How To Generate Leads With Articles

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How To Generate Leads With Articles By Meredith Liepelt

Writing and distributing articles is an extremely effective way of generating leads and building your business. Article marketing is a term that means that you write articles on topics that your target market is interested in and submit them online to search engines. When people search for advice or information online regarding your topic, a link to your article will pop up. If you are already writing articles for your ezine, you can easily leverage your work by submitting your articles online. Here's how it works: 1. Write an article on a topic your target market commonly has questions about. 2. Submit your article online through an article submission resource or service. 3. When someone enters search terms (words that you use in your article) into a search engine like Google or Yahoo, a link to your article pops up. 4. Readers click on your article and receive the information they need directly from you - the expert! 5. Your target market is introduced to you through your article. Then they read your "resource box" at the end of your articles that leads them to your web site, where they can subscribe to your ezine and receive your special report. (See below for my resource box and feel free to model it for your articles.) 6. Bingo! You have another warm lead added to your ezine subscription list! This is a very powerful marketing strategy, but it is time consuming to submit articles to many different directories. To bypass this process, you can use an article submission service. If you do not use a submission service, you will want to hire a Virtual Assistant to submit articles for you because it's quite time consuming. There are many free article submission sites that your Virtual Assistant can submit your articles to, but do your due diligence so you know if your time is well spent with their service. Your virtual assistant may have a list of article submission sites that they use for their clients. Don't forget to submit to social networking sites. You can create websites using sites like hubpages and squidoo.
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Also, don't forget that many traditional newspapers and magazines look for articles as well! I've had articles published in trade magazines also. Think about local newspapers that accept articles from the community. In fact, if you can become a guest columnist, go for it! You're the expert, so showcase your expertise!

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6 Ways to Generate Leads Online By Lisa Cowell

The only way to succeed in generating leads online is for you to create a sound lead capturing strategy that works for your business' unique needs. There are many ways you can do this. However, the tools and strategies you use will depend largely on the kind of business you have and the products or services you promote. Knowing the best strategies to generate leads online can help you build a stronger business and be rewarded with a venture that can allow you to be financially secure. Here are some practical tips that can help you master the art of how to generate leads online: Focus on getting targeted leads. When you're trying to generate leads online, remember that without a clear definition of your target market, you'll find that you will have a lot of difficulty generating enough quality leads. You could generate leads, all right and while there may be a large number there, you will probably convert only a few. Imagine how frustrating that can be - for all that effort you put in, there's only a small amount of achievement you can consider useful. Generate leads from your website. Having your own website allows you a lot of flexibility and control regarding the strategies and tools you use. You can, for example, use as much as you like or limit the number of tools you utilize. This can help you design a strategy that feeds the unique requirements of your business. That way, you get the results that you can truly make use of. Extend your promotions with a blog. Another excellent way to generate leads online is to use a blog. Blogs offer a much more personalized way to approach leads. They're lighter in tone and yet contain all the necessary information that prospects need to decide whether or not the business opportunity is right for them or not. When using this technique to generate leads online, just make sure to update the blog as frequently as you can and post only content that promotes your business' reputation. You need to bring people in to show them the advantage of signing up with you. If your blog is not persuasive, all that posting will be useless. Tap your contacts. The advantage of using your contacts as a starting point for generating leads online is that there is an existing familiarity with you. Your contacts are more likely to know and understand what exactly it is you need for your business. As such, they are more likely to generate the leads you're trying to target. Your network of contacts can be a rich source of quality leads. You just have to identify clearly the correct demographics. Use press releases.

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Press releases are online articles created in the style of a news item. They lack the personalized tone of write-ups usually reserved for this purpose. However, they do as excellent a job as articles in promoting a business. Press releases appear on different websites, which makes it important to choose the kind of channels to use very carefully. If it's well written, contains all the necessary information and is persuasive enough, it can be a very effective way to generate leads online. Mind your ethics. It's easy to fall into the temptation to abuse the system of generating leads online. After all, it tends to work perfectly well initially. However, it's best you stick to more ethical practices. Violating unwritten laws about what constitutes appropriate business practices can boomerang and hit you in the face. Implementing ethical business practices is a more polite way to show that you are legitimate and trustworthy.

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