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Elements brochure


Elements brochure

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									The Revolution is here.

The Revolution is here.
Discover what Elements can do for you and your clients...


Dear Select & Protect Broker, I’m delighted to announce the launch of Elements – a revolutionary new concept that makes it even easier to add home insurance to a mortgage sale! General Insurance remains a highly competitive market and your clients demand good value and choice more than ever before. Now, for the first time, Elements enables you to obtain comparative quotes on a single policy underwritten by three blue-chip insurers – all offering your clients a range of highly competitive prices based on our highly successful bedroom-rated Median policy. What could be simpler? Meanwhile, no matter which insurer your client chooses – you still enjoy all the service and business benefits of trading through Select & Protect. This brochure gives you the inside track on how Select & Protect’s latest and most exciting innovation - Elements, our multiple insurer proposition will change the way GI is sold. Be sure to read on and make sure you do not miss out on future developments in how we aim to evolve Elements through our entire product range.


Bruce Reid Managing Director For further information, help and guidance Call our Broker Account Team on 0845 365 1723


The Revolution is here... A brief introduction to Elements Elements – the new concept in more detail How Elements builds on the successful pedigree of Median

What Elements means to you and your clients More about Select & Protect: the broker’s choice Real brokers, real views





PA G E 2

Selling GI has never been so simple
Elements: a new and unique home insurance proposition
Select & Protect always keeps its eye on the market and an ear to the needs of our intermediaries. That’s how Elements – our revolutionary home insurance concept was born. We wanted to help you maintain your competitive edge in an aggressive GI marketplace by enabling you to er your clients simplicity and choice.
So we took our most straightforward bedroom-rated policy, Median, as our starting point. This customer focussed contents policy has always proved extremely attractive to customers because it’s simple to understand and therefore easy to buy. Then we invited three of the best brands in the UK insurance industry to underwrite our best-seller – and Median evolved into Elements – simplicity and choice combined.

What’s so good about Elements?
We hand-picked our new insurance partners in order to broaden the net of customers whose pr many of your customers will no longer themselves in high premium-rated postcode areas and with more insurers, this means more risks will be acceptable. What’s more, Elements can be tailored to suit the needs of almost anyone, from to those higher up the property ladder. Building credibility with your clients and generating Selling Elements is simplicity itself. You can provide a range of competitive quotes for exceptional standard long-term income from GI sales doesn’t come easier than this. t-time buyers would match their underwriting criteria – so, for example, cover as well as chose ering clients the opportunity to erent options and include valuable add-ons

if they wish. All the customer has to do is choose the price they’re willing to pay. No matter which insurer is underwriting the policy you can still use the Select & Protect trading platform for all your business processing and you can rely on us to provide service that’s second to none – for you and your customers.

Backed by three of the UK’s biggest insurers




PA G E 3

Elements: a proven, powerful pedigree
Elements builds on the huge success of Median, our straightforward bedroom-rated, home insurance policy and a proven best-seller. It’s ideal for clients who have up to four bedrooms and aren’t sure how much cover they need. Contents cover of up to £55,000 is automatically provided for total peace of mind. Clients can buy both contents and buildings insurance - as well as optional extras if they wish - but even standard cover provides a comprehensive policy that ers great value for money.
You can see just how favourably Median compares with other similar bedroom-rated policies on the product comparison enclosed. Now that Median incorporates our unique Elements proposition it also ers your clients a choice of three big name insurers and a chance to compare prices. All three insurers quote on a single policy that provides a range of attractive s.

1 Total simplicity for the customer – an easy-to-buy product with no need to calculate their contents cover Absolute control over the policy underwriters – choose the right insurer to get the best price - from Aviva, Lloyds Insurers and Zurich A value-for-money policy with the chance to add optional extras An ‘aim to pay’ claims philosophy A No Claims Discount that doesn’t automatically disappear altogether after the A First Time Buyers Discount to help get them on the property ladder claim


3 4 5 6


An Aviva company and the largest general insurer in the UK – covering 1 in 5 homes

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance market, providing cover for ther majority of the world’s largest companies

The UK’s 4th largest insurer with over 3 million GI customers and a leader in the of pricing, risk and product analysis

PA G E 4

What Elements means to you and your clients
Elements has been developed in direct response to broker feedback and to our ongoing analysis of the marketplace. It o ers you the opportunity to maintain your credibility and competitiveness whether you are selling home insurance as part of a mortgage sale or professional nancial advice. Meanwhile your clients have easy access to a bigger choice of insurers and premiums while bene ting from a quick and simple buying process.

