VISTA VPT-PLUS RAnge of fULLy InTegRATed PAn & TILT SySTemS by luckboy


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									VISTA VPT-PLUS RAnge of fULLy InTegRATed PAn & TILT SySTemS
Keeping installations clean and simple
Vista’s integrated pan and tilt head system comes complete with a camera housing, wiper and telemetry receiver built in, thus reducing the requirement to order and assemble multiple items. The range also includes options for mounting infrared lighting such as the Vista VIRSYS and VIRP ranges of infrared illuminators and a true day/night 36:1 zoom camera module. Meeting IP66 ratings and marine finished regulations, the system is a perfect choice for demanding are required. The in-built powerful and accurate high speed drive is combined with a large housing to allow site specific camera and lens combinations to be used. This delivers zoom and image performance beyond standard zoom modules normally used in fully functional domes and integrated PTZ devices. With two of the most popular RS485 protocols built in, integration into most CCTV systems is straightforward and, unlike many pan and tilt units, the VPTPLUS is fully rotational. Four alarm inputs have been built into the head allowing the camera and alarm detectors to be locally mounted. The system has a zero backlash feature and a 0.02° preset accuracy to ensure the camera stops exactly when and where required. Variable high pan and tilts speeds make it ideal for tracking suspects and vehicles, even when they’re travelling at speed. To learn more about this product range please visit us at environments where bespoke camera and lens combinations

Key Features:
Integrated 36:1 True Day/Night Camera The VPT-PLUS02CAm options come with an integrated 36:1 day/night camera module; this gives an angle of view of between 54.2◦ wide to 1.7◦ narrow Infrared Bracketry The VPT-PLUS02 options all come with a dual infrared bracket that is suitable for all Vista VIRP, VIRSyS and VIRPR illuminators Fully integrated pan/tilt system Housing, pan/tilt unit, wiper and receiver are integrated into a self-contained structure, making installation quicker and cheaper Continuous rotation Continuous tracking can be achieved, facilitating the tracking of suspects and providing quickest route to target IP66 and marine finished Able to withstand the corrosive character of salt water for installation in ports, coastal areas, harbours etc Zero backlash ensures the camera always finishes at the correct position and within 0.02° accuracy, highly important when used with today’s large zoom lenses Multiple protocols


multiple protocols are embedded, including Vista Powerdome and Pelco d, allowing for simple integration into the majority of CCTV control systems

VPT-PLUS01 VPT-PLUS01/240 VPT-PLUS02 VPT-PLUS02/240 VPT-PLUS02CAM VPT-PLUS02CAM/240 Integral Pan/Tilt unit, housing, wiper and receiver 24V Integral Pan/Tilt unit, housing, wiper and receiver 240V Integral Pan/Tilt unit, housing, wiper, receiver and Infrared Brackets 24V Integral Pan/Tilt unit, housing, wiper, receiver and Infrared Brackets 240V Integral Pan/Tilt unit, housing, wiper, receiver, Infrared Brackets and Cam 24V Integral Pan/Tilt unit, housing, wiper, receiver, Infrared Brackets and Cam 240V

Auto pan Presets Preset accuracy Patrol Area titling Preset titling yes 250 selectable 0.02° yes 20 characters max 20 characters max

VPT-PLUS/WB VPT-PLUS/PB VPT-PLUS/W05HV VPT-PLUS/W05LV Wall bracket for the VPT-PLUS range Top Pole mount bracket for the VPT-PLUS range Washer, Pump & nozzle for VPT-PLUS range 5m 240V Washer, Pump & nozzle for VPT-PLUS range 5m 24V

OSD menu RS232 RS485 RS485 addresses yes Interface for PC control set-up and firmware upgrade 2x ports for daisy chain configuration Up to 255 addresses

Sensor Resolution Type Lens Lens Lux ¼” exView HAd CCd 470TVL True day/night 36:1 optical zoom Angle 3.4 – 122.4mm 0.1 lux ICR off

3 removable cable glands Continuous rotation Infrared Brackets Vertical rotation Variable pan speed Variable tilt speed Horizontal & vertical static /dynamic peak torque Maximum camera lens dimensions Window size Weight m16 Horizontal dual Infrared Brackets on all VPT-PLUS02 options -90° to + 40° 0.1° to 100°/s 0.1° to 40°/s 20nm 270x70x104mm (L x W x H) 75x118mm 16.5kg net / 19.9kg gross

Die-cast aluminium Colour Mount Transmission RAL9002 Top Toothed belt and slip ring

Input voltage Housing heater Wiper Camera output Lens output 24 / 230V AC 50/60Hz, 120W max (total) 20W 7W 12V dC @ 800mA0 6–15V dC @ 200mA

Outdoor Operating temperature Wind resistant IP66 -20°C to + 50°C max of 130mph static max of 80mph with maximum rotating speed max of 100mph with limited rotating speed en50130-5 and en60068-2-52

Marine finished

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