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Duck Spring Rolls BBQ Spare Ribs

thaI SEt mEaL FOR 2
Chicken Satay Vegetable Spring Rolls Chicken Green Curry Beef garlic & Peppers Prawn Sweet & Sour Steamed Rice Coffee or tea


Beef with Oyster sauce Duck with Ginger & Spring Onion Chicken Cantanese style sweet & Sour Steamed Rice Coffee or tea

Per person


Per person


Chicken Satay Vegetable Spring Rolls Chicken Green Curry Beef Garlic & Peppers Chicken Sweet & Sour Steamed Rice


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* Limited period only. * Dishes changed subject to extra charge. * Not to be used with any other offer.

* 120 Seater restaurant. * Large Party bookings welcome.
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday Lunch - 12pm till 2:30 Evening - 6pm till 11pm

* Fully Air conditioned. * Two cuisines under one roof.

Opening Times: Monday - Sunday Lunch - 12pm till 2:30 Evening - 6pm till 11pm

Book your table or takeaway on:

01403 268833
Formally Long Room 49 Brighton Road, Horsham

Book your table or takeaway on:

01403 268833
Formally Long Room 49 Brighton Road, Horsham

1 Duck Spring Rolls £4.95 	 	 rispy	pastries	filled	with	tender	duck,	 C
	 l 	ightly	spiced	served	with	Hoi	sin	sauce

30 Green Curry
	 	 	 G	een	curry	paste	cooked	in	coconut	milk, r b	 mboo	shoot,	courgette,	Thai	basil a b 	 amboo	shoot,	courgette,	Thai	basil 	cream		 ith	lime	leaves w 	

40 Oyster Flavoured

60 Silver wok Fried Rice

	 	 tir	fried	with	mushrooms,	cubed	onions	 S
41 Garlic & Pepper 42 Sweet & Sour

2 Dim Sum

£3.95 		 	Sn	wonton	crispy	pastry	served	with	sweet teamed	minced	chicken	wrapped	 i 	
s 	 oya	sauce

31Red Curry

a 	 nd	spring	onion	in	oyster	flavoured	sauce S 	 tir	fried	with	special	blend	of	Thai	sauce	and		 g 	 arlic’n’pepper	served	on	a	bed	of	salad

	 	tir	fried	rice	with	egg,	sweet	pepper,	 S
p 	 ineapple,	onions	and	cashew	nuts	 ( 	 Prawns	and	Chicken)


	 	 ed	curry	paste	cooked	in	coconut	milk,		 R
32 Panang Curry 33 Jungle Curry 	 	 	 	 hoice of: C

61 Bangkok Fried Rice
	 a 	 nd	fresh	Thai	herbs

3 Fish Cakes

Minced	cod	with	lightly	spiced	Thai	herbs	 	 s 	 erved	with	sweet	chilli	sauce

£4.95 £4.95 £4.95

	 	 picy	fried	rice	with	chilli,	vegetable,	egg	 S
62 Drunken Noodles

£5.95 £4.95 £4.95 £6.95

	 	 pecial	red	curry	paste	cooked	in	coconut	 S 	 	 ed	curry	paste	cooked	with	vegetables	 R
							and	s	 ecial	fresh	herbs	(Extremely	Hot) p Veg & tofu £5.45 Beef £6.95 Chicken Prawns £5.95 £7.95

4 Chicken Satay
	 v 	 inegrette

		 	Grilled	chicken	marinated	with	Thai	spices s 	 erved	with	peanut	sauce	&	cucumber	
5 Prawn Blanket 6 Vegetarian Spring Rolls 7 Sweetcorn Cakes

	 	 tir	fried	with	pineapples,	cucumber,	carrots		 S
a 	 nd	tomatoes	in	a	sweet	&	sour	sauce	with	 o 	 nion	&	spring	onion

	 	 tir	fried	noodles	with	chillies,	hot	basil,	 S
63 Glass Noodles
	 	 	 Stir	fried	glass	noodles	with	egg	and	 v 	 egetables

t 	 omatoes,	onions,	kalanga	and	lemon	grass

	 	 eep	fried	prawns	in	a	crispy	pastry	served	 D 	 	 ith	sweet	chilli	sauce w

43 Cashew Nut

	 	 tir	fried	cashew	nuts,	onions,	mushrooms	and	 S
s 	 pring	onions	(Medium	hot)

