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Creating your own favours is easy and enjoyable, design your favours to match your wedding colours. Making your favours is very easy to do by hand, but can be a little time consuming, to make this easier we hire out a ‘Create - a Favour Maker’, which is especially useful if you have a lot of favours to make, or you are short on time. CREATE - A - FAVOUR MAKER HIRE CHARGES £3 per wkend. £5 per week +£30 refundable deposit

SIMPLY FOLLOW THESE 4 EASY STEPS 1. Slide ribbon under bottom plate and secure under clips. (There is no need to cut ribbon into individual lengths, cut once each favour is formed) 2. Place tulle circles between each hinged plate, making sure each circle is central. 3. Place favour dish in centre and add your 5 almonds or dragees, push tube into hole as far as ridge, remove tube. 4. Bring ribbon towards you and tie tightly around tulle, pull favour down and out, tie ribbon into bow and trim off excess ribbon. MAKING FAVOURS BY HAND
1. Place tulle layers with outer layer at base, ensure layers are level 2. Place favour dish in the centre and add your choice of 5 almonds or dragees.

3. Cut ribbon to length
(usually about 35cm/ 14”).

Gather all layers of tulle with your fingertips firstly into 4 equal sections then eight.

4.Tie your ribbon around the gathered tulle securing tightly with a double knot, then finish with a bow. Pull each layer of tulle apart, separating them to give a fuller favour.

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