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									Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Petron E10 Premium?
Petron E10 Premium is a new specially formulated unleaded gasoline that meets and
exceeds the requirements of the Philippine Biofuels Law. It contains 10% fuel grade
Ethanol and 90% Petron Premium Unleaded Gasoline with enhanced fuel additive. This
unique additive allows the removal of existing deposits, which results in improved
performance and fuel economy.

2. What is ethanol?
Ethanol (or bioethanol) is alcohol that is produced from sugar cane and other crops such
as corn, cassava, and sweet sorghum. It is mixed with motor gasoline and helps reduce
greenhouse gas emissions.

3. What benefits can be derived from Petron E10 Premium?
Petron E10 Premium improves engine performance by getting rid of accumulated
contaminants. It burns efficiently, thus reducing significantly unburned hydrocarbons and
other unwanted emissions that contribute to air pollution and global warming. The
additive enhancer in Petron E10 Premium also keeps the engine clean and enables the
vehicle to operate at its optimum performance to promote fuel economy and longer engine
life. It also contains fuel grade ethanol which the Philippines is capable of manufacturing.
Local manufacture of ethanol helps give more employment opportunities to our people.
Moreover, use of ethanol additive lessens our dependence on imported crude oils.

4. Can Petron E10 Premium be used in any vehicle model?
Petron E10 Premium may be used in majority of fuel-injected vehicles, whether old or
new. It can be used without the need for expensive engine modification. Before filling up
with E-10 Premium, however, it is advisable to refer to your car manual or to consult with
your car dealer.

5. Does the engine need modification before gassing up with Petron E10
Generally, there is no need to alter or modify the fuel injected type engines to use Petron
E10 Premium. For carbureted engine models however, your car dealer’s advice must be

6. Can Petron E10 Premium be mixed with other unleaded gasoline any time?
Petron E10 Premium can be safely mixed with other unleaded gasoline at any time,
except when used for carbureted vehicles.
Frequently Asked Questions

7. Is it safe to mix other E10 fuel brands with Petron E10 Premium?
It is safe to mix Petron E10 Premium with any E10 fuel brand. However, to maximize the
benefits, it is advisable to use Petron E10 Premium consistently as it is specially
formulated to deliver better performance, enhanced fuel economy, and reduced tail-pipe

8. Should the fuel tank be drained before loading up with Petron E10 Premium?
Normally, Petron E10 Premium can be loaded into the fuel or gas tank without draining
the remaining gasoline content. However, if the fuel tank has not been cleaned for a long
time and there is likelihood of presence of dirt and water, it is advisable to have the tank
cleaned first.

9. Can Petron E10 Premium be used in motorcycles?
Some models of 4T motorcycles are already designed to be compatible with bioethanol
gasoline. As there are many varieties and models in the market for 2 and 4 stroke
motorcycles, it is strongly recommended to consult with the motorcycle manufacturers
/importers on the compatibility of Petron E10 Premium with their engines.

10. Can Petron E10 Premium be used in motorboats or bancas?
Motorboat suppliers/makers must be consulted on the compatibility of Petron E10
Premium with their engines.

Petron E10 Premium is now available in these Petron service stations in Metro

       -   Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
       -   Marcos Hi-way (Westbound), Pasig City
       -   Marcos Hi-way (Eastbound), Pasig City
       -   A Santos Ave, Paranaque
       -   San Marcelino, Paco Manila
       -   Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
       -   Osmena, Hi-way Makati
       -   Shaw Blvd., Pasig City
       -   Macapagal Ave., Pasay City
       -   West Service Road, Paranaque
       -   Circumferential Road, Antipolo
       -   FB Harrison, Manila
       -   Boni Ave., Mandaluyong
       -   Ortigas Extension, Taytay Rizal

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