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					Safe and Happy Car Travel with Children When you travel with your children, no matter what the occasion or holiday, preparations can sometimes be overwhelming. We want everyone to arrive safely at their destination, so here are some tips to getting the family through car travel safe and sound to enjoy your holiday. * Be sure to take your car to the garage for a quick inspection (oil, antifreeze, brakes, and tires) before you leave. Have all fluids topped up, and any recommended repairs done before you leave. * Make sure you have updated maps or printed directions in the glove box of your vehicle. It might also be a good idea to plan out your rest stop areas in advance * Check weather forecasts a few days before you leave to give you ample time to get any extra supplies, or plan for extra travel time. You should already have an emergency kit in the truck of your vehicle which contains some essentials; a small shovel, blankets, a first aid kid, a flashlight, trail mix or other hearty snack and bottled water. * Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Make sure you have your Automobile Association card in your wallet or glove box in case you need to contact roadside assistance. * You may not be able to avoid traffic jams resulting from accidents or other emergencies, but you can plan so you're not in any big cities during the morning or evening rush. If you’re comfortable with night driving, you may want to consider it. Not only will there be fewer cars on the road, but you may be lucky enough your kids will sleep most of the way. * Taking breaks is an important aspect of long car trips. Not only is it important for the driver to rest and stretch their legs, but your children also need a change of pace. bathroom breaks, time for a quick bite to eat or even a run around a park for a few minutes can make a big difference.

The average calculation is about 20 to 30 minutes of stretching or run-around time out of the car for each two hours in the car. It might be a good idea to throw a soccer ball or Frisbee in the trunk of the car for warmer destinations. Extra mittens and warm outerwear for colder climates can permit your children to play comfortably. * Provide peace of mind for the driver. Having someone else in charge of keeping the children occupied, happy and distracted takes a lot of pressure away from the person at the wheel. Perhaps an older child can sit between two younger ones to be the referee. Maybe a sweet snack can be given as a treat because the trip is such a long one. And by all means, on a long car ride don’t forget the audio books! Traveling in the car can be more than just a boring ride. Use the above tips to energize your family's vacation travel.

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Description: While these tips might not seem to be earth-shattering things to do, you would be amazed at how much they can actually reduce the stress levels related to your travel experience. Just a little bit of extra planning and preparation can take care of many potential headaches, allowing you to enjoy your holiday as well.
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