How To Boost Your Affiliate Income Overnight With Affiliate Link Cloaking! by toriola1


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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How To Boost Your Affiliate Income Overnight With Affiliate Link Cloaking! By Christopher Stigson

Most affiliates are losing 1 out of every 4 sales... That's 25% in lost sales. That's very, very bad if you think about the time and money these affiliates invest into their marketing. That's the bad news, but the good news is that there are tools that instantly generate safe affiliate links in a cloaked format, so they can save the sales they are losing, without even knowing it. These tools are called affiliate link cloakers and are created to protect from affiliate link theft. They are usually designed by coders or programmers in various formats, such as HTML, PHP or just a simple .exe file you download to windows. There are many different versions, paid and free. They usually do different things, and you get what you pay for. Going for the free ones may not always be the best alternative, because there is usually limited usability or missed features that paid versions have. An affiliate link cloaker covers your affiliate link so that it looks more attractive for visitors to click and buy using that link. It hides your link, so that even if you show the source code or try to save the page, there's no way for the visitors to see your affiliate ID, thus makes it impossible for them to steal your commissions. However, there are some downsides. If the person is out there to steal your affiliate commissions they WILL steal you affiliate commissions. There's no way to stop those thieves from taking your money, sorry! So you can only protect yourself to a certain degree. However, getting the best affiliate link cloaker is ideal. Many of the affiliate cloaks out there use similar methods, but there are some that use unique ways of cloaking the affiliate link. Some are SIMPLE to use and some are difficult to use... No matter what you decide, you want to have a link cloaker to some degree. Even guru's are using free ones that make your url shorter, but it doesn't allow you to change the link if you are going to use it at a later stage. The free online services that are made for you can be good for cloaking your affiliate link and I recommend using them if you are not using one right now, as having something is better than nothing.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
And having protected your affiliate links may increase your sales by as much as 400%, even if you do not know what you are doing...

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Link Cloaking And Link Tracking - Are They The Same? By Christopher Stigson

? Link cloaking and link tracking are often confused with each other. Though both are useful tools to maximize your profits from affiliate marketing, yet they are two entirely different things. Link Tracking Link tracking, as the name suggests, is mainly about tracking the activity of the user who clicks on the link. That is the reason why it is sometimes also referred to as ad tracking. The link tracking script or software program allows you to track whether the user clicking on the link is making the purchase or not. The advanced programs will also let you know complete detail about that user, such as the IP address, the geographical location, and other such things. This type of information will assist you in improving your strategies to increase your profits. Link Cloaking Affiliate link cloaking also helps to maximize your earning, but in a different way. It is in fact more about protecting your earning than increasing the same. As the term suggests, it is a process to cloak the link so that the users do not realize that they are actually clicking on an affiliate link. If the link is not cloaked, a user can easily recognize that it is an affiliate link. When they click on the link, they can see in the address bar that they have been redirected to a different website. What is more, if the user has a little of technical know-how, he/she can also go to the source code and see your affiliate links. Nobody can ever resist the temptation to earn easy money online, especially when the opportunity is right there. For example, if you are a Clickbank affiliate and the user is also an affiliate from the same network, he/she will simply replace your affiliate ID with his/her own ID. When they make the purchase this way, the commission goes into their account rather than yours. This is more technically and commonly referred to as link hijacking. You can protect your income by choosing to clock your affiliate links. When a link is cloaked thoroughly, it can never be hijacked. However, it entirely depends upon which type of link cloaking technique you are using. If you are trying to save some bucks by using the free scripts, you are probably still at risk. If you are serious about your affiliate marketing venture, you should always use a paid link cloaking software program from a reputed company.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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