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									                                                                                                                                                                                                    Balance as of September 30, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (In Bolivars)

Venezolano de Crédito, S.A., Banco Universal. Issued and Paid - in Capital Bs. 69,888,000. Reserves Bs. 399,744,628. RIF: J-000029709                                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                    Months Ended 09/30/2009                                                                                                                                                   Months Ended 09/30/2009
                                                                                                                 Venezuela´s    Consolidated with                                                                                                                                          Venezuela´s    Consolidated with
   Assets                                                                                                         Operations    Foreign Branches                              Liabilities                                                                                                   Operations    Foreign Branches
                                                                                                                                      and Offices                                                                                                                                                               and Offices
   Cash and Due from Banks                                                                                    1,366,799,997       1,371,477,933                               Customers’ Deposits                                                                                      4,636,787,259        4,798,921,358
   Cash                                                                                                         172,743,663         172,845,088                               Deposits in Current Accounts                                                                              3,118,540,943       3,203,559,447
   Banco Central de Venezuela                                                                                 1,037,907,536       1,037,907,536                               Non-Interest Bearing Current Accounts                                                                  1,739,036,106       1,739,036,106
   Domestic Banks and Other Financial Institutions                                                                    3,300                3,300                              Interest Bearing Current Accounts                                                                      1,379,504,837       1,464,523,341
   Foreign Banks and Correspondents                                                                               5,868,057           9,996,187                               Other Demand Obligations                                                                                    521,161,087         521,266,952
   Main Office and Branches                                                                                                0                    0                             Money Transaction Table Obligations                                                                                    0                    0
   Clearing House Funds                                                                                         150,277,441         150,725,822                               Savings Deposits                                                                                            811,229,288         811,229,288
   (Allowances for Cash and Due from Banks)                                                                                0                    0                             Time Deposits                                                                                                 4,346,868           4,691,067
   Investments Securities                                                                                     2,192,341,845       2,364,017,062                               Securities Issued by the Bank                                                                                          0                    0
   Placements in Banco Central de Venezuela and                                                                                                                               Restricted Customer´s Deposits                                                                               44,307,392         120,972,923
   Interbanking Transactions                                                                                  2,191,796,223                    2,192,903,448                  Rights and Participations on Securities                                                                     137,201,681         137,201,681
   Trading Securities                                                                                                     0                                0                  Obligations with Banco Central de Venezuela                                                                            0                    0
   Available for Sale Securities                                                                                    545,622                          585,750                  Deposits and Obligations with Banco Nacional de
   Held to Maturity Securities                                                                                            0                      150,635,271                  Vivienda y Habitat                                                                                                      0                               0
   Restricted Cash Investment                                                                                             0                       19,892,593                  Other Borrowings                                                                                               79,380,852                      79,380,852
   Other Securities                                                                                                       0                                0                  Obligations with Domestic Financial Institutions due in one year or less                                       41,828,660                      41,828,660
   (Allowance for Investment Securities)                                                                                  0                                0                  Obligations with Domestic Financial Institutions due over one year                                                      0                               0
   Loan Portfolio                                                                                             1,673,995,869                    1,673,996,125                  Obligations with Foreign Financial Institutions due in one year or less                                        36,744,780                      36,744,780
   Current Loans                                                                                              1,672,547,770                    1,672,547,770                  Obligations with Foreign Financial Institutions due over one year                                                       0                               0
   Restructured Loans                                                                                             2,267,697                        2,267,697                  Obligations resulting from other borrowings due in one year or less                                                     0                               0
   Past-due Loans                                                                                                15,659,595                       15,660,065                  Obligations resulting from other borrowings due over one year                                                     807,412                         807,412
   Loans in Litigation                                                                                           14,043,689                       14,043,689                  Other Financial Intermediation Obligations                                                                      1,563,686                       1,563,686
   (Allowance for Loan Portfolio)                                                                               -30,522,882                      -30,523,096                  Interest and Commissions Payable                                                                                  518,216                         518,228
