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What are the dates of the Bike MS: Southern California Ride?

September 20th & 21st, 2008 (this is one month earlier than the 2007 event)

Where will the Bike MS: Southern California Ride be located?

The 2007 Start to Finish MS Bike Tour will start at 5217 Camino Ruiz
Camarillo, CA. From there the ride will travel north through Ojai Valley.
Day one will end at Leadbetter Beach (801 Shoreline Ave) in Santa
Barbara. Day two will begin back on the beach and continue south along
the ocean with spectacular views as riders return to Camarillo through the
strawberry fields of Oxnard.

How do I register for the Bike MS: Southern California Ride?

Register online!

What are the registration fees?

Registration fees are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and not applicable to
the minimum pledge. Tandem riders are considered two individuals on one
bicycle and each individual is required to register. The registration fees are:

$35.00 – December 15th – April 1st

$45.00 –April 2nd – July 31st

$50.00 – August 1st – September 1st

$60.00 – September 2nd – day of event
Is there a fundraising requirement?

Yes, to continue our efforts to find a cure for MS, every rider is required to raise a
minimum of $350, even tandem riders (registration fees are not applicable). The
rider average for 2007 was $935.00!

The funds raised by participants of the Bike MS: Southern California Ride
support research and provide programs and services to individuals with MS and
their families. While we want this ride to be an amazing event for all of our
participants, we must remember that we are here for one purpose: to end the
devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. You can help us do just that.

Once you register, we'll provide you with simple fundraising tips to help you meet
and exceed your fundraising goals. You can track response rates and online
donations on your personal page with the fundraising goal scale. And don't forget
to ask your donors if their company has a Matching Gift program.

Once you pick up your rider packet (bib number, luggage tags, etc.) at a Rider
Check-In location, you assume responsibility for the $350 pledge minimum,
whether or not you end up participating in the event. You will not be able to
participate in the 2009 ride if you have not fulfilled the minimum pledge
requirement from the 2008 event.

What if I only want to ride one day or one of the shorter routes on Saturday, do I
still need to raise $350?

All riders, regardless of how far they ride, are required to raise the minimum
pledge of $350. And you don't have to stop there! We encourage you to take up
the challenge and raise as much money as you can to join us in the movement to
create a world free of MS.

How old must I be to participate?

The minimum age to participate in the Bike MS: Southern California Ride is 12
years of age. All riders between the ages of 12-17 must be accompanied at all
times, on and off the route, by a participating parent or guardian. If an underage
rider is picked up by one of our SAG vehicles, the participating parent or
guardian must accompany the rider. Additionally, all participants 17 and under
must have a notarized waiver form submitted to the Southern California Chapter
prior to the ride. These will be available at all rider check-in locations.

Can people who haven't registered show up and ride on the morning of the Bike
MS: Southern California Ride?

Yes. All riders who register the morning of the event will be required to provide
donations, meeting or exceeding the pledge minimum upon registration.
When should I collect my donations to ensure that I raise the $350 minimum?

As soon as possible. It's best to collect donations as soon as you can; remember
that you are required to raise a minimum of $350 in order to ride. Take
advantage of our online donation feature and watch your donations grow! For
sponsors who prefer to donate by check, make checks payable to the National
MS Society or NMSS and be sure to put the rider's name and Bike MS on the
memo line of the check. Remember...try to collect all donations before
September 20th, 2008. The final deadline to collect your donations to be eligible
for prizes is one month after the event.

When and where do I turn in my donations?

Online fund raising is the key to success! Studies show that fundraisers who
solicit donations via email, Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5 PM, are more than
twice as likely to receive contributions. Donations not received online should be
mailed to the NMSS at 2440 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 115, Los Angeles, CA
90064. You will also have an opportunity to submit donations in person at one of
our Rider Check-In locations.

What do I do with money that I want split amongst two or more individuals?

