distance from the crowd.       2009 under the category ‘Event            career option for people from
                                                   of the Year’.                             all backgrounds.
          Large marquees housed displays
          from all areas of the AFP, from          Manager Sydney Office David               Manager Melbourne Office
          Recruitment to High Tech Crime.          Stewart said the Community                Alan Scott said the Unity Cup
          Visitors left at the end of the day      Liaison team’s work for events such       event helps to reinforce the
          with showbags crammed full               as the Harmony Cup, the Harris            relationship between the
          of information.                          Park Community Cricket Day and            community and the AFP.
                                                   the Haldon Street festival were
          AFP state and regional offices also                                                “This event is about fostering a
                                                   highlights of a busy calendar.
          held a variety of 30th anniversary                                                 mutual understanding and respect,
          events and invited present and past      “The opportunity to engage                and demonstrating the positive
          AFP members to help celebrate            communities on a variety of               ways police and culturally diverse
          the milestone. Brisbane Office held      levels through community liaison          communities are working together,”
          a happy-hour reunion event, Perth        projects like these enrich the AFP’s      Commander Scott said.
          Office and Sydney Airport AFP            appreciation of the cultural diversity
                                                                                             No matter where they are
          members both held functions with         that exists in Sydney and its
                                                                                             based, AFP members are
          key stakeholders as special guests,      surrounding regions,” Commander
                                                                                             keen to be involved with
          and Melbourne Office hosted              Stewart said.
                                                                                             their local communities, both
          a family day.
                                                                                             inside and outside the law
                                                                                             enforcement profession.

05                                                                           06                                       07
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Looking after our own                                                                                                             01
                                                                         01: The National Police Memorial 02: Police flagbearers from Australia
                                                                         and the Pacific region at the National Police Remembrance Day service.

     The AFP is dedicated to protecting the Australian community and upholding the
     law, and is also committed to supporting the families of officers who have died
     while on duty.
     The Chequered Ribbon Association        “The CRA strives to ensure that no       have been set up to perpetuate
     (CRA) was established in 2004 to        surviving spouse, partner or child of    the memory of AFP Chaplain
     perpetuate the memory of                an AFP member who died while on          Theo Freeth who passed away in
     AFP officers who died while             duty will ever feel forgotten or be in   November 2004, and Protective
     on duty, and to raise funds for         need of support,” he said.               Service Officer Adam Dunning who
     charitable purposes.                                                             was killed in December 2004
                                             The CRA raises funds through
                                                                                      while on patrol in the
     The board members of the CRA            various projects to help support
                                                                                      Solomon Islands.
     share a common goal to assist the       legatee families. Events include
     families of deceased colleagues         the annual Charity Ball, the Charity     One key annual CRA event is selling
     where possible.                         Golf Day and the sale of the ever        chequered ribbons to raise funds
                                             popular Kenny Koala, now in his          in conjunction with the National
     Janine Ferry joined the CRA
                                             5th edition to celebrate the AFP’s       Police Remembrance Day Service
     board in 2008 and is responsible
                                             30th anniversary. Many AFP staff         at the National Police Memorial
     for the welfare portfolio. Janine is
                                             make generous fortnightly payroll        in Canberra.
     a senior member of the AFP’s
                                             contributions to support the work
     Recognition and Ceremonial Team.
                                             of the CRA. Membership of the
     “I see the distress families            CRA is open to the public and AFP
     suffer in losing a loved one,”          members.
     Ms Ferry said.
                                             The CRA currently supports the
     “The CRA aims to assist these           broader AFP family by providing
     grieving families financially and       financial support for school fees,
     emotionally, be it for just one         making grants and reaching out
     month, one year or many years           to senior legatees. The CRA has
     after their loss, and being a board     also awarded scholarships to
     member allows me to directly assist     worthy applicants. The scholarships
     these families.”

     The CRA is governed by a
     constitution, which outlines specific

     purposes where funds will be used.
     Superintendent Nigel Phair
     is President of the CRA.

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