What Would Happen to the Otaku in the Future

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					What Would Happen to the Otaku in the Future?
With the increasingly serious environmental problems today, dwelling at home seems to have turned into a kind of homeopathic lifestyle. However,
Psychologists and health scientists considerably disapprove of this lifestyle that is over-deflected from the society. As they point out, "dwelling at
home" is not conducive to physical and mental health and even future life.

Research showed that loneliness would weaken body immune system, increase blood pressure and lead to the feelings of pressure and depression.
There is a certain gap between health status of a lonely person and that of a socially active person, which is similar to the gap between smokers and
non-smokers, obese patients and non-obese persons.

Otaku will isolate himself from the real world because he often pays more attention to the unreal world on the internet, which may lead to a new kind of
autism. The basic social skills of Otakus may deteriorate, and they even get computer autism, causing psychological obstacles. Let's take a look at the
human life in WALL E after 700 years: staying in the spacecraft all the day, as fat as a ball, only with short limbs, and even they had to rely on flying
chairs to walk.

Humanist infers that human evolution of physical structure will reach a golden time 1000 years later. And to cater to the habit of staying at home, the
height of human would develop into less than 170cm, and as for the body shape, it would become fatter, bold, with longer arms and shorter legs.
Besides, human beings would lose self-defense ability and the ability to communicate with his family and friends socially as we depend too much on
science and technology. What's worse, the basic human emotions would be lost.

Now, let's see if you have some of the following problems and whether you will slowly degrade or evolve into an ET!

Symptoms of degenerating: protuberant eyes and big ears. Most Otakus would like to use earphone to listen to the unstopped pop music, as a result,
the eardrum will be damaged and even the ability of hearing will reduce. In addition, if you used a computer for a long time, your eyes will become dry
and the dry-eye disease or keratitis will appear. Furthermore, a person with a high degree of myopia may easily suffer from retinal detachment.

Symptoms of degradation: shortening legs and softening waist. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time, the activity of muscles is lessened,
which would result in a decrease in the volume of circulating blood and amount of oxygen supply. Therefore, the muscles will become ache, loose,
weak or even atrophic. House men and women in the future would have soft bodies. Their legs would degrade into baby-like short limbs because of
sedentariness while the upper limbs would become long and powerful.

Degradation symptoms: disappearing vocal cord. As people are accustomed to communicate through the screen, they could type rapidly but would
have difficulty in speaking. While contact with people directly, human in the future would become slow in reacting, and their speech may often be
inaccurate and misleading.

Symptoms of degradation: a big head. Because of irregular break, the whole body as well as the brain will be at a strained state for a long time. And
then there will be disorders of nerve system, followed by dizziness, insomnia and other phenomena. Otakus in the future will have a bigger and bigger
head without hair.

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                             Seeing so many people join the group of otaku, the author shows her concern about the unhealthy lifestyle of them, and
cannot help thinking what would happen to those otakus. Here in the article, you could imagine with the author.  

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