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Home Business Idea


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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Home Business Idea By Daren Burbridge

Are you looking for a home business idea but don't want to get your fingers burnt? Assuming that you have yet to try the normal starters like envelope stuffing, telephone answering services etc and that you have not sent money to find out about how you can make millions then you are at the right place. A typical home business idea on the net includes many of these types of scam's, I personally was bitten for over £3000 of scam's when I first started looking around 6 years ago. I did send off money for the envelope stuffing and guess what I got back the same old thing as you do now. Stuff these envelopes with the same advert I responded to and send them back to us, we will pay you £15 for every 100 you send back. So I did exactly what I was asked and stuff 1000 envelopes waited for my £150, and waited and waited; I eventually got a letter back stating that I had not put the label on in the right place on all the letters and got a cheque for £20 for the time it took me to stuff the envelopes. I bet they made a packet from my hard labour. You'll be surprised to know that I did not fill any more envelopes. So what did I do? Well I started a website business; selling mobile phone accessories; covers, headsets etc etc. I used eBay to get my customers initially and then gave them information about my website with the delivery. Importing the accessories for around 80p each and selling them in packs of 5 for £15 to £20 each. After only six months I was sending between 20 and 50 packages a day and enjoyed a very good income. Making money online with a home business idea is simple, but you need to think outside the box a little; use the facilities available to you that are cost effective. eBay sales may cost you a little bit of money each time but you get a customer and their repeat business if you look after them well enough. If you look at the negatives(these are generally excuses) all the time then you will probably fail. Get a plan and stick to it. If you buy an online business some of the products will be expensive some won't not one supplier can give you the best price on everything; find 20-30 products that you compete with and promote these to the hilt, this will bring you customers and with customers comes repeat business and with repeat business comes profit. Consider this, most of us have seen the adverts on TV from Boots who offer 3 for 2 on selected items,
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
do you really think they make massive profits on these items? Well no! These draw the customers into the shops, hey and guess what you have to walk past the profitable items to get to the 3 for 2 offers and if you are not careful you will find yourself picking up other items whilst you are there getting 3 for the price of two on the others! Think about it a little how do you think that Boots make £Millions each year?

Starting a home business idea can be an easy way to earn extra money online, but how do you become successful in this arena?  With no experience it can be easy to fail, this article will give you a starting idea and run through some of the scams people get caught by. http://www.dpbuk.co.uk

1st Treasures Home Business A TreasureChest of Home Business Resources and Opportunities! Page 2

Presented by Daniel Toriola
Exploring Unique Ways To Make Money At Home By Dustin H Cannon

Many people are interested in a work at home business idea outside of the confines of selling products or hosting home parties. There are definitely many unique ways to bring home money without resorting to a conventional or well-known work at home business idea. Telecommuting jobs are one popular work at home business idea. Basically, a telecommuting job is a job in which the employer allows the employee to work from home. Many of the most sought after jobs of this type tend to be in the areas of data entry or internet research, but there are many various ways in which one can telecommute as a work at home business idea. With the advance of the internet, another work at home business idea that sometimes is profitable is being a mediator for an online chat room or web discussion board. It would be wise to first gain experience by trying your hand at moderating one or two sites as an unpaid position. Then, once you feel you are familiar and generally qualified, you can start looking for a work at home business idea online such as moderating existing discussion boards or chat rooms. Another work at home business idea is freelance writing. This does require a fair amount of skill, but if you have a talent for writing, there are ways to turn this into a work at home business idea. Many websites are looking for article content from freelance writers for websites, blogs and e-zines, and this is another work at home business idea that has proved profitable for savvy writers. Medical billing or transcription is another work at home business idea that is a fantastic solution for those who would like to run their business from home. This is another work at home business idea that usually requires some type of training. There are many courses that charge large amounts of money, and some of these are also fraudulent operations designed to target those looking for a work at home business idea. If you are interested in medical billing or transcription as a work at home business idea, it may be more beneficial to check with your local college and see if there are any classes offered. Additionally, if you are looking for a work at home business idea, it might be worthwhile to find internet bulletin boards that allow you to post your resume online. This can lead to a work at home business idea through the contact information and qualifications you have specified on the internet. Because the internet is such a busy place where many people are looking for a work at home business idea, it is helpful to spend some time each day devoted to your search for the best possible job. This way, you will be able to take your time, sort through any potentially fraudulent job claims, and observe how legitimately hiring companies work. Don't be discouraged if it seems that every other work at home business idea you see does not measure up to what you would like. The good jobs do tend to be more rare, but there is a work at home business idea out there that will work perfectly for you! Learn how to start your own home business online earning multiple streams of income at http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-0

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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