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					Appendix 1 - Consultation responses - response numbers marked * were anonymous Hardcopy proforma – supportive (responses 1 – 34) No. Comments 1* a. Why do we need a young person rep (but no older person’s rep) ? b. Ashton – the biggest town should have more council members a. Commends plans especially new build b. Hospital should not take on too many specialised services c. Apprehensive of more administration – e.g. lots of members to contact – will clinical care suffer d. Are members essential ? Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a. Membership will be age representative.


e. Is public membership net cast too wide ? f. Poor turnout at public meeting may be indicative of difficulty of enlisting members a. Thinks staff should have to opt in b. Communications need to be clearer for members There is no mention of Care of the Elderly – will this come under General Medicine ?

b. Not currently planned, but membership will be reviewed periodically. a. Welcomed. b. Renal dialysis and cardiac catheterisation have become standard DGH services. c. Membership Office is separately funded with “new” money. Majority of members do not incur any costs. d. Part of governance arrangements – leads to localism, involvement, and replaces DoH control with local accountability. e. Has to be representative of the population served by the hospital. f. Trust does not underestimate the difficulty of recruitment a. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity b. Communications Strategy to be developed to ensure effective communication. Yes

3* 4*

No. Comments 5* 6* a. Hard to disagree with Vision for the Future, it is so ideal – will need more detail later b. Danger of changes being compromised by building works a. Comments on physical development of hospital b. Should be a young persons rep – aged between 16 and 21 c. Should also be an older persons rep, aged over 65 d. Members, Chair and Non Execs should serve maximum of 6 years, not 9 e. More members of public should be appointed to the Council of Members, and there should be 2 members for Stalybridge, plus one extra member between Dukinfield and Droylsden f. Made comments on personal experiences a. Concerned that public sector reps will dominate the 14 public members – election processes should ensure this does not happen – public membership should not include anyone employed in public sector in last 10 years b. Should exclude all those convicted of a serious crime (e.g. terrorists, arsonists) a. Need three extra BME members of Council

Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a. Actual plans are more detailed and specific, summary only in consultation documents. b. Not likely – extremely careful planning should prevent this. a. Pass to HIT team. b. Agree – upper age limit not defined to date. c. Not currently planned as anticipated to occur via the planned public constituency divisions. d. 9 years is in line with national governance guidelines. e. Size of Council will be kept under review. f. Noted. a. Every effort will be made to ensure fairness and equality. Some of the suggestions about membership would not be workable. b. Agreed – this is covered in the exclusions. a. BME groups being targeted for public membership in a variety of ways to ensure membership will be representative of local population. All public members of council should be elected in the first instance. b. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity.



b. Thinks staff should have to opt in

No. Comments 9* 10* 11* 12* 13* 14* a. Thinks staff should have to opt in b. The Trust should take on board local peoples thoughts It would be an improvement to have more places on the Trust Board for elected members Plans will work to better the health of all who use the hospital – it will be a good thing not to have to travel to M/Cr a. Disagrees with young person’s rep b. Think staff should have to opt in a. Agree with Vision for the Future but HIT should be priority b. It is a bold step and everyone should make it successful a. Applauds the Vision, especially updating of buildings and reducing need to travel to other specialist centres b. Membership arrangements in line with Stockport, which are supported by public – need to involve non residents as members. a. Should be an equal number of council members per town b. New FT should look after staff and patients better and admit when things are not right

Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity. b. Membership will help to ensure this occurs. Government policy and the constitution sees the place for elected members as being the Council of Members rather than the Board. Noted. a. Minority view. b. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity. a. Agreed - no conflict. b. Noted. a. Noted b. Not currently planning to do this although membership rules will be subject to periodic review a. Not currently planning to do this although membership rules will be subject to periodic review b. New arrangements bring greater accountability via staff and public involvement


No. Comments a. Should have an older person’s rep b. Exclude anyone with any connection with illegal drugs 17* Supportive of proposals but no comments made 18* a. Essential that Trust engage with public – supply updates/newletters to as many people as possible b. I think the proposals are sound c. Council of Members should have very clear terms of reference and sub committees should be led or advised by executive directors 19* a. Feels EDs and NEDs should have equal voting rights b. Some anxiety re financial regime c. Very happy with treatment at TGH in past – “if you can improve on the present it would be an achievement” d. Concerns that building will interfere with patient care 20* a. Thinks staff should have to opt in 21* 22* 23* a. Should be an NED majority on Board b. Council of Members should have a right to make representations to Board a. Thinks staff should have to opt in a. Concerns about financial impact on patient care b. Governance arrangements should cover relationships with other Trusts 16*

Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a. See 6c. b. Would not knowingly include such a person. a. Agree - Communications Manager/Communications Strategy should address this b. Noted c. Executive Director:Council member formalised links to be established. All Committees will be supported by Executive Directors. a. Configuration based on existing NHS Trust structures. b. Financial scheme for FTs and Non FTs steadily being aligned over next few years. The Regulator’s Compliance Framework further safeguards public funds c. Very positive comment – noted d. Not likely – extremely careful planning should prevent this. a. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity a. This is the case. b. The proposed Governance arrangements allow for this a. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity a. Issue raised does not relate to FT b. Will be addressed

No. Comments 24* 25 26* 27* 28* Young person’s age limit should be 18 years, not 16. No comments made (but gave contact details). No comments made. No comments made. a. What would be the position if the hospital lost its star rating? b. Would the smaller townships lose out to towns with larger representation ? c. Thinks staff should have to opt in. a. Hospital should serve needs of local population and its services not diminished or transferred elsewhere b. Agree with having a public constituency with real power and influence, and with not having a limit on the number of members c. Undecided pros and cons of local township subdivisions d. There should be an additional 7 public members of council by all public constituency (not for individual ones) e. Members of Council should have 4 year terms of office, maximum 12 years and one third seeking re-election every two years – for consistency and long term planning f. NEDs should have 4 year terms of office, maximum 12 years g. FT must strike critical balance between access to specialist services and need to provide good quality services locally.

Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) 16 was more popular lower limit and is consistent with the need for effective representation of this group Thank you for taking the time to respond to our consultation a. Star ratings system discontinued – new system begins in 2006 b. No reason to think so – many issues will not be township specific anyway c. b. Staff supporting the opt out approach due to simplicity a. Agreed, providing strong local DGH services for local people is out aim. b. Noted. c. Noted. d.} e} – existing proposals enjoy strong support but will be kept f.} under review


g. Thank you for your detailed response.

No. Comments 30* 31* No comments made. a. All Members of Council should have CRB clearance b. No member of Council shall be a bankrupt (unless discharged) c. 3 – 5 young people should be appointed – with at least one elected to the Board of Directors d. Upper age limit for young persons should be 21 e. Members will need training a. Suggestions about efficient organisation of services on site b. Keen to see strong representation from pensioners groups on public membership constituency c. Should involve ambulance paramedics in staff constituency d. Should exclude anyone with a vested interest in private healthcare provision from public membership e. Compliments Trust on its efforts – it will work well with active public participation 33* a. Concerned about targets – open to manipulation. b. What has happened to local authority reps ? c. Public membership proposals are rubbish. d. Public and staff sub divisions will lead to development of self interested groups. e. Sex offenders should not be excluded – could provide insight into service needs. f. Should be a mechanism to change allocations to Council of Member and public constituencies. 32*

Response/Trust viewpoint (if any)

a. Asked to make declaration b. They will not be controlling financial resources so it is not felt that the suggested restriction is necessary c. We do not feel this would be appropriate – there is no question of anyone being elected to the Board of Directors d. Accept need to clarify upper age limit for young person’s member of council e. Agreed - Acknowledged in Membership strategy a. Acknowledged b. Membership should be representative c. Cannot as they are not employed by the Trust d. How to define vested interest ? Is it necessarily inappropriate ? Felt to be unnecessarily restrictive. e. Noted a. b. c. d. e. f. Trust has no desire or need to manipulate targets. TMBC and High Peak both represented. They enjoy the support of the vast majority of respondents. No evidence for this assertion. Do not accept this argument. These issues will be subject to periodic review..

No. Comments 34* a. Worried about day case effects on patients who need longer stays. b. Membership should not divert money away from patient care. c. Young person member is an excellent idea.

Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a. Patients will continue to be treated based on their clinical need – FT status will not change this. b. Separate budget. c. Noted.

Hardcopy proforma – opposed (responses 35 - 36) No. Comments 35* a. Alleges that staff were not represented – why has union involvement been ignored ? b. Fourteen public members are not enough c. Will a legal lock be provided if finances spiral out of control a. Concerns about motives of hospital’s plans, whether FT will divert funding away from patient care Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a. Not true. b. Note comments but do not propose any change. c.Financial control will be subject to the Regulator’s Compliance Framework. This sets out the consequences for an FT failing on financial control. a. Respect the right to raise these views – if we believed these would be the outcomes we would not pursue FT status


Via website – supportive (response 37) No. Comments 37 Agrees what is proposed in Vision for the Future Need sub committees of the Board of Members Suggests higher Membership figures Need more young persons reps - ? 2 Thinks should be a membership minimum of 1% from each town f. Suggests a number of exclusions g. Suggests different configuration re public Council of Members a. b. c. d. e. Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) a – g – All comments noted. Do not propose making any changes on the strength of the comments at this stage. However, the membership will be subject to periodic review.

By email – opposed (responses 38 – 39) No. Comments 38 39 I would like to register my “no” vote for the application Things are worse at Stepping Hill Hospital since it acquired FT status Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) Thank sender but would appreciate knowing more about reasons for opposition Cannot be sure whether the issues identified are a direct consequence of FT status. Very difficult to compare this organisation with that as do not have necessary knowledge.

By telephone –supportive – (responses 40 – 44) ** No. Comments 40* 41* 42* 43* 44* Generic supportive comments Generic supportive comments Generic supportive comments Generic supportive comments Generic supportive comments Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) Acknowledged Acknowledged Acknowledged Acknowledged Acknowledged

By telephone - opposed – (responses 45- 46) ** No. Comments 45* 46* Generic opposing comments Generic opposing comments Response/Trust viewpoint (if any) Acknowledged Acknowledged

(** nb all telephone comments were received on the FT answerphone. Callers did not leave details or contact numbers)

Corporate responses – supportive (47 – 60) No. Comments 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Tameside & Glossop PCT – generic support Oldham PCT – raised membership issue North Manchester PCT – generic support Greater Manchester SHA – welcomes the vision, and makes suggestions about financial management arrangements Tameside MBC – endorsed proposals North West Deanery – generic support Pennine Acute NHS Trust – generic support Bolton NHS Trust – generic support Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust – generic support Stockport Foundation Trust – generic support Bury PCT – generic support Third Sector Coalition - generic support Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust - of raised the importance of a number of external factors such as ICATS. ** South Manchester University Hospitals Teaching Trust – Generic support ** Response/Trust viewpoint (if any)

Constitution does not permit out of area members but Trust will continue to work closely with all of its Commissioners Comments noted.

These have been addressed in the Service Development Strategy

(** Received after the consultation period.)

Corporate responses – neutral (61) No. Comments 61 Tameside & Glossop Trust Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee Response/Trust viewpoint (if any)

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