You enjoy…
A simple way to build your credibility and retain customers by o ering your clients the choice of a hand-picked panel of leading UK insurers A chance to o er your clients up to 36 di erent product combinations – through a single, straightforward, bedroom-rated policy that has proven success in the market

Your clients enjoy…
Bigger choice of cover and premiums from trusted brands An easy-to-understand policy, with the option of added extras, that is simple to buy Greater likelihood of bene ting from low rated premiums due to the wider range of risk assessments and claims experience of three leading insurers The promise of excellent customer service and an ‘aim to pay’ claims philosophy

The ability to satisfy the insurance needs of a wide group of customers at competitive prices due to insurers’ di erent risk assessments, underwriting pro les and specialisation A one-stop shop for generating comparative quotes and writing new business under Select & Protect’s user-friendly trading system The reassurance of a consistent, e cient and high quality service since Select & Protect will handle all of your customer service, technical and claims support – no matter which company your client chooses to underwrite their policy Attractive commission rates paid for the lifetime of the policy Through customers demands and needs, we also provide a seamless link to our other products such as Ultima for customers who require cover for over 4 bedrooms

PA G E 5

Select & Protect: the brokers choice
We believe exceptional service – for you, the intermediary, and for your clients - is the key to a profitable relationship. We’re flexible, innovative and totally committed to making it simple to do business with us.

You benefit from a complete end-to-end process via Sprite2 – our new and improved trading platform with a single point of contact that ensures consistency, quality, flexibility and control. Your clients will be appointed a single Customer Adviser providing a professional, trustworthy, caring

and dedicated approach that’s aimed at solving their problems swiftly and without fuss. And we never rest on our laurels. We have achieved our award-winning service through constant selfevaluation. Service levels are monitored in real time. We undertake full service audits and call evaluation.

Claims satisfaction
Making a claim is inevitably stressful for your clients. But when they call our claims helpline they will find our friendly and expert staff are caring, professional and eager to take the problem off their hands. So, when it comes to a claim, you and your clients can Our market leading claims team has an ‘aim to pay’ philosophy. We offer a simple ‘no forms’ process and trust us to get things done. quick and efficient payment – consistently achieving exceptional claims satisfaction rates for our Median policy.

An unrivalled NEW trading platform
We’ve been listening to brokers to find out how we could improve our trading platform. The result is Sprite2 – the best quotation system in the market. Sprite2 is so easy to navigate. It gives you instant access to our range of products and offers a quick, simple and FSA compliant solution for purchasing General Insurance. Our quoting facility enables you to find a premium for the customer in minutes, by asking just a few easy questions. Simply install Sprite2 using the CD enclosed in this pack and register – then you’re ready to start quoting. If you need any help, just call our Helpdesk on 0845 345 9650. With an in-built proposal manager to keep track of all your quotes, a simple ‘one time’ set up of compliance disclosure details - as well as a Marketing Hub for sales aids and client facing literature - there’s no easier way to quote for GI.

Real brokers, real views
Richard Abbott Capital Alliance, Northampton

“Once you highlight the benefits of good insurance… clients quickly see the benefit of the name behind the underwriting”.
Richard Henshaw Mortgage Choices, Chester

“I have grown my Select & Protect business to an incredible £30,000 per annum.”

Mark Potter Major Money Matters, Romford

“Because Select & Protect could offer me a range of different insurances, all of which are flexible to meet a wide variety of customer needs, I decided that…I would go to a sole provider.”
Matt Begley Harris Begley, Penzance

“What I liked about Select & Protect was the opportunity to meet and update on a regular basis with a specialist GI sales team.”

What you need to do now
1 2 Download your Sprite2 software using the CD we’ve enclosed. The enclosed Sprite2 brochure tells you everything you need to know about using our fast, efficient trading platform to obtain quotes for all our products, including our new and unique Elements home insurance. Once you’ve installed your software, simply register – and you’re ready to start quoting straight away!


For further help, information or guidance call us on 0845 345 9650

Select & Protect, PO Box 5730, Southend on Sea, SS1 2ZT t: 0845 345 6800 f: 0845 345 6801 www.select-protect.co.uk Registered in England No. 2167242 Select & Protect is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Issued for the use of financial intermedieries only. This information has not been approved for use with customers. Terms and conditions apply and we reserve the right to change these terms.

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