   Interest and Commissions Receivable                                                                           24,576,056                       25,060,783                  Accrued Expenses for Customer´s Deposits                                                                          434,556                         434,568
   Accrued Interest Receivable from Cash and Due From Banks                                                           3,774                            3,777                  Accrued Expenses for Obligations with Banco Central de Venezuela                                                        0                               0
   Accrued Interest Receivable from Investments Securities                                                       11,231,875                       11,716,599                  Accrued Expenses for Deposits and Obligations with
   Accrued Interest Receivable from Loan Portfolio                                                               11,900,896                       11,900,896                  Banco Nacional de Vivienda y Habitat                                                                                   0                               0
   Comissions Receivable                                                                                          1,769,221                        1,769,221                  Accrued Expenses for Other Borrowings                                                                             83,660                          83,660
   Accrued Interest and Comissions Receivable from                                                                                                                            Accrued Expenses for Other Financial Intermediation Obligations                                                        0                               0
   Other Accounts Receivable                                                                                              0                                0                  Accrued Expenses for Obligations Other                                                                                 0                               0
   (Allowance for Accrued Interest Receivable and Other)                                                           -329,710                         -329,710                  Accrued Expenses for Subordinated Obligations                                                                          0                               0
   Investments in Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Branches                                                          15,781,428                                0                  Accruals and Other Liabilities                                                                                         0                               0
   Investments in Subsidiaries and Affiliates                                                                             0                                0                  Subordinated Obligations                                                                                     119,726,227                     118,757,893
   Investments in Branches                                                                                       15,781,428                                0                  Obligations Other                                                                                                      0                               0
   (Allowance for Investments in Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Branches)                                                   0                                0                  Total Liabilities                                                                                          4,837,976,240                   4,999,142,017
   Foreclosed Assets                                                                                              1,243,969                        1,243,969                  Operations                                                                                                    56,834,102                      56,834,102
   Premises and Equipments                                                                                       32,120,542                       32,120,542
   Other Assets
   Total Assets
                                                                                                                                                                              Stockholder´s Equity
                                                                                                                                                                              Capital Stock                                                                                                 69,888,000                       69,888,000
   Memorandum Accounts                                                                                                                                                        Paid-in Capital                                                                                               69,888,000                       69,888,000
                                                                                                                                                                              Obligations Convertible into Shares                                                                                    0                                0
   Contingent Debit Accounts                                                                                    315,761,289                      315,761,289                  Uncapitalized Equity Contributions                                                                            27,385,896                       27,385,896
   Trust Assets                                                                                               1,181,687,351                    1,181,687,351                  Capital Reserves                                                                                              91,373,149                       91,373,149
   Other Trust                                                                                                            0                                0                  Adjustment to Stockholders´ Equity                                                                                     0                                0
   Debit Accounts for Other Trust Charges                                                                                                                                     Retained Earnings                                                                                            273,378,213                      273,378,213
   (Housing Trust Fin Regime de Vivienda y Habitat)                                                                              0                               0            Unrealized Gain or Loss on Available for
   Other Debit Accounts of the Residential Housing                                                                                                                            Sale Securities                                                                                                7,607,370                       7,607,370
   Savings Plan                                                                                                           0                                0                  (Treasury Stock)                                                                                                       0                               0
   Other Debit Memorandum Accounts                                                                            4,534,079,587                    4,534,303,620                  Total Stockholders´ Equity                                                                                   469,632,628                     469,632,628
   Other Debit Registration Accounts                                                                                      0                                0                  Total Liabilities and Stockholders´ Equity                                                                 5,364,442,970                   5,525,608,747

   Trust Assets                                            (Details)                                                                                                                                                                 Complementary Information
                                                                                                                 Public, State, Municipal                           Entities and Other                                               Transferred Investments                                                                75,798,319
