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January 2009

Easyprox Compact Keypad
The simplicity of Easyprox compact combined with a keypad y of Easyprox comp

Amazingly easy to install, takes less than 30 minutes
No external power required, no separate reader, no locking hardware required

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A keypad and proximity reader all in one compact unit
This great combination gives you more security options for extra protection

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Battery powered, five year life under normal conditions
Innovative low power technology to allow 30,000 operations

All the required equipment to secure a door is in the box
Lock, handle, reader, control unit, battery pack & fittings

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About Easyprox compact keypad
The all-in-one Easyprox compact keypad adds a clever new twist to the original Easyprox compact. It combines the simplicity of an Easyprox compact, an access control system in a door handle, with the added security of a keypad. The brand new Easyprox compact keypad is a complete standalone battery powered access control system, all in one box. Easy to fit; Easyprox compact keypad comes with everything you need for a swift installation. No external power supply is required, making Easyprox compact keypad perfect for internal security where high voltage wiring can prove tricky. Once fitted, Easyprox compact keypad is so simple to use. To wake up the unit simply press the wake-up button on the keypad (left) or briefly depress the handle to power the system. The red, amber and green LED lights on the reader will start to flash and the reader is ready to use. This ensures maximum battery life from the unit. Easyprox compact keypad has an impressive typical battery life of up to five years based on 30,000 operations. Perfect for use in sports club locker rooms, storerooms, dormitories, classrooms; Easyprox compact keypad allows you to choose the most appropriate level of security for your customer.

Compact keypad - choice of operation y
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Code Only
Set one code to be used by all or choose up to 50 combinations

Token Only
Uses the same easy to manage system as our standalone range


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Token + Code
Users have a unique token and one common code

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Token + PIN
Individuals have a unique token and Personal Identification Number (PIN)



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Easyprox compact keypad PROXIMITY 10 card pack green PROXIMITY 10 keyfob pack green

Retail Price 346.50 USD 131.59 USD 126.80 USD

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