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Consistent Website Traffic Through Web 2.0 By George Best

Web 2.0 is the big buzz in website traffic these days. For those of you who aren't yet familiar with what Web 2.0 is, for online marketing purposes, basically it is a shift away from website design and marketing tactics directed at search engine rankings and towards designing sites and using marketing tactics to appeal directly to the intended end-users. Web 2.0, also called "social marketing" is a conglomeration of news sharing sites, social networking sites, content sharing sites, and anything else that allows direct interaction between people on the internet. It's really "word of mouth" marketing in the online world. While most successful websites continue to get a significant amount of their traffic from search engines, relying on search engine traffic (generated either through "organic" placement in search listings or through paid placements through systems like Google Adwords), can be a risky and/or expensive proposition. Just because a site is #1 on Google today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. In fact, a slight change in a search engine's algorithm could take your site from #1 to #100 (or 1000, or 1 million) overnight, and the majority of your traffic could literally vanish. If you're relying on paid advertising like Adwords, you may have noticed that competition for good keywords is constantly increasing, and therefore the cost of purchasing good placement for your ads is likewise rising steadily.

By comparison, sites that get the majority of their traffic through Web 2.0 techniques are much more stable and maintain a low overhead. There are a couple of big advantages of using Web 2.0. First, you generate free links to your site, and that tends to help your search engine placements. Second, your site gets direct exposure to your target market - for free! Why do you want good search engine placement in the first place? So your target market will find your site, right? Well Web 2.0 puts your site in front of your target market AND helps improve your search engine rankings at the same time! OK,Web 2.0 sounds good so far, so why isn't everyone doing it? Well, because there's one small hitch. Marketing your site effectively with Web2.0 techniques is a lot of work and is very time consuming. So, if you're looking for easy money and want the ultimate "get rich quick" system, Web 2.0 marketing is definitely not for you. On the other hand, if you don't mind working hard consistently for a year or two to build an authority site that gets consistently huge traffic and can be monetized any number of ways for ongoing high profits, Web 2.0 is probably not only the best way to go, it's rapidly becoming the ONLY way to go.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
To do Web 2.0 effectively, you need to have some resources and tools at the ready. First and foremost, you'll need a list of all the social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, news submission sites, blogs, video sharing sites, etc. in the niche you are working in. There are various sources for this information, including searching Google for key words in your niche, and also searching terms like "social networking". One of the best sources for this information that I've found is "The Authority Black Book", by Jack Humphrey, which is available as a free download (see my resource box for more information). Second, although you can of course do everything manually, using Web 2.0 effectively is time consuming, so you'll benefit considerably by using whatever tools you can find to at least partially automate the process of both creating content to attract prospects in your niche and for submitting your content links to the various Web 2.0 sites you want to target. Various tools are available for speeding up link submission and generating "buzz" for your content, which increases your popularity on the Web 2.0 sites, increasing your visibility and links to your site, which ultimately provides SEO benefits. Some of these tools are competely free, such as Onlywire and SocialMarker, which allow you to submit a link to any URL on your site to mutiple sites simultaneously (once you've set up accounts at all of those sites you are using these tools to submit to). By putting in the hard work initially and streamlining the process of content generation and promotion whenever possible, you will reach a point where you get strong traffic to your site on a consistent basis through your Web 2.0 efforts and are no longer subject to the whims of the search engines.

George Best maintains several websites on a variety of topics.  To obtain your free download of "The Authority Black Book" - THE reference for Web 2.0 marketing, visit .

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What to Expect From Your Web Designer By Jordan FeRoss

Many web designers have an online company that is not achieving the results they want. Their website may look fantastic to them but they can’t figure out why they do not have the traffic they expected. Texas Web designers can provide the perfect advice for making a website successful and offer solutions to help any website succeed on the internet. Their services can include an evaluation of ways to improve your website, get more traffic, and higher search engine rankings. An evaluation is the first step Texas web designers will take when working on a website. They will examine all of the web pages in a site and make sure they function properly. They will make sure the website is easy for visitors to navigate and determine if the site’s content is confusing or easy to understand. They will check the links on the website to make sure they are not broken and that everything points to where it should. Consistency is an important part of web design. Texas web designers will check that that every page throughout the website is consistent and implement necessary changes. Each webpage should have a consistent design and color scheme so they look unified and not confuse visitors. Too many style changes will make visitors think they have left your website when they are still on it. A business logo is also an important part of consistency and should be displayed on every page. It takes trained eyes to detect the reasons why a website is not performing well. There are many common problems that cause a website to fail, and the lack of good content is one of the biggest reasons websites perform poorly. Texas web designers provide more than just website design advice, they also provide content. The content on a website is responsible for where the website ranks in search engines, gives a website credibility, and gives visitors a reason to stick around and come back. Content is the most important aspect of a successful website, and even a website with a great design cannot succeed without it. Texas web designers can do much more for a website than just build web pages; they can fix a website, provide content, and help a website to become a successful online business. This type of business works hard to market websites and ensure that clients are known around the web for the products or services they offer. The right marketing builds a positive reputation for a website and brings in traffic and customers. If you think your website doesn’t need Texas web designers to help you build your online business, it is important to consider all the things they can do for you. There are many aspects of a website which makes it successful including functionality, navigation, design, marketing, and content. The right web design company will provide more than just web page design and will also include quality content that helps retain customers and boost search engine ranking, articles and announcements to spread the word about your business, a higher site ranking, and more. This Article is brought to you by Jordan FeRoss whom is a part of the Texas Web Designers Team at Reach A Web. For more information about SEO Web Design Contact them at 1-888-699-3233 or at

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