£3.95 	 	ightly	spiced	served	with	sweet	chilli	sauce Crispy	pastries	filled	with	vegetables,	 	 	 l £3.95 	 	erved	with	sweet	chilli	sauce Sweetcorn	lightly	spiced,	made	into	cakes 	 	 s

34 massaman Curry	

	 	 assaman	curry	paste	cooked	in	coconut	 M
						milk		 nd	potato	with		 lightly	sour	taste	-	 a s 	 	 ith	peanuts w Lamb £7.95 Chicken £6.95

44 Chillies & hot Basil 	 	 tir	fried	chillies	and	Thai	hot	basil	with	bamboo		 S
	 s 	 hoots,	green	beans	and	garlic

64 Pad thai

F 	 ried	rice	noodles	with	King	prawn,	bean	 s 	 prouts,	ground	peanut	and	egg

	 	ight	batter	sauce	served	with	sweet	 £3.95 Mixed	vegetables	deep	fried	in	a	 	 	 l
	 c 	 hilli	sauce

8 Vegetable tempura 9 Prawn on toast

45 Ginger & Spring Onion 	 	 tir	fried	with	ginger,	mushrooms,	onions	and	 S
	 s 	 pring	onions

65 Singapore Noodles £5.95 	 	 tir	fried	vermicelli	noodles	with	shredded	 S
	 	 c 	 hicken,		oast	pork,	shrimps	and	spicy	 r c 	 urry	flavour

	 	 eep	fried	Prawns	on	toast	served	 £4.95 D 	 	 ith	sweet	chilli	sauce w
10 Crispy Duck 1/4 1/2
	 	 	 Tender	duck	served	with	hoi	sin	sauce,	 s 	 pring	onion	and	cucumber	with	pancakes a 	 nd	Chinese	bbq	sauce

80 tamarind Duck

46 Black Bean Sauce 	 	 tir	fried	with	black	bean	sauce,	green	 S £10.95

£8.95 £15.95

	 	 alf	Roast	duck	with	exotic	tamarind	sauce,	 H
t 	 opped	with	crispy	onion	ginger	and	 s 	 teamed	vegetables


p 	 eppers		 nd	onions a

66 Chow mein 	 	 tir	fried	egg	noodles	with	onion	and	spring	 S
	 	 o 	 nions	with	Chinese	sauce Choice of: 	 Chicken £5.95 Prawns £6.95 Beef Veg £5.95 £4.95

	 hoice of: C

Veg & tofu £5.45 Beef £6.95

Chicken Prawns

£5.95 £7.95

81 asian Chilli

11 BBQ Spare Ribs £4.95 	 	ender	rack	of	ribs	marinated	with	herbs	 T 12 Chilli & Salt
S 	 tir	fried	with	red	chilli	and	salt

	 	 hole	Thai	crispy	fish	and	King	Prawn,	 W
82 Chu Chi Gung


47 Cantonese Style Sweet & Sour	

s 	 tir	fried	fresh	chilli,	herbs	and	garlic	sauce.	 ( 	 OH-	spicy	but	delicious)

	 	tir	fried	your	choice	of	ingredient	in	Cantonese	 S
							style		 weet	and	sour	sauce	with	pineapples,	 s 	 	 nions	and		 pring	onions	(Chicken	or	Prawn) o s

