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									2. Reflecting on the relationship between the elements of the Christingle message
A game based on ‘Build a Beetle’ that’s a simple yet effective way to consider how all the elements of God’s plan link together and work in harmony. Preparation You will need • a Christingle set per person (orange, sticks, fruit, ribbon, foil, candle) • a dice. Activity Have a Christingle set for each person. Take it in turns to throw the dice – you must throw a six to start. Build the Christingle with each throw of the dice. 6 – Orange 5 – Sticks 4 – Fruit 3 – Ribbon 2 – Foil 1 – Candle The winner is the first person to complete their Christingle. As people build their Christingles it provides the perfect opportunity to explain the symbolism of the elements (see explanation in activity 1 above). Consider how these elements of God’s plan link together, ie Christ’s saving Blood (ribbon) surrounds the world (orange) providing forgiveness and salvation for all of humanity.

All teams start at the same time, the person at the front of the team needs to hold on to the end of the ribbon and pass the rolled up part over their head to the person behind them. The ribbon is then passed over each person’s head until it reaches the person at the back, who then passes it behind their back and through their legs and so on to the person in front. It will then have made a full loop. Continue passing it over heads and between legs until the ribbon has completely unravelled. The team to unravel it first is the winner! Use this exercise to explain how Christ’s sacrifice is for everyone, and His saving grace allows us all to have a personal relationship with God.

4. Love in action
Remind children of the Bible teachings around Jesus’ love (sacrifice for our sins), and how through faith in him we are justified in the eyes of God, and are able to ask Him anything in his name. Then put Jesus’ promise in John 14: 23–24 into action through prayer. Preparation You will need • a selection of different coloured ribbons, including red. • cut a quantity of each coloured ribbon in advance ready for the activity. Activity Show the children how to create a woven tapestry with ribbons. Discuss everyone’s concerns for children in the country and select a colour of ribbon to represent each of the issues. Keep the red ribbon to represent God’s love through the gift of His only Son. Encourage them to pray for their different concerns while weaving the tapestry using the different colours of ribbons. Work the red ribbon right through the piece to show God’s love spreading through everything.

3. Living in love
Explore the nature of the love of God as manifested in the saving Blood of Christ. Preparation You will need • 2 rolls of thick red ribbon (available from florists). Activity Split into teams of about four or five. Each team needs to stand in a line, one person behind the other, each with a rolled up ribbon.

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