If you have money that is to be divided among two or more individuals, you can
contact us at the office or if you’re mailing in donations include a list of individuals
you’d like credited and how much they should receive. All individuals listed on
the will be credited the amount indicated. If someone would like to make a credit
card donation to be divided amongst two or more individuals, please contact Elle
Ullum at 310.479.4456.

Can I transfer my online donation(s) to another participant?

No. Funds cannot be transferred from one rider to another once the funds have
been assigned to an individual. If someone would like to make a credit card
donation to be divided amongst your team, please contact Elle Ullum at

How can I become a Topfundraiser and what are the benefits?

Details to come

How do I earn prizes?

Prizes are based on actual donations received by the prize deadline see our
prizes & incentives page for more details.
Will I need to carry identification or medical information?

Each participant MUST carry a current driver's license, state I.D. or student I.D.
with them at all times. It is imperative that each rider is easily identified should an
accident occur. We also require each participant to submit emergency contact
information upon registration. This information will only be used if an accident
occurs during the event

Do I have to wear a helmet?

All cyclists are required to wear helmets; it is a Bike MS: Southern California Ride
requirement. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us

When will I receive my rider number, luggage tag, and bike number?

Approximately two weeks prior to the event, we will host several Rider Check-Ins
throughout Southern California ALL riders will be required to attend one of our
Rider Check-Ins. For out of area riders, we will host a final Check-in the morning
of the event at the start location.

How many pieces of luggage can I bring and how does it get to where I am

Each rider is allowed to bring TWO pieces of luggage that will be tagged to
correspond to your rider number. We ask that the bags be no heavier than 75
pounds since volunteers will be loading and unloading the luggage truck. Once
you arrive at the start line, drop off your luggage at the truck labeled "Luggage
Truck." Make sure that you have all belongings (Identification, bike supplies) that
you plan on carrying with you before you hand your luggage to the volunteer.

Your luggage will be waiting for you in a designated area at the overnight location
at Leadbetter Beach. Please have your rider number bib handy for the attendants
so they can quickly retrieve your bag for you. On the morning of Day Two, drop
off your luggage at the "Luggage Truck" and pick it up at the finish line in
Camarillo. Please remember that you are responsible for your luggage as soon
as you arrive in Camarillo.

Is there storage for my bike in Santa Barbara?

We offer a secured overnight valet bike service with 24-hour security guards at
the overnight location, Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara. The bike valet is a
covered tent in the parking lot with bike racks. We highly suggest that you take
off any removable equipment, as we are not responsible for lost or damaged
items. The bike valet is locked from 7 pm to 6 am, during which time you will not
have access, no exceptions.
Where do I sleep?

All Bike MS: Southern California Ride participants can chose between camping
out under the stars for free or coordinate their own overnight accommodations.
Our overnight location provides the opportunity for riders to choose free camping
with teammates or you can make reservations at on of the 20 hotels within six
miles of Leadbetter Beach.

What type of route support can I expect on the tour?

Safety is our number one priority for our riders! Support and Gear Vehicles
(SAG) monitor the entire route to help the weary rider or offer assistance to those
riders who experience mechanical problems. EMTs are stationed at the
start/finish, as well as all rest stops should medical attention be needed. We also
have a safety crew made up of experienced riders, police officers, EMTs,
firefighters and other law enforcement individuals that will be riding the Tour
along with you. Their riding expertise and authority will be a valuable asset to
assist novice riders and to remind all participants to follow all the rules of the

What if it rains during the ride?

It is not allowed to rain for our bike tour...but if it does, the Bike MS: Southern
California Ride will take place rain or shine.

Is this a race?

No, this is a fun ride for all skill levels and it is not timed. Form a team with
friends, family or co-workers and enjoy an unforgettable day!

What is the schedule of events?
Check back soon for more detailed information about the event schedule

My spouse/co-worker/family member doesn’t ride but wants to come support me
at the event, what can they do?
We need volunteers!

What if I have more questions?

For more information, contact Elle Ullum in the Southern California Chapter at
310.476.4456 and she will be happy to assist you.

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