Chicken £3.95 Prawns £4.95 13 mixed Starter (min 2)Per	person £5.95 	 	 	selection	of	chef	specials A

	 	 arge	King	Prawns	with	aromatic	red	 L
c 	 urry	and	coconut	cream


48 Chilli & Salt

	 	tir	fried	your	choice	of	ingredient	with	red	 S
c 	 hilli,	salt		 nions	(Chicken	or	Prawn) o

67 Plain yellow Noodles 68 Egg Fried Rice 69 Jasmine Rice 70 Coconut Rice

£3.95 £2.95 £1.95 £2.95

83 Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon sauce £14.95 	 	 teamed	Sea	Bass	with	lemon	sauce,	 S
	 g 	 inger	and	spring	onion

49 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls £5.95 	 	 eep	fried	chicken	in	batter	served	with	 D
	 C 	 hinese	sweet	&	sour	sauce

24 Som tam £4.95 	 	 radition	Thai	salad,	crushed	papaya	 T
	 	 	 	 	 a 	 nd	carrots	with	nuts,	tomatoes	and	 t 	 amarind	sauce

20 Fishersman Soup for 2

	 	King	prawns,	squid,	mussels)	flavoured	with		 (
f 	 resh	spicy	Thai	herbs	and	lemon	juice


84 Jungle Duck £10.95 	 	 rispy	duck	with	stir	fried	chilli,	onions,	 C
	 g 	 reen	beans	and	Thai	basil	(Hot)

50 Seafood Chilli Oil

21 hot & SourSoup

85 Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef £7.95
	 	 Crispy	beef	with	sliced	carrots,	onions, s 	 pring	onions,	fresh	chillies	and	Chinese	 s 	 weet	and	sour	sauce

	 	 tir	fried	mixed	seafood	cooked	with	 S
c 	 hilli	oil,	onions	and	celery

£10.95 £10.95 £9.95

25 Spicy Beef Salad

	 	 ot	&	sour	soup	flavoured	with	lemon	grass,	 H
l 	ime	leaves,	lemon	juice,	mushroom	&	onion Veg- £3.95 Choice of: Chicken- £3.95 Prawns- £4.95

51 tamarind Fish

	 	 hole	crispy	Thai	fish	with	tamarind	 W
52 Grilled king Prawns

S 	 lices	of	beef	cooked	to	medium	mixed	 t 	 ogether	with	Thai	spicy	sauce,	red	onion	 & 	 	tomatoes


s 	 auce,	topped	with	crispy	onions	and	garlic

22 Coconut Soup

	 	 ot	&	sour	coconut	soup	with	lemon	grass, H
	 	 	 	 hoice of: C
Chicken- £3.95 Prawns- £4.95 	 Veg- £3.95

71 Stir fried mix Vegetables 72 Stir Fried Beansprouts
(Chop Suey)

26 minced Chicken Salad £6.95 	 	 inced	Chicken	mixed	together	with	red	 M
	 	 	 	 o 	 nion,	lime	leaves	and	lemon	juice

	 	 arge	King	Prawns	grilled	with	butter	 L

l 	ime	leaves,	lemon	juice,	mushroom	&	onion

£4.45 £4.45

a 	 nd	spring	onion	sauce	in	sizzling	plate

27 mixed Seafood Salad

53 king Prawns with garlic Butter£9.95 54 king Prawns with ginger & spring onion £9.95 	 	 tir	fried	with	ginger,	slice	onion	and	 S
	 s 	 pring	onions

M 	 ixed	seafood	(King	Prawns,	Squid,	Mussels)	 M 	 ixed	seafood	cooked	together	with	onions,	 c 	 elery,	tomatoes	and	spicy	sauce


23 Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

A	popular	Chinese	soup	with	tender	chicken,	 s 	 weetcorn	in	a	sesame	flavoured	broth	 t 	 hickened	with	egg


73 Stir fried mange toute & Chinese mushroom £4.45

28 Salad kaek £4.95 	 	 	malaysian	salad	with	slices	of	boiled	eggs	 A
	 	 a 	 nd	green	vegetables	blended	with	 p 	 eanut	sauce

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