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Free Email Leads Where To Get Them... By Jason Szova

Getting leads is nothing new to online business's. But you have a few choices in how you can go about getting them. In this article I am going to share with you 5 ways on how to get leads for your business for free. The best thing about it is once you set these strategies in motion you will to continue to get sign ups,even when your not doing anything... That is the power of automation. So lets dive into some great strategies on how you can build free email leads for your business. Step 1. Use high traffic sites to build your list in this example I am going to use yahoo answers as a example. How to use yahoo answers? Finding your niche is easy just scroll down to your area of expertise and look for related questions that you can answer and as the source show them an article you have on your website or that you wrote on the subject. By giving them a link to your article you will take them to your website. Hopefully you have set up a lead capture form on your site so they can sign up to your newsletter. Do you see how simple that is... Answer 5 questions a day and you have 25 back links to your website in one week for 20 minutes of work that you can do in the morning. Step 2. Using classified ads to build opt in leads? Now this can be done... But you have to do it right. When posting to most classified sites you're not allowed to directly link to the url or website so this is what your going to do. Create an email address and forward it to your email host (whoever sends mail for you) say in the ad that if they want your free report send a blank email to also tell the person in the ad that they are going to have to confirm there email address to receive the report. Put follow ups in your email list host and there you go,you are now added subscribers to your list. Word of caution: Always read classified ads policies before posting your ad...

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Step 3. Use Web 2.0. Every time you post to your blog send your post to all the social book marking websites. If you put an opt in box on your website you should start building subscribers at a stead pace as more traffic comes to your blog. Step 4. Implement forum posting into your daily duties to get free email leads. Quick tip: do not sell anything ever. Simple help people and ask questions. After you have answered and asked some question's put your signature at the bottom of every post again read the forum rules before posting. The idea is to be a useful person in the niche community not a drain. So just be a good person and never sell anything and you should be fine. Step 5. Article Marketing is still a good and effective way to build a business as long as you give good tips that educate people on subjects you should be fine again. Don't sell anything in your article. Just use your bio box at the bottom of your article. There you have it, 5 tips to getting free email leads to your business.

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Triple Your Web Leads With Email Auto-Capture By Dave Czach

Triple Your Web Leads With Email Auto-Capture by Dave Czach

Cary, NC - Converting a website to a direct marketing machine on steroids is easier than previously thought. However, it seems many companies still don't understand the awesome marketing power of the internet. Thus, they are actually losing leads. There are two things every website needs to have to triple their sales leads. First, a means to capture the visitors email address without trickery. Second, send follow-up email that offers value to the visitor without a hard sell. To avoid wasted advertising dollars, you need to set up your new infrastructure. Capturing the visitors email address is accomplished by using a simple script written in javascript. When someone visits the website, a small "alert" box pops up (not a web page) and offers a free report or other freebie relative to your website. The visitor either clicks "OK" or "Cancel" to continue. If they click "OK," their email software is activated. Then they click "Send" to subscribe to your email list or newsletter to retreive their freebie. Now you have captured their email address for further valuable offers. Follow-up email is required to seal the deal. It is widely known in marketing circles the average person sees an ad 5-7 times before acting upon it. Your follow-up email would be more free reports relative to your website with a couple 5-line ads in the middle of the report and at the end. As your visitor reads their useful information, they will view your ad. There you have it. No more wasted advertising dollars. You can now have your very own automated marketing website on steroids.

Dave Czach is a 12-year ex-Mortgage Banker/Direct Marketerturned author/publisher. He can be reached at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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