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Pedata RV Center Highlights ABA Loan Delinquency Rates


									Pedata RV Center Highlights ABA Loan Delinquency Rates
Pedata RV Center highlights ABA loan delinquency rates in Q3. RV loans were top performing loan category according to the statistics.
Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) January 16, 2010 -- Pedata RV Center highlights ABA (American Bankers Association) loan delinquency rates in Q3 noting the general improvement. RV loans are the top performing loan category with the delinquency rate falling from 1.72% to 1.64%. In comparison, the category showing the highest delinquency rates is home equity loans with a delinquency rate that rose from 4.01% in the previous quarter to 4.3% in Q3. The full list of delinquency rates released by the ABA in Q3 included: 1. Two loan categories showing increases in the delinquency rate: -Home equity loans rose from 4.01% to 4.3% -Mobile home loans rose from 3.53% to 3.63%. 2. Six loan categories experiencing declines in their delinquency rates: -Direct auto loan delinquencies fell from 2.46% to 2.04% -Indirect auto loan delinquencies fell from 3.26% to 3.15% -Marine loan delinquencies fell from 2.28% to 2.21% -Personal loan delinquencies fell from 3.9% to 3.74% -Property improvement loan delinquencies fell from 1.79% to 1.66% -RV loan delinquencies fell from 1.72% to 1.64% Pedata RV Center’s Gerard Pedata suggests, “The general decrease in RV loan delinquency is one more reason banks are starting to generate new interest income by offering new consumer credit. Buyers are cautious as they cut back on household expenses, but more and more are seeing the cost benefits of the RV lifestyle as they decrease their spending.” For more information on Pedata RV Center, or current trends in the RV industry contact Gerard Pedata, sales(at)pedatarvcenter(dot)com or by phone at: 1-888-545-8314 or 520-807-0900. Or visit Pedata RV Center online at Contact: Gerard Pedata Company: Pedata RV Center Phone: 1-888-545-8314 or 520-807-0900 Email: sales(at)pedatarvcenter(dot)com ###

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