Top 8 Tips To Improve Concentration by angel1607


									Sometime we find that we are unable to concentrate n our work, study. Even I faced the same in my school life, in my working schedule. So I come up with the following tips to improve concentration. 1. Eat light and balanced food. Don’t skip the meals it will light headed you also overeating sets a heavy load of digestion on the body. Improve your ability to concentrate by eating light and healthy foods. The best thing is to intake small and balanced diet. Keep some healthy snacks rich of proteins like pea nuts, cashew nuts etc. which boost you. Diet should include foods that fasten the flow of blood to brain such as cereals, fish, leafy vegetables, fruits, grains and milk. 2. Do Exercise. Exercise is most important factor for whole body, brain. It gives the flexibility to muscles and bones. One should do exercise at least half an hour in the morning and half an hour before the dinner. It gives relaxation to body and brain. Allow your body to sweat out impurities. Thus it improves concentration. It should include to do arm circles, that is extend your arm straight and move back and forth for at least 7-8 times. It increase pulse rate and flow of blood to brain. 3. Take deep breaths Deep breaths improve memory and attention. It also increases the supplies of oxygen to brain. Avoid breathing fast. 4. Chew gum continuously chewing sugar free gums increases the flow of blood to your brain. 5. Drink maximum water Make habit to intake 8-10 glass of water regularly. One should take fruit juice. Especially pineapple juice after meals as it improves digestion process. Avoid taking sodas, shakes or any hard drinks. 6. Have a sound and healthy sleep We all know that mind need rest. Make sure that you should take complete rest. At least you must have to take sleep of 8 hours. Don’t oversleep it again it leads to dizziness. Avoid this by making sure you get the right amount of sleep at the right time. Go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning. This keeps you fresh the whole day and improves your concentration.

7. Make a schedule of your daily routine. Make a habit of making your time table before sleeping for your next day work. It will improve your efficiency; your work will get done as it was already planned. If you don’t make schedule your mind will get divert here and there so it is very useful to work with proper plan. 8. Enjoy in weekend: Go to movies or parties with your friends, family to take some break on every weekend. It will give freshness to the week. Continuously working makes you frustrated so it is must to take break and have some entertainment. Busy schedule makes you and brain tired. So it is must to give some space and time to your body and brain to pull up energy for next week work. It revives you and motivates you and your brain for good work. I am sure it will work out for you guys if you will follow these.

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