   Type of                                                    Corporate        Central                                       and Central                          Entities with Special                                              Loans to Agricultural Sector                                                           30,320,500
   Trust                             Individuals                Entities Administration                                  Administrations                                        Regime                      Total                    Accumulated Loans to Agricultural Sector                                              340,109,309
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Deposits of Official Entities                                                          59,955,186
   Investment                            946,666     9,194,385                                         0                                          0                                  0    10,141,051                                 Micro Credits                                                                          55,410,294
   Guaranty                                    0    37,114,344                                         0                                          0                                  0    37,114,344                                 Loans to Tourism Sector in Accordance to the
   Administration                      1,219,378 1,079,354,670                                         0                                     48,645                            423,954 1,081,046,647                                 Legislation in Force                                                                    47,046,581
   Mixed                                       0             0                                         0                                          0                                  0             0                                 Mortgages in Accordance to the Special Law on
   Others                                      0             0                                         0                                          0                                  0             0                                 Protection to the Mortgage Creditor                                                    99,161,728
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Return on Assets                                                                           9.69%
                           Total       2,166,044 1,125,663,399                                         0                                     48,645                            423,954 1,128,302,042                                 Loans Granted to Manufacturing Industry                                               107,461,971

   Statement of Published Earnings from Jul 01, 2009 to Sep 30, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                          (In Bolívars)

                                                                                                                     Months Ended 09/30/2009                                                                                                                                                   Months Ended 09/30/2009
                                                                                                                  Venezuela´s    Consolidated with                                                                                                                                          Venezuela´s    Consolidated with
                                                                                                                   Operations    Foreign Branches                                                                                                                                            Operations    Foreign Branches
                                                                                                                                       and Offices                                                                                                                                                               and Offices
   Financial Income                                                                                              130,097,075         130,541,752                              Net Financial Margin                                                                                          95,136,923          95,579,001
   Cash and Due from Banks                                                                                                  0               1,311                             Other Operating Income                                                                                        42,413,887          42,565,447
   Investments Securities                                                                                         38,245,919          38,689,285                              Other Operating Expenses                                                                                       3,422,283           3,739,124
   Loan Portfolio                                                                                                 87,467,445          87,467,455                              Financial Intermediation Margin                                                                              134,128,530         134,405,324
   Other Accounts Receivable                                                                                       1,020,562           1,020,562                              Less-Operating Expenses                                                                                       76,935,956          77,134,168
   Investments in Subsidiaries, Affiliates and                                                                                                                                Personnel                                                                                                     41,662,383          41,669,782
   Branches                                                                                                                 0                               0                 General and Administrative                                                                                    28,461,728          28,652,541
   Main Office and Branches                                                                                                 0                               0                 Contributions to Fondo de Garantía de Depositos y
   Other                                                                                                            3,363,149                       3,363,149                 Protección Bancaria                                                                                              5,225,869                       5,225,869
   Financial Expenses                                                                                              32,764,844                      32,767,338                 Contributions to Superintendencia de Bancos y Otras
   Customers´ Deposit                                                                                              32,456,985                      32,459,748                 Instituciones Financieras                                                                                       1,585,976                       1,585,976
   Obligations with Banco Central de Venezuela                                                                              0                               0                 Gross Operating Margin                                                                                         57,192,574                      57,271,156
   Deposits and Obligations with Banco                                                                                                                                        Income from Foreclosed Assets                                                                                   2,538,736                       2,538,736
   Nacional de Vivienda y Habitat                                                                                           0                               0                 Income from Special Programs                                                                                            0                               0
   Other Borrowings                                                                                                   160,103                         160,104                 Miscellaneous Operating Income                                                                                  2,369,339                       2,372,550
   Other Financial Intermediation Obligations                                                                          94,122                          94,122                 Expenses for Foreclosed Assets                                                                                    415,534                         415,534
   Underlying Obligations                                                                                                   0                               0                 Expenses for Depreciation, Amortization and Impaired
   Others Obligations                                                                                                       0                               0                 Miscellaneous Assets                                                                                                    0                               0
   Main Office and Branches                                                                                                 0                               0                 Miscellaneous Operating Expenses                                                                                1,880,564                       1,944,117
   Other                                                                                                               53,634                          53,634                 Net Operating Margin                                                                                           59,804,551                      59,822,791
   Gross Financial Margin                                                                                          97,332,231                      97,774,414                 Extraordinary Income                                                                                              125,551                         125,551
   Income from Recovery of Financial Assets                                                                            12,580                          12,580                 Extraordinary Expenses                                                                                            296,000                         314,240
   Expenses for Uncollectible and Impaired Financial Assets                                                         2,207,885                       2,207,993                 Gross Income Before Income Taxes                                                                               59,634,102                      59,634,102
   Uncollectible Loans and Other Accounts Receivable                                                                2,207,885                       2,207,993                 Income Taxes                                                                                                    2,800,000                       2,800,000
   Allowances and Adjustments                                                                                               0                               0                 Net Income                                                                                                     56,834,102                      56,834,102

   Financial Ratios
  1. Stockholders´ Equity                                        2. Banking Solvency and Assets´ Quality                                 3. Management                                                    4. Profitability                                                5. Liquidity
       (Stockholders´ Equity                                         Allowance for Investment                                                     (Personnel Expenses +
           + Operations)                                                    Securities                                                              Operating Expenses)                                               Net Income                                                     Current Assets
   1.1                       x 100 = 9.81                        2.1                          x 100 = 1.79                               3.1                                   x 100 = 7.45               4.1                                 x 100 = 5.31                5.1                                x 100 = 29.48
           Total Assets                                                Gross Loan Portfolio                                                       Average Yielding Asset                                             Average Asset                                              Deposits from the Public
                                                                                                                                                   (Personnel Expenses +                                                                                                      (Current Assets+Investments in
          Non-Yielding Assets                                           Gross Immobilized Portfolio                                                 Operating Expenses)                                               Net Income                                                 Negotiable Instruments)
   1.2                         x 100 = 279.26                    2.2                                x 100 = 1.74                         3.2                                   x 100 = 48.28              4.2                          x 100 = 60.83                      5.2                                x 100 = 76.76
         (Stockholders´ Equity                                            Gross Loan Portfolio                                                       Financial Income                                            Average Stockholder´s                                             Customer´s Deposits
             + Operations)                                                                                                                                                                                              Equity

   Management Board
   President                          Jorge Almándoz Marte                 Agustín Gabaldón                      Principal Commissaires
   Oscar García Mendoza               Olga M. Berrizbeitia Pérez           José Pío Hernández                    Aura Elena Agüero
   Principal Directors                Ramón Abascal Alvarez                Jorge Nevett Gimón                    Hermann Jost
   José Rafael Lovera                 Alternate Directors                  Germán García-Velutini                Alternate Commissaires
   Rafael Alfonzo Hernández           Gonzalo Parra Aranguren              Joaquín Urbano Berrizbeitia           Maigualida Cisneros                     Joaquín Urbano Berrizbeitia                  César A. Briceño López                           Rosa Francia González                              Vicente A. Alvis Salas
                                                                           Luisa Urbano Berrizbeitia                                                           President (E)                                Secretary                                      Controller (E)                                      Accountant
   José Manuel Velutini               (de permiso)                                                               Adriana Rojo

   Branches and Service Offices: Caracas - Venezolano de Crédito Casa Matriz: Urb. San Bernardino, Av. Alameda, Edif. Venezolano de Crédito, P.B. Telf.                       Valencia Zona Industrial Av. Henry Ford, C.C. Boulevard Industrial Municipal. Anaco Sector Noreste del Parcelamiento Anaco, entre Av. Lara y Av. José Antonio
   806.6111. Oficina Centro: Sur 2, Nº 7, Monjas a San Francisco. Sucursales: Del Oeste Av. España, Nº 29, Catia. La Trinidad Centro Comercial Sorocaima, Av.                 Anzoátegui. Barquisimeto (Los Leones) Av. Los Leones con C. Madrid, dentro de la Policlínica Barquisimeto, Edo. Lara. Valencia El Viñedo Boulevard Los
   La Trinidad con Calle San Miguel. Bello Monte Res. Balpeca, Esquina Calles Las Ciencias y Edison. Chacao Edif. EXA, Av. Libertador. El Paraiso Centro Plaza                Naranjos, Urb. El Viñedo. Maracay Las Delicias Urb. Base Aragua, Av. Gral. Páez con 2ª Tranvs. La Victoria C.C. Ciudad Morichal entre Av. La Victoria y Av. El
   Páez. San Luis Centro Comercial San Luis. Mata de Coco Centro Comercial Mata de Coco. San Bernardino Av. Vollmer, Edif. C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas.                   Peaje. EPA Turmero Av. Intercomunal de Turmero, Edo. Aragua. Puerto La Cruz Las Garzas Torre BVC entre Intercomunal A. Bello y A. Vespucio. Makro Mérida
   Galerías Bolívar Boulevard de Sabana Grande. Las Mercedes Edif. BVC, Calle Londres. Mene Grande Av. Francisco de Miranda, Edif. Mene Grande. Sebucan                       Av. Centenario, Mérida. Makro Charallave Av. Intercomunal de Charallave, Sector Paseo Real. Punto Fijo Edif. Sede Telcel, Av. Pumarosa con C. José L.
   Av. Rómulo Gallegos, Edif. Las Américas, Locales A, B y C. La Lagunita Av. Sur, Zona B. Av. Libertador Centro Comercial Av. Libertador, entre C. Negrín y Av.              Chirinos, Edo. Falcón. Makro El Tigre Av. Intercomunal El Tigre-El Tigrito, Edo. Anzoátegui. Makro Paraguaná Carretera Los Taques, Sector El Taparo, Punto Fijo,
   Libertador, Nivel P2. Prados del Este Av. Paseo, Centro Comercial El Morichal. La Estancia Av. La Estancia Edif. Torre Diamen, Chuao. Los Ruices Av Ppal. de               Edo. Falcón. EPA La Granja C.C. La Granja, Av. Universidad, Valencia. Porlamar C.C. Rattan Plaza, Edo. Nueva Esparta. Makro Valera Autopista Valera, Edo.
   Los Ruices cruce con 1ª Transv., Edif. Principal. La Urbina Calle 10, Edif. Anauco. Guarenas Centro Comercial Buenaventura, Av. Intercomunal Guarenas-Guatire.             Trujillo. Makro Barinas Edo. Barinas. Puerto La Cruz Pozuelos Av. Nueva Esparta, Sector Las Venecias, Edo. Anzoátegui. Makro El Vigía Carretera
   Av. Urdaneta entre Punceres y Plaza España. La Florida Av. Andrés Bello, Res. Lido, P.B. Los Palos Grandes Av. Andrés Bello, con 4ª Tranvs. Boleíta Av.                    Panamericana, Edo. Mérida. Makro Valle de La Pascua Av. Rómulo Gallegos, Edo. Guárico. Makro Porlamar Av. Francisco Fajardo, Vía El Valle, Edo. Nueva
   Rómulo Gallegos, C/C Las Palmas, Local 3, Centro Gerencial Los Andes. Cumbres de Curumo C.C. Cumbres de Curumo, P.B. El Rosal Av. Francisco de                             Esparta. Cagua C. Sabana Larga con C. Cagigal, C.C. Trinidad Plaza. Mérida Av. Andrés Bello, C.C. Europlaza, Urb. Las Delicias. Makro Acarigua Av.
   Miranda, Av. Tamanaco con C. Mohedano, Centro Seguros Sud América, P.B.-M. La Castellana Edif. Centro Letonia, Torre ING Bank, Av. Eugenio Mendoza y San                   Vencedores de Araure, Edo. Portuguesa. Makro Cumaná Av. Rotaria con Av. Carúpano. Makro Barquisimeto Av. Las Industrias. Makro Valencia entre Dist. San
   Felipe, La Castellana. Carrizal Centro Médico Docente Los Altos. EPA San Martín Av. San Martín, Urb. Industrial San Martín. EPA Los Ruices Calle A, Zona                   Diego y San Blas.
   Industrial Los Ruices. Los Naranjos Av. El Paují, C.C. Galerías Los Naranjos, Nivel Plaza. Macaracuay C.C. Macaracuay Plaza, Nivel C-2. Excelsior Gama Plus                In Company Branches: Procter & Gamble, Sorokaima. Procter & Gamble, Barquisimeto. Procter & Gamble, Guatire. Hewlett Packard, Los Palos Grandes.
   Santa Eduvigis. Centro Expreso C.C. Expreso, Chacaíto. Excelsior Gama Santa Fe C.C. Santa Fe.                                                                              Alimentos Kellogg´s, Maracay. ABB, Los Ruices. Telcel, Caracas. Parmalat, Caracas. Sincor Jose, Anzoátegui. El Universal, Caracas. Johnson&Johnson, Caracas.
   Interior: Valencia Av. Bolívar, Edif. 109-18. Barquisimeto Carrera 19, entre 14 y 15. San Cristóbal C.C. Boulevard Pirineos, P.B. Maracaibo Av. Bella Vista con            Sincor, Caracas. Sincor, Pariaguán. Bigott, Los Dos Caminos. Bayer, El Rosal. Febeca , Valencia. Leopoldo Aguerrevere, Caracas. EPA Central, Valencia. Río
   C. 76. Puerto Ordaz C. Guri cruce con C. Cuchivero. Ciudad Ojeda Carretera N con Av. Intercomunal, frente al Centro Médico Lagunillas. El Tigre Av.                        Turbio, Barquisimeto.
   Intercomunal El Tigre, San José de Guanipa. Maturín Av. Bolívar con C. 4, Nº 30. Maracaibo Zona Industrial Edif. Wilera I, Nº 115-130, P.B., Circunvalación Nº 2.          Abroad: Grand Cayman Walker House, 87 Mary Street, George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-9002, Cayman